Harry Potter Quiz: What Does Your Favorite Harry Potter Spell Say About You?


Harry Potter Quiz: What Do These Spells Say About You?

Calling all witches, wizards and even muggles! Have you ever wondered which Harry Potter spell best represents you? From the whimsical to the powerful, the wizarding world has a spell for everyone. In this Harry Potter quiz, we are going to find out, which Harry Potter spell perfectly describes the person you are.

So get up and grab those wands as we take a trip through the world of Harry Potter and it’s magical spells, trying to figure out which spell has the potential to be your middle name.

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Harry Potter Quiz: Which Harry Potter Spell Are You?

1. Accio – The Summoning Charm

This spell pulls items straight to the hand of the person casting it.

Is it just me or as a kid, did you also point at random objects and yell Accio hoping it’s going to fly to you? No? Just me then? Ah, well.

The summoning charm draws objects closer to you from faraway places when you merely flick your wand while saying “Accio!”

If this is your favorite spell, it means that you are a very resourceful person who knows how to follow things through. Just like this spell, lots of lost things sometimes make their way back to you.

Opportunities tend to come your way unforced because people are attracted to you because of your charisma, confidence and positivity.

2. Expecto Patronum – The Patronus Charm

This one brings forth a protective figure called a Patronus to guard against Dementors. It is also believed that your Patronus is your guardian spirit and a very powerful one at that.

If this is your favorite Harry Potter spell, you have very strong willpower as well as immense inner strength. You tend to be overprotective of anyone close to you, and you are an extremely empathetic person as well.

Just like a Patronus brings forth a burst of light, wherever you go, you radiate positivity and light up others lives.

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3. Expelliarmus – Disarming Charm

This spell knocks an opponent’s wand out of their hand.

This Harry Potter spell is one of my personal favorites, because it doesn’t disarm your opponents, but it does so in a non-violent way. If you feel drawn to this spell, you are a negotiator first and foremost, who favors diplomatic solutions to confrontations.

You win due to your smartness and ability to solve difficult situations by peaceful means. Even if someone behaves aggressively, you choose logic and pragmatism for calming them down and solving any sticky situation that may arise. No wonder, people respect you a lot!

4. Wingardium Leviosa – Levitation Charm

This spell makes objects float in mid-air.

An useful charm, this spell lifts objects up in the air when you wield your want stick in a cursive hand movement. If it is what drives you then there is a part of you that is highly imaginative and creative enough to see everything differently from others.

You are at home where innovative ideas as well as bright new thoughts reign supreme hence you are almost always able to meet challenges head-on without observing limits. Like this beloved charm, gravity cannot pin you down, and you’re always going beyond of what’s possible.

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5. Lumos – The Wand-Lighting Charm

This spell lights up the end of the caster’s wand, like a flashlight.

Which Harry Potter spell are you, and what is it your spell personality? If this spell is close to your heart, you are an inspiration for others. You are full of positivity that heavily influences other people’s lives and you have a way of finding light even in the darkest times.

From offering a kind word to shining a light on the truth, there is something about you that makes others feel better when they are around you.

6. Alohomora – The Unlocking Charm

This spell opens locks and latches.

One of the most useful spells in the world of Harry Potter, it unlocks doors, locks and even magical barriers with just a flick of your wand. If you relate to this incantation, then you are an inquisitive person who likes adventures and wants to explore opportunities that you have never given a go before.

Your flexibility as well as your quick decision making ability makes you an important asset in any situation and you thrive in environments that understand the importance of ingenuity and resourcefulness.

7. Stupefy – The Stunning Spell

This spell knocks out your target hard.

What is your Harry spell personality? If this spell is close to your heart, then you have the personality of a soldier who knows what they want and will stand by their beliefs no matter what. You inspire everyone around you because you’re brave and stand strong even when things get tough.

By acting decisively during challenging times, you have shown that your capacity for handling dicey situations is like that of this Stun spell – it has the power to halt difficulties in their path and forge forward with utmost determination.

8. Obliviate – The Memory Charm

This spell deletes certain memories from a person’s mind.

In this Harry Potter quiz, if Obliviate is the spell you feel drawn to, then you’re a kind-hearted soul who always tries their best to protect others from any form of harm befalling them whatsoever.

