10 Powerful Habits That Will Boost Your Intelligence

Habits Will Boost Your Intelligence

Do you know that intelligence accounts for about 50 percent of your success, and all the other stuff like time management, positive thinking, goal-setting, etc., get the other 50 percent?

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”
― Albert Einstein

Intelligence is vital for us to do well in life. You need to exercise your brain just like your muscles to strengthen your thought process, stay sharp, and improve memory. Your mind needs focus and agility along with calm to perform in a stellar way.  You can start by exercising your memory and meditating.

Here are 10 habits that will boost intelligence.


Start off with observing things around you: Seeing is not always the same as observing. As an intelligent human being, you have to analyze, stop, and notice things that otherwise will pass you. The absorption of reality is crucial. Stop imagining things and see it threadbare. Unlock everything that crosses your eye. Dissect what you see and that will boost intelligence.

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Never stop learning from around you: Learning is a lifelong process where you decode everything that you understand. Read or even listen and you will be able to receive much larger pieces of information and also process it for later. Learning a new language for sure is a great start to making the mind more active and makes you learn smart.

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Stay alert and listen more: Just like seeing is not observing, listening is not akin to hearing. You can listen to the overall scenario surrounding an event if you listen with your eyes, ears, and mind. You will be able to absorb a part of the world more closely. Listening to people around you makes you more aware and popular. You can start off by listening to new sounds of music. Music is a new language that will not just boost intelligence, but also make your brain smarter.


Start taking risks and experiment: You have to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with new lifestyles and activities. You have to be open with some things that can change you and your life. Start learning new courses that will teach you new things. Learn about a field that is brand new. Learning new things makes your mind agile and gives you a perspective that is life-changing. It makes your mind sharper and boost intelligence.

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Expand your horizons: Your thirst for knowledge should be endless and you should be able to question things. Ask why and how when you learn about something new. Never settle for an easy “no”. Try and find answers to questions that are complex. This will make your mind sharp and create a brand new viewpoint of the world.

6.  TALK

Express yourself and talk more: You need to learn more from around you. When you meet new people, talk and express the ideas and thoughts that you have learned in life so far.


Start with exercising regularly: If you thought we are talking about physical exercises, then you are partly right. The body needs to be in shape for the brain to do well too. Exercises for the brain and mind are also very necessary. You need to solve puzzles and riddles. Mathematics is a good way to keep your mind in action and sharpens your brain.

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