Things Your Hand Shape Could Say About Your Personality

Hand shape and personality


What do spaces between fingers say about you?

Hold your hands in front of you and look at the gaps between your fingers. If your –

  • Fingers are wide apart – you’re independent and love to explore new things in life
  • Fingers are closely set – you’re restrained, self-sufficient and avoid dangers
  • Middle and ring fingers are wide apart – you’re hard to influence
  • Middle and ring fingers are close together – you cannot ignore societal expectations and tend to follow the rules
  • Ring and little finger are wide apart – you dislike serious conversations that can hamper our personal and professional relationships
  • Ring and little finger are not extremely wide – you’re an independent thinker and seek pleasure in adventures


What does your hand size say about your personality?

People with large hands are perfectionists, while those with small hands are practical.

Large-handed people are impulsive and sensitive to criticism.

But, small-handed folks are adventurous with problem-solving abilities.


To know how to measure the size of your hand, read What Your Hand Size Says About Your Personality


So, what does your hand shape reveal about you? Comment and let us know.

Personality based on shape of hand

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