No one else has such power to care for other people’s emotions better than you do; you are always there to lend a comforting hand to those who need hope. You have the power to bring back peace to troubled minds. Calling you kind is an understatement, you are the epitome of compassion.

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9. Protego – The Shield Charm

This spell throws up a shield that blocks spells and keeps the caster safe.

If this Harry Potter spell speaks to you, you are a very protective person who is extremely loyal to your loved ones and would give anything just to have them safe and sound.

In fact, you will go as far as defending those who matter most in your life, even if it means putting your own life at risk. Like this Shield Charm, you stand as a steadfast protector against the forces of darkness, shielding others from harm with your indomitable spirit.

10. Riddikulus – The Boggart-Banishing Spell

This spell turns a Boggart, which is a creature that takes the form of your worst fears, into something funny and ridiculous.

If you love this spell and it is one of your most favorites spells in this Harry Potter quiz, then you’re someone who is extremely lively and fun-loving who never takes anything too seriously.

Always ready to crack a joke even when things look grim, you’re someone who makes everyone laugh, brightening up their day with your humor. Just like this spell chases boggarts away, you can switch fear to giggles and push out misery with your shiny, happy attitude.

11. Incendio – The Fire-Making Spell

This spell sets things on fire or lights a flame when you need it.

This powerful spell creates fire, and is ideal for starting flames or burning stuff up. If this is your spell personality then it means you’ve got a fierce spirit and a push that keeps you going.

You’ve got firm goals and shine brightly, moving ahead with strong focus. Just like the fire you make, you’ve got what it takes to motivate folks and pave new paths with fresh ideas.

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12. Aguamenti – The Water-Making Spell

This spell makes water come out of your wand.

One of the most useful Harry Potter spells, people who cast this spell can bring forth water straight from their wands. If Aguamenti feels like your thing, it means you’re a flexible person who doesn’t have any trouble adjusting to different situations.

You stay calm and chilled out even when things heat up, making you a rock for others when chaos hits. Just like the water streams you create, you offer a fresh start and a sense of revival for everyone, including yourself.

13. Confundo – The Confusing Charm

This spell makes someone confused and messes with their head.

This enchantment messes with your target’s mind, making them feel unsure and puzzled. If you relate to Confundo, you’re smart and and are always thinking on your feet.

You use your intelligence and humour to dodge problems and swing situations to your advantage. Just like this charm, you can make your opponents second-guess themselves, which puts you ahead in every game you are a part of.

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14. Imperio – The Imperius Curse

This spell can completely control another person and their mind with magic.

In this Harry Potter quiz, if you find this curse interesting, then you’re someone who is quite influential and you are a born leader in your own right. You are really good at leading others to their goals, thanks to your powerful leadership skills.

Your intelligence and charisma in handling issues which seem difficult particularly when dealing with several different people is what makes other people look upto you and respect you.

However, similar to the curse itself, you must be a responsible leader who is always aware of the consequences of his actions on other people.

15. Expulso – The Exploding Charm

This spell makes stuff blow up.

Which Harry Potter spell are you? Anyone who resonates with this spell is someone who is very determined and unflinching even in the face of adversity.

Your unrestrained energy forces you to see beyond your obstacles and do whatever is necessary to overcome them until they are no longer standing in your way.

Just like the Exploding Charm, your spell personality is that you try to make sure all the barriers cropping up in front of you is broken down, so that you can actually make a difference in your life.

16. Episkey – The Healing Charm

This spell fixes and heals small wounds like cuts, scrapes, and bloody noses.

In this Harry Potter quiz, if Episkey resonates with you, it means that you possess an empathetic personality who is always there for others when they need help. You are always the shoulder shoulder to lean on for other people, and your caring and compassionate nature knows no bounds.

You are always trying to heal others and their pain, because you know how it feels to not have anyone beside you when you’re going through a hard time.

So, there you have it, folks – a quick tour of the magical Harry Potter spell book and the magic we all have inside. In this Harry Potter quiz, the spell you relate to the most mirrors your inner nature and your personal strengths.

Tap into your unique powers, let loose your capabilities, and keep in mind – while the wand may pick the wizard, it’s really your heart that steers the magic inside.

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Which of these Harry Potter spells are your favorite? Also, which Harry Potter spell are you the most like, do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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