Experts Say If You Can Find Your Name In This Puzzle You Have An Above Average Intellect

Your brain is a muscle and like any muscle it is important to exercise it and keep it in its top performing shape. After all, it is sort of a vital organ. Once you are not in school anymore unless you do a lot of reading on your own accord, it can hard to get the right mental exercise in or even just enough of it.

Different parts of the brain are exercised when you do different puzzles. Crossword puzzles are good for challenging the language and memory areas of your brain. If you are more of a jigsaw puzzle these puzzles are good exercise for the parietal lobes.

Jigsaw puzzles are not easily shown through the screen so we have a tricky word search for you to get your brain fitness in for the day. You may think this one seems like a very simple one but it may actually surprise you.

To solve this puzzle, just look at this block of text we have provided you with seemingly random letters and try and find your name. This puzzle is definitely a lot harder than most people will expect it to be so don’t rush it.

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