Palm Reading: Find How Your Hand Shape Reveals Your Personality


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Palm Reading Find Hand Shape Reveals Personality

Did you know that the veins in your hands or the many hand types according to palmists mean something? Well, the hand shape reveals your personality. Let’s discuss what the study of palmistry has to say about this today. 

According to the Psychic Library, analyzing the size, shape, and lines of the palms and fingers, “palmistry exposes individual personality and character qualities.” Let’s focus on what our hand shapes say about ourselves!

The History of Palmistry 101

The History of palmistry dates back to India, during the Vedic ages and it is still widely used today. As a result, the practice was later introduced to China, Egypt, Greece, and Europe. Drawings of hands with added lines can be found on the walls of prehistoric caves in France and Spain.

Palm Reading: Find How Your Hand Shape Reveals Your Personality
Your Hand Shape Reveals Your Personality: 7 Interesting Hand Palm Shapes

The concept is that our mental processes and beliefs might manifest as physical features on our hands. It is said that Julius Caesar of Cleopatra, chose the personalities of the men who served him by examining their palms.

However, no destiny is not predetermined. An internationally recognized palmist named Gary Markwick claims that in just two months, the shape of your hands or the lines can alter, which means that our destiny or future changes with time.

What Are The Types of Hands In Palmistry? The Four Elements

Hand shapes are related to one of the four elements, just like astrological signs (fire, water, air, and earth). Each of the four elements stands for particular personality types and demeanors. Some even think that a person’s hand shape can indicate the types of careers that are most suited for them.

Your Hand Shape Reveals Your Personality – 7 Hand Types According To Palmists

1. The Fire Type

Palm Reading Hand Shape Reveals Personality Fire Type

The hand palm shape of those with fire elements is often long and rectangular. However, they have rather short fingers.

Fire types are characterized by intrepidity, bravery, vitality, gut intuition, passion, action, and pragmatism. 

They are well-known for being charming, emotional, and ambitious. Natural leaders: fire types are noted for having a burning zeal for whatever they undertake. Due to their great energy, they can easily create an extremely agitated environment. 

People with fire hands are quick-thinkers and rapid learners with high communication and coordination skills, consequently, they give excellent performance. 

However, they could be impatient and lack patience, as their desire might not continue all the way to the end.

Many times, they fail to be mindful of their actions’ effect on other people’s feelings. This could create obstacles and problems in life. They have relationships and experiences but are clear-headed about what they love or hate.

2. The Earth Type

Palm Reading Hand Shape Reveals Personality Earth Type

Those with the Earth element usually have thick, square palms and short fingers.

They are known to be realistic, rational, down-to-earth, dependable, and practical. They feel more natural in long-term relationships and are ready to sacrifice for their close ones. It is not easy to come into their inner world as they protect themselves with a shield.

They are aware of all their senses and have an inclination towards practical matters. They are often caught up with work. They are not adaptable, most of the time they hate change and can be loners.

Earth types have a never-give-up attitude, which helps them achieve extraordinarily in their profession. However, they don’t care about it and rather remain silent. They may lose credits and their efforts are ignored.  

3. The Water Type

Palm Reading Hand Shape Reveals Personality Water Type

Those with the water element generally have short oval palms with slender fingers.

These people are known for their highly creative personalities, talented and imaginative minds, and adaptability and emotions.

But it comes with its own pros and cons. They are healers with a caring and sympathetic heart, but they can be motivated by feelings, which is generally good at relationships, but they can attract people who drain them out and are prone to be manipulated easily.

Their level of emotional attunement makes them more susceptible to insecure feelings and indulging in empty talk. 

4. The Air Type

Palm Reading Hand Shape Reveals Personality Air Type

The hands of those with the air element might be either square or rectangle-shaped, but they have long slender, and creative fingers. The palms and fingers, however, are often of identical length.

The intellectuals, or “air types,” are those who can’t help but analyze the world. They have a wide range of interests and the capacity to generate numerous ideas at once, which they attempt to investigate linearly.

People with these hand kinds are believed to be very intelligent and capable of coming up with original and creative ideas. Although they are mostly honest, communicate well with others but they can be artful when seeking success and fame.

5. The Wood Type

Palm Reading Hand Shape Reveals Personality Wood Type

The Wood type people have lengthy, oblong hands with distinct knuckles and long fingers. They tend to be obstinate, gifted, independent, sensitive, artistic, and creative by nature.

They are passionate, kind, and predisposed to platonic love. They flourish in fields like art and culture, business, psychology, and other related ones because they are inquisitive, level-headed, can think critically, and have a strong focus. The disadvantage of not being able to adjust to change is enormous.

6. The Metal Type

Palm Reading Hand Shape Reveals Personality Metal Type

This hand shape is characterised by square palms, fingers, and nails. The metal type have a strong sense of self, are thankful, and have a strong sense of purpose. 

They are suited for the legal profession because they work with a sense of justice and fairness. Additionally, they have excellent coordination and communication skills, which when employed effectively, have the potential to make them good leaders or managers. 

Only those who are sincere lovers may excite the metal-type because they do not tolerate flattery or emotional manipulation. They have the guts to go above and beyond to overcome challenges in order to take charge of their own fate.

7. The Mixed Type

Palm Reading Hand Shape Reveals Personality Mixed Type

Individuals with the mixed hand type have various shapes that are unexplainable and also exhibit a variety of traits and sentients. The hand shape is tough to explain, some are pointed, some Spatulate. They are best-known for being egocentric and without a clear sense of purpose in life. 

If they don’t succeed in what they are doing, they get uncertain and lose their motivation quickly. Moreover, mixed-hand individuals lack critical thinking abilities and a reflective mindset. However, if they make the most of their abilities and can be versatile and accomplish wonders.

Did You Check?

Do you think this palmistry-based analysis applies to you? What your hand shape says about your personality?

It’s amazing how your physical characteristics can disclose so much about you as a person. Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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