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Why Having No Expectations Gives You The Freedom To Be Happy

Why Having No Expectations Gives You The Freedom To Be Happy

Expectation is the root of all heartache” – William Shakespeare

When you are able to live life with an attitude and a lifestyle of having no expectations, it gives you an unmatched sense of freedom. You become attached to the preconceived idea of how things should be when you have expectations. You end up thinking about what you desire may or may not happen, which builds fear within you. In the absence of expectations, you can freely go with the flow of the universe and not react to the outcomes. Every outcome can serve to bring you closer to the greater realization of your desires.

You expect things to happen in a certain time in a certain way when you are attached to expectations. When things don’t go the way you expect them to, what results is a feeling of fear. And when the expectations you set are not met, it produces an unsettling amount of negative feelings. That is why it is better and much more positive to act on your intention without expectations about the when and how it manifests. 

In the process of manifesting desires, fear, doubt and worry are the last things you want to experience. This is the reason why detachment is the best way to create what you want by acting on your desires with a detached involvement. You do what you are guided by your heart to do  but you do not judge the rightness of your actions by the outcome you get.  You have done what you were meant to do regardless of what seems to happen from it as long as your actions are based on purpose.

In the context of having no expectations, what is meant by expectation is attachment to an outcome. You should expect what you desire to happen; at the same time, you should also expect that anything can happen. Therefore it is a perception of unexpectant expectation. You must have a relaxed and confident expectation that the desire will come true. Have no expectations or no attachments to expected outcomes, but expect or look to see your desire be manifested.

There might be things that happen which make it seem as though things are not working out but this is when the universe is in the process of working things out for the realization of your intention. It is merely your expectation of how things should happen that makes you perceive that things are not working out. Truth is that you are not seeing the whole picture. What you are seeing is only a fragment of the larger scheme of events, where everything is really working out the way it should.

Expectation gives color to your perception of things. When you expect things to happen a certain way, you don’t see how they are really happening . This keeps you from recognizing the good that comes your way and makes you push it away thinking that it is bad. You are able to accept what comes your way as part of the solution to realizing what you truly desire in life without preconceived ideas to limit your approach. You are able to receive and accept truth and love with open arms.

When things are not happening the way we want them to happen, we tend to feel discouraged . We might even lose hope  and even give up pursuing it altogether, thinking that it’s not meant to be because our actions are in vain. What we do not realize is that we are right in the process of it all coming to pass, but we turn away when we are closer than we ever were before. Surrender to the process and let the outcome fall in place in the right way at the right time by letting go of expectations.

When we do not know how things will really turn out, we have to hold on to hope. There is no need for hope when we already know how things will turn out. Hope is a confident expectation of good. Expectation that everything is happening for the better, and not the worse, in your life is the only expectation you need. No matter what the outcome seems to be, you can expect good things to happen. To expect good is to trust that God is good and God never fails, that is why hope will never disappoint ultimately.

Having no care and expectations like a little child is the best way to live life. You are simply expressing yourself fearlessly in every moment and just doing what brings you joy. You accept yourself completely and take on whatever is happening without judgment. You have trust in the fact that you are always provided for and that there is nothing that is stopping you from receiving all that you truly desire. You are free to live in the moment without worrying about the future.

“Once you give up expectations, you have learned to live” – Osho

You will experience more freedom than you can imagine when you live with an attitude of no expectations. Failure does not exist in your perception so it does not stop you anymore. You are not expecting a particular outcome and you are merely expressing the truth that is in you. This allows you to keep doing what you believe in. You are able to let go and move on from anything negative with nothing holding you back from going on in the direction of your desires.

You are committing the outcome to the Lord when you hold no expectations. God is able to do above and beyond all that you can ask and even think of from a position of having no expectations through which you can always experience much more than from having expectations. While you continue acting on your desires, leave the outcome in God’s hands. Surrender to the process and know that good things come to you when you least expect them.

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