This Is What Your Hand Size Says About Your Personality


The size of your hands can indicate something about your personality.

Surprised? Don’t be. This is Science. This is all in our Gene.

The size of your hand can say more than you ever thought about your personality. Your hands are amazingly useful, let’s explore them.

The practice of Chirognomy is the ability to predict a person’s character, traits and future through the study of their hand.

Derived from the Greek words, ‘chiro’ meaning hand and ‘gnomonia’ meaning judging. Together this means the art of judging character from the shape and appearance of hands.

This practice examines the shape of the hands, fingers, fingernails and the texture of the skin, of all of which it uses to derive insight into the individual in question.

We need a Proper measurement of your hand before we proceed further.

This isn’t about the size of your hand according to your ruler, so don’t stress yourself for getting the exact size. This assessment looks at the size of your hand in relation to the length of your arm.

Take your left arm and bend at the elbow to create a 45-degree angle. With your right hand, place your thumb on the side of the elbow. Stretch your hand out, reaching your middle finger towards your wrist. If your finger can reach your wrist, you have large hands. If you are not able to reach your wrist, you fit into the small hands’ category!


People With Large Hands:

If you have large hands you are a perfectionist! Your concentration often goes on the small details. This could result with tardiness in some parts of your life. You are a very effective worker.

You focus on the smallest of details, wanting everything to be just right. If you are working towards a deadline you would rather push it slightly to make sure everything is perfect than rush to meet the timeline. This perfectionist mentality means you are extremely sensitive to criticism. You are the impulsive person who often knows to overreact, and you know that. You are regardful to other people, and sometimes you even neglect yourself.


People With Small Hands:

Those of you with small hands are the free spirits of the world! You are always chasing down your next adventure, and don’t shy away from taking risks. You can usually work your way out of any trouble with your excellent problem-solving abilities, which is important because you regularly find yourself in hot water! You enjoy the more dramatic side of life. Your personal relationships are often dramatic ones.


The shape of your palms is also important.

If you have a square palm, then you are a practical and logical person.
This means that you are a good mathematician. You want to solve your problems logically, and you are not very friendly with your intuition.

People with rectangular palms tend to solve their problems faster.
Unlike the people with a square palm, you are a more intuitive person. You listen to your Gut Feelings. If you have long hands and square palm, you are a sensitive and adventurous person.