The 8 Most Extroverted MBTI Personality Types: Ranked From Most To Least


Highly Extroverted MBTI Personality Types: Most To Least

Picture a bustling room that’s brimming with energy, laughter, and interesting conversations. These are the situations where extroverts thrive like it’s their lifeblood, effortlessly lighting up any gathering with their outgoing nature. But who are the crème de la crème of the extroverted bunch? Today, we are going to talk about the most extroverted MBTI personality types.

Join me as we explore all the extroverted personality types, and find out who is the most extroverted and who is the least. So, ready to give this a go? Let’s get started then, shall we?

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Ranking Extroverted MBTI Personality Types From Most To Least


ESTPs win when it comes to being the most extroverted person in the room, and the most extroverted MBTI type. They enjoy other people’s company and are often the center of attention at parties. Bursting with enthusiasm and energy, they grab everyone’s attention with their bold and confident attitude.

Always ready for adventure, they’re extremely outgoing, and active. They have a phenomenal sense of humor, a quick mind, and are usually very observant, which makes them great at understanding someone’s body language and intentions.

The word “shy” doesn’t make sense for ESTPs, and they’re always on the go, making new friends and looking for the next adventure.


One of the most extroverted MBTI personality types, ESFPs are some of the most fun-loving people out there. They’re adventurous and sociable and they are always on the lookout for something exciting to do.

Their excitement and energy is contagious, they love life and grab every chance to enjoy it. ESFPs shine when they’re with others and are really good when it comes to bringing some much-needed positive energy in the room.

They make friends easily and is the person to go to if you want to know the coolest spots in the city. They’re often the life of the party, and you may even find them dancing on the table or belting out songs during karaoke nights.

Most extroverted MBTI types


ESFJs are known for having big hearts and a very friendly demeanour. They really value personal connections with other people, and are probably the warmest people you’ll come across. Because ESFJs are really traditional at heart, you’ll see that their manners are absolutely impeccable, and they always abide by social rules and etiquettes.

An ESFJ always behaves in the way that is expected from them, and they’re always trying to do the right thing, which is why they’re known as the politest extroverted MBTI types out there.

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ENFJs live for helping others and have phenomenal people skills. They are friendly, caring, and very, very responsible. Because they are so benevolent, most of the time they put other people first, which leads them to neglect their own needs.

ENFJs believe in everyone’s ability to be amazing and want to help them reach their full potential. However, in some situations, despite being surrounded by a lot of people, they tend to feel alone, because they don’t show all of themselves.

They are known to be loyal and dependable friends, and one of their most underrated qualities is that they respond well to both constructive criticism, as well as unkind criticism.


If you’re looking for an extroverted person who is a natural leader, then your best bet is an ENTJ. One of the most extroverted MBTI types, they are confident, social and driven, which makes them the ideal candidates for taking charge of a sticky situation.

They like being around people, and more often than not, they find themselves in powerful positions because of their charm and the ability to convince anyone and everyone under the sun.

ENTJs may not be very people-oriented, but they always make heads turn wherever they go. They know what they want from life, and don’t stop unless they get it.


ESTJs always live in the present, respect traditions, and always abide my rules and regulations. They’re realistic, pragmatic, and hold onto their values very strongly, which makes them one of the most dependable extroverted MBTI types. Effortless leaders, they know how to make people follow them and they have great convincing powers.

Great at organizing projects, they’re the kind of people who take control and know exactly how things should be done. They work hard in everything they do because they value stability and routine. However, if they feel stressed out, they tend to isolate themselves from everyone else.

Most extroverted MBTI types


They are friendly, optimistic and excited folks, who always have a bright smile on their faces. Extremely imaginative and creative, they know that life is full of possibilities, and all they need to do is grab hold of them.

They are interested in several things, and they really perform well at things that interest them. ENFPs are really good at spotting connections and reading between the lines when it comes to figuring out something complex. This makes them a formidable player to have on your team.

One of the least extroverted personality types, even though ENFPs are very social in nature, they love to spend time alone as a way of recharging their batteries.

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ENTP is the most introverted extroverted MBTI types out there. They mostly choose to spend time with a few people who they love and trust, instead of being surrounded by a ton of people. ENTPs are deep thinkers who love talking about interesting things like philosophy, movies, art and the likes.

Since they possess an inventive mind, they’re able to come up with ideas and concepts that other people might not even think of. They don’t speak much, and quietly observe everything that happens around them, which makes them really good at decoding someone’s body language and facial expressions.

Alone time is very important for them, and without that they feel lost, overwhelmed and mentally exhausted. If you want someone intelligent, intuitive and honest on your side, then ENTPs are your best bet.

Are you an extroverted person? Do you relate to any of these extroverted personality types? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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