20 Signs That Tell Us It’s Time To Let Go Of The Past And Move On

Letting go of the past is easier said than done.

Regret, they say is useless in life. It’s always in the past and all we have is now! As people, we have a lot of things that have happened in the past and have left an indelible mark on us. These could be positive references or even negative ones that have scarred us or shaken us to the core. Reliving the relationship in the past often does not pan out well and we end up torturing ourselves for that. If we hold to negativity, it may end up being a lot more difficult in the future.

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Here are the 20 signs that tell us that it’s time to move on and forget the past:

1. If the people and the situations around you are creating a sense of exertion and exhaustion, rather than happiness and fulfillment, it’s time to move on.

2. If you have lost a sense of joy and fulfillment in what you once loved doing, then it’s probably important to move on.

3. In case your core beliefs have been shaken and stirred, it’s important that you leave all of that behind and moved on to a set of new situations.

4. A lot of times, we do not have fun with our lives and it’s important to find something that recreates that fun and joyful feeling again.

5. A lot of times we fake a positive disposition and pretend that everything is fine. We need to stop doing that and make ourselves that much more miserable. It is time to confront the self deception and move on.

6. In case, you are scared of making changes to your life, you need to settle for a current condition which helps embrace the fears well and propel you forward.

7. Dreams may sound unreasonable and it makes perfect sense to actually remind ourselves of the purpose we started off with. In that case, most of these dreams will fall on the wayside, but a careful rethink may help you get started anew.

8. Freedom often is curtailed and probably the current situation does not allow for it to thrive. Try and work towards building a new freedom project.

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9. In case your expectations are not being met, it’s time to actually be a lot more proactive in meeting with the set of expectations.

10. If you are sad all the time and feel like crying almost at all times, you need to get out of the situation immediately and start off with laughing and smiling at everything you do.

11. You should not have thoughts affixed to the past or future. It is important to live in the present and that change is very necessary.

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12. We cannot plead with someone to help change the situation for us, in fact if this is not working; it’s time to move on.

13. In case you are faced with boredom, resentfulness and complacency, you should be able to make a change quickly.

14. You should also stop rehashing the painful memories of the past and move forward with new experiences.

15. If our set patterns of behavior are causing us to be negative, it makes sense to make a positive change in the future.

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