8 Signs Of A Shady Person In Your Life


Signs Of A Shady Person In Your Life

Have you ever faced someone with a cunning personality? Here are some telltale signs of a shady person so you can identify these untrustworthy people.

But before we start, what is a shady person like? Well, they can be sneaky and don’t always keep things real. You don’t know much about them but they expect you to tell them everything about you…

They come in the form of that unreliable friend who makes promises to you and asks you to trust them but isn’t able to keep up that promise. They only reach out to you when they need something. And if you confront them, they behave like they’re the victim!

Do you know anyone like this?

8 Signs Of A Shady Person In Your Life
What Is A Shady Person Like? 8 Signs Of A Shady Personality

The issue with shady characters is that they might be difficult to spot due to their sly and deceptive behavior. But here are 8 warning signs of a shady person.

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8 Tell-tale Signs Of A Shady Person

Signs Of A Shady Person In Your Life info

1. They like to gossip about other people

Gossiping is natural among people. But bad-mouthing someone behind their back, shows how a person is two-faced and can backstab you in difficult situations.

Do you know someone who gossips a lot about other people? Well, here’s a truth bomb; if they gossiped in front of you, they’ve definitely gossiped about you too.

One of the signs of a shady person is gossiping, as it shows untrustworthy behavior. Shady characters will use your absence as the ideal time to put you down in front of others, no matter how good you are to them.

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2. You’ve caught them lying several times

We all tell minor lies from time to time, depending on the situation but the difference between you and a shady person is the frequency of these lies.

Shady people have a bad reputation for telling lies more often. They don’t feel upset or remorse. Whether they’re trying to hide a mistake or brag about something life-related they’re definitely pathological liars.

3. They emotionally manipulate you

8 Signs Of A Shady Character

A shady person is a compulsive liar. They are so accustomed to telling lies that they even forget about the things they have lied about.

They constantly hide the truth to get what they want. They care very little about who gets hurt along the way.

If you call them out on lying, these shady folks will be defensive or appear not to notice or care. They will continue to lie and make you feel like you are crazy or at fault.

4. They keep changing their friend circle

A toxic habit you may notice about someone with a shady personality is that they lack genuine friendships in their lives. A normal person will have friendships that have lasted decades, not just a few months. That’s because they stick around people that they like and trust.

A sketchy person doesn’t have genuine or long-term friendships because they tend to upset friends and hence they don’t stick around for long.

5. They repeatedly violate your boundaries

They are the kind of people who will prioritize their needs over your desire for space. They have a problem asking you for unexpected favors and expecting you to fulfill them.

They will try to impose their will or their needs over your comfort. If you’re not an assertive person, they will try to control you, believing that you have no say in the matter. This is almost a tactic of bullying.

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6. Their life thrives on drama

Have you noticed that everything that happens to these shady people is always dramatic? It’s like their world has come to an end, whether it’s about a trivial thing at work or a task that they’re yet to complete.

People like this have drama in their lives because they choose to have it. It’s that simple. It’s perhaps their mechanism to gain sympathy or attention from others.

7. They are hypocritical in nature

A shady person’s words don’t match their actions. They lack steadiness and are dishonest in their actions. You might come across a shady person who may shares spiritual or positive updates on social media but in real life they’re just the opposite.

They only show you the side that they want you to see, but when you unmask them and see that the reality is much different from what they portray.

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8. They always play victim card

Finally, whatever happens in the shady person’s life, it’s never, ever, ever their fault. Honestly, it is as if the universe has conspired to set every conceivable obstacle in its way. And isn’t their life just so unfair? Shady characters are ingrained with a victim mindset.

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The Takeback

What Is A Shady Person Like? 8 Signs

Is there someone like this in your friend circle? Now, that you know the signs of a shady person? After all, they are sneaky by nature and you will feel drained in their presence or your other friends won’t like them.

Listen to your intuition and your friends. If something doesn’t feel right about a particular person, or a sneaky character there’s usually a good reason to cut them off!

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