What Is Your Spiritual Name? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

Your Spiritual Name

When you hear your name, does something just click inside you? Does it make you feel as if an inner surge of warm energy is flowing through you, starting from your toes, and slowly progressing towards your mind? If you answered ‘no’ to this question, then maybe it’s time for you to adopt a spiritual name for yourself, that will suit you much better than the name you were given at birth.

Having a spiritual name is like welcoming your inherent soul into this physical world, and there is so much your soul wants to experience. Your spiritual name can help you feel a sense of wholeness, and wellbeing, that will probably surpass every great feeling you have ever experienced till date. When you change your name to something that speaks to your soul, you are giving a message out to the Universe that you are ready to fulfill the purpose you were born with.

What is the hidden meaning behind a spirit name?

If you want to choose the right spiritual name for yourself, then one of the best things you can do is delve into your past for inspiration. Try to find out what your birth name means, who your ancestors were and where did they come from, and most importantly your heritage. Your family tree and your family history can also give many insights as to who you are and where you truly come from.

The more you know your history and your present, the better it will be for you when choosing a spiritual name for yourself.

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Here are two things you can try out, if you have trouble zeroing on the right spiritual name for yourself:

  • Notice your dreams, because chances are your right name will appear to you in your dreams. Keep a notebook and a pen near you, and note it down as soon as possible. You can write down your dreams, and have your very own dream journal so that you can study them later and try to look for answers. Once you have zeroed in on a name, recite it over and over again and see how it makes you feel. If you feel a happy, warm glow inside yourself and you feel like this is what you were waiting for, then that’s the name for you.
  • Have some quality time with nature. Nature can be very healing and cathartic, and being in nature can make you feel at peace, both physically and mentally. When you are in nature, look at the shapes of the clouds above you, the sounds of the birds, which plants and animals are your eyes seeing, and what you are thinking predominantly. This can help you have a better idea of yourself and your soul.

If you are still having trouble deciding your spiritual name, then maybe this quiz will make things a bit easier for you. So, don’t put too much pressure on yourself, and give this quiz a try. You might just be surprised by what you unearth.



What Your Spiritual Name pin
What Is Your Spiritual Name? Take This Quiz To Find Out!
Your Spiritual Name pin
What Is Your Spiritual Name? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

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