9 Genuine Signs of Intelligence That People Can’t Fake – How Many Do You Possess?

9 Genuine Signs of Intelligence That People Can't Fake - How Many Do You Possess?

Do you consider yourself to be an intelligent person? Find out the genuine signs of intelligence.

Have you been applauded for your creativity and smartness even after having a score sheet that says ‘Below Average’? If no, then you need to reconsider your definition of ‘Intelligence’.

It is a sad truth that our education system focuses too heavily on marks and grades everyone on the same scale. This type of system is never able to identify true intelligence.

There are kids who are able to mug up all the details and put it all out on the test, they get an ‘A’ in the test and are considered as highly intelligent by everyone. Whereas, a kid having a ‘B’ or a ‘C’ can also be equally or even more intelligent than the kid who is supposedly intelligent!

As Einstein once famously said that our education system tests everyone to like-

‘Testing the ability of a monkey, a fish, and an elephant to climb a tree!’

Well clearly, this type of system cannot tell you if you are smart or not.


So we have compiled a list of some subtle signs of intelligence. See for yourself where you stand!

1) You Are Empathetic Towards Others.

Psychologists now believe that having a high emotional quotient is very important to be called an ‘intelligent person’. Intelligent people are generally in tune with the emotions of the people around them.

You are super aware of things in your surroundings and thus you can catch any energy nearby. Empathy connects two people at a very personal level and thus to be able to do so, a high level of intelligence is very necessary.


2) You Understand How Much You Don’t Know

This means that you are a true learner, a person who is open to new ideas and new things. Your inner tendency to learn more allows you to look at all the tangential aspects of an issue.

You are never afraid of accepting your mistakes and of learning new things every day. Also, by being open minded, you are able to make a well-informed choice and thus are able to defend your view better. This clarity of idea makes you feel safer, as you know where you are standing.


3) Curiosity runs you.

Many studies have proved that a curious and an open child is more likely to become a more intellectually curious person later in his/her life. Curiosity not only gives knowledge but also new experiences.


4) You do not underestimate or overestimate yourself.

You must have encountered people, who think they know everything. They develop a very biased viewpoint about everything.

The thing with these people is that they are not able to grow fully as an individual. In a study, it was proved that less intelligent people overestimate their cognitive abilities.


5) You are an expert in Sarcasm and random silly jokes

It might be surprising to know that people making silly jokes are much more likely to be ‘Intelligent’ than an average human. One reason behind this can be that only an intelligent person can improvise on the go.


6) You embrace solitude and avoid unnecessary actions or conversations.

Since ancient times, people have believed that the ones who do not talk to others are very intelligent. Introverts just want to fulfill their needs with the bare minimum and while doing so, they form a sacred bond with the mind. Thus the brain works a little differently for them.


7) The most odd hours of the night are the most productive hours for you.

Well, many religious authorities might condemn this point but studies have clearly shown that the people who sleep late and get up early in the morning are much more likely to be of higher intellect.

The sleeplessness can also be a medical condition and thus we request you to take this seriously if you are facing troubles due to lack of sleep.

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