What Does The First Letter Of Your Name Say About Your Personality?

 The first letter of your name say a lot about your personality. 

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Your name is exclusively made for you. It’s unique in its own way. It is so close to one that a person lives in his/her name for the rest of his/her life. Our name owns us.

What’s so special about our names? It becomes the definition of who we are as a person; it reflects our personality.

Find out from here, what the first letter of your name reveals about your personality.

If your name starts with:


You are not romantic but practical. You always achieve the goals you set. You are impatient but you don’t instantly react to other people’s politeness towards you. You are desirable, polite, open mined and have a no-nonsense personality.

You need your partner’s support and encouragement to achieve in life and stay with them. You find it important to feel a mutual romantic connection in your relationship.

You do not create problems but you may often be selfish. You choice of partner is appreciable. You receive love and appreciation from your lover.


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You have a romantic personality.

You like to exchange gifts with your lover, as it is a proof of true love. You know hoe to make your lover feel loved and wanted.

You are very patient and you succeed in reaching your goals. You control your emotions and your feelings well and you love to go on adventures.


You are a social butterfly. You might fall in love with your close friends or your colleague.

You are highly sensitive. You need your lover not only to love you but also to appreciate you all the time. You are good at controlling your emotions.


You react impulsively. You are concerned about others and are helpful in nature.

You are kind and sincere and very sensitive with your romantic partner. Sometimes your love turns to being over possessiveness and over protectiveness. You have a hot temper and you are tough yet very pleasant to be with. If you fall in love with someone, you never give up on him/her.


You need your partner to be a good listener. Your lover is a friend or colleague.

You keep exchanging serious conversation to maintain excitement in your relationship. Actions and challenges are important to you. You are very loyal to your loved one. You enjoy reading before going to bed.


You are sensitive, kind, giving and romantic. You know how to select your future partner and are sincere when you promise true love. You are courageous, attractive and generous. You are a genuine soul but when people do bad to you, you might turn to revenge.


You are difficult to please. You are always looking for idealism inside you and your lover. Your lover has to be at the same maturity level as you are.

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