How To Know Someone’s True Personality?

How To Know Someones True Personality

It’s important to know someone if you interact with them daily. But how to figure out someone’s true personality? Below are 3 scenarios to help you know them.

Do you know someone …but not sure if you REALLY know them? Or suspect some of the things they do is just a façade hiding the real them? 

It may seem that to know someone’s true personality would require knowing that person for months …if not years.

However, there are a few simple (but powerful) principles about people’s behavior that allow you to discover a person’s TRUE personality in a relatively short period of time.

So, How To Know A Person’s True Personality? Below Are 3 Examples

This is done by analyzing seemingly meaningless actions the person does. So seemingly meaningless that such actions usually go unnoticed by others. In this article, I am going to show you the type of actions I’m talking about.

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Let’s take a few examples…

People’s actions in seemingly unrelated situations can offer valuable insight into their personality and help you predict their future behavior.

For example…

Example A:

Someone who chooses the same place and the same meal in a restaurant every day may have a fear of change and be unwilling to explore new options. Such a person might prove to be a loyal and dedicated husband.

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Example B:

A person who enjoys stock market trading and other high-risk activities likely will not hesitate to take other risks, even when the risk is very different. For example, this type of person may be the kind of person who is willing to walk away from a job even without another job lined up, regardless of their financial security.

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Example C:

A person who never fails to look both ways before crossing the road may very well prove to be cautious and reserved. They carefully consider things before making decisions and only take calculated risks.

By analyzing how a person behaves in one part of their life, you can make a good estimate of how likely they will behave in other areas of their life …even areas that seem different from the one being initially analyzed.

To know someone’s true personality accurately like this, you should analyze a few of their different behaviors and see if you can find a common thread running through them. If you do find a common thread, it’s almost certain that this character trait is a real trait that a person possesses.

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How To Know Someone’s True Character In Romantic Relationships?

Understanding people’s characters and personalities can not only help you build better relationships but also allow you to attract the attention of someone you want to love you.

In my book “THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology” I explain how finding out someone’s unmet needs and then satisfying these unmet needs …is a powerful method of drawing someone to you and can make them fall in love with you.

A person who experienced a lot of family turmoil growing up, and this bothered them …will likely have a deep subconscious need for security in their life. To such a person, one of the key steps to making them fall in love with you would be for you to appear as:

  • Someone that has good close family relationships
  • Someone who is emotionally stable
  • Someone who gets along with others easily

Of course, this is only one of the steps you should be taking. I outline the full set in my book.

But basically, a big part of having somebody fall in love with you is understanding their fears, needs, and goals. It has nothing to do with looks or having lots of money.

If you can position yourself in their mind as the person who can address and help with these things …then they will feel a strong and secure emotional attraction to you.

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Here’s how to know someone’s true character. If you found this interesting, share your thoughts in the comments below.

Written By John Alex Clark
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How To Get To Know Someone's True Personality
Seeing Someone’s True Personality: 11 Examples To Discover True Personality Of A Person
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How Do You Know Someone’s True Personality? 3 Examples Revealing True Personality
How Know Someones True Personality
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