5 Signs You Are A Sapiosexual: Intelligence Turns You On!

signs you are sapiosexual

Sapiosexual: Intelligence Turns You On! Social media has ruined the word ‘sapiosexual’. Although it previously meant being attracted to intelligence, people have ruined it to the extent that even a real sapiosexual is considered fake. Here are signs you are a sapiosexual.

First thing first, sapiosexuals are those individuals whom you would find at libraries with a book under the arm and a cup of coffee in their hands. They are the people you would find going to a small café, the night when the rest of the world goes to see Ariana Grande perform.


They don’t care about what’s outside. They care about what’s inside. What really makes you special, instead of your outward beauty, for that is fleeting. They believe that a person’s true appeal comes from the way they think, and not how they look. Sure, being groomed and decked up is all cool, but someone who thinks in a way that is different from the crowd in an ingenious way is what a sapiosexual would look for. But, incessant and unnecessary bios on have brought it down to being a subject of ridicule.

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What people need to realize is that being a sapiosexual doesn’t make you stand apart from the crowd. The crowd isn’t a homogenous mixture, and people from different walks of life coexist together.

It has nothing to do with being different, as it is with thinking different.

But then again, ‘I think therefore I exist’, so it might have a point after all.

Sapiosexuals aren’t that hard to find. In the present society, whenever you see someone reading a book without captioning it on Instagram with the hashtag ‘#bibliophile’, that’s a sapiosexual. When you see someone indulging in a conversation about the pros and cons of directly analyzing a text, instead of talking about the latest Page 3 gossip, those are signs of being sapiosexual.

People have become so immersed in the idea that a sapiosexual is different, that they forget that they are just humans who would like a mental vibe, before a physical one.

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Are you a sapiosexual? Here are few signs to find out.

1. Libraries Over Pubs

It’s TGIF. People all around clamouring for the best drinks at a reputed bar in one of the swankiest districts of your town. Yet, there is one person you know, that being you, who is completely bent out of shape at this alien location and would rather be at someplace that is quiet, silent and peaceful, aka library. If you spend most of your time at a bookstore, where the bookkeeper knows you and ruffles your hair fondly every day as you go in, you are a Grade A sapiosexual.

You believe books to be the salvation from your miserable realm of existence. You would rather buy a book than post it on Instagram. For let’s face it, the number of likes wouldn’t ascertain that you have finished the book or not. What definitely would, is pouring over it until your eyes pain, when the rest of the world is out there, enjoying Cardi B perform.

2. Tennis Rally Banter

A hallmark of a sapiosexual. You need to argue, even about the lamest of stuff. It doesn’t matter what it is, and who you are arguing against, but that is what you do. Be it in the subway, where you start up a banter, whether the postcolonial writings of Chinua Achebe truly reflect the problems faced by the Nigerians, or whether Charles Dickens was truly a great author or just another simpleton whom the society heralded as the new big thing. It could be anyone, but it is essential to your survival.

Even while you are on a date, you would be bantering, maybe about the different varieties of wine that they serve, or the latest budget cuts that have been implemented. Let’s just say, you are WOKE.

3. Silence

You believe, and rightfully so, that silence is God’s greatest gift to mankind, and no one should break it. This does make you a sapiosexual because it stems from a multitude of points. One being that a sapiosexual automatically entails that you are a reserved person who wouldn’t go over themselves trying to prove a point. You usually keep things to yourself, and when it is necessary, only then do you speak.

The other reason is that people who are generally wiser keep shut most of the time. The spewing of bacteria through their mouth at all times could also lead to an enormous amount of brain cells dying.

The last reason is that sharing silence together with someone who loves you is a clear indicator that this is the comfort zone for you. A silence that is shared is the best form of silence there is. You would think that being on the call and not talking, just being there, would be ridiculous, but it is actually beautiful.

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4. Quality Over Popularity

You aren’t a person who cares much about how much one likes a particular product until and unless it is useful to you. This goes for all things in life. You don’t care about what other substances are selling like hotcakes on a wintry evening; you would go about buying your usual. While the rest of the world would be reading Nicholas Sparks or John Green, you would be busy settling on your couch with Ishiguro in your hands. That should, in a way tell you that you are a sapiosexual.

It could be anything, though. When the rest of the world would be watching a particular movie that was popular, you would be at home, watching Bergman, simply because there is gravitas in his movies. The whole world would be watching Rihanna sing, while you would be at home, headsets on, jamming with Simon and Garfunkel.

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5. Thirsty for Intellect Than Company

A Sapiosexual looks for constant learning and growth. You would find him watching documentaries, reading books, researching on varied topics. They get into conversations and often arguments to challenge their own thing, and look at things with different perspectives. Sapiosexuals would starve of monotony and boredom if their mind is not constantly challenged. They love to be around people who challenge their intellect, otherwise, they lose interest in them quickly. Being thirsty for intellect is one of the surefire signs you are sapiosexual.

People consider sapiosexuals to be pretentious people because they tend to stick away from the crowd, but in reality, they are just made that way. They don’t pretend to be different, they just are different. They can have fun just like the rest. They choose not to.

Could you relate to the above signs of sapiosexual?

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5 Signs You Are An Absolute Sapiosexual
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