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Five Romantic Archetypes: Which One Are You?

Five Romance Archetypes

Have you ever thought about why you behave in a certain way when it comes to showing love? You might not believe it, but all of us are born with a romantic archetype. There are five romantic archetypes. You might be the Gypsy type who is free-spirited and loves intimacy or, you could be the opposite, the Amazon type who loves being respected and values stability.

It is very important to understand and identify the romantic archetype you align with and which love language you speak in order to have the most fulfilling love life. Knowing your archetype helps you understand how you are wired to give and receive love.

When you understand what you need in a relationship, there is a lesser chance for your relationship to break-up.

What is a love language? 

Your language of love revolves around how you like to communicate or show love and how do you expect your partner to communicate it with you. For example, some women feel very loved when they are heard patiently, some women feel special when they get physical affection and some women feel loved when they are pampered by their partners. 

At times, when your partner brings you flowers, which is one of the simplest ways to express love but you end up expecting him to talk to you about what has been bothering you. So there is a possibility that you might go on to think that he ‘does not understand’ you. Whereas in reality, because your love language is different from his, he is having a tough time understanding what you actually need. 

The five romantic archetypes are:

1. The Gypsy

the gypsy
Five Romantic Archetypes: Which One Are You?

A gypsy is a free-spirited and erotic archetype. She uses sexuality as a spiritual experience to identify her partner’s energy. She prefers freedom over committed relationships. They understand very well what feels good to them and they engage in sex for their own pleasure instead of pleasing someone else.

Love language: Intimacy, physical touch, and sensuality. She loves communicating with physical touch by touching her partner, holding hands when she speaks to her partner, and indulges in a lot of cuddling, kissing, and sex.

Struggles: They struggle to make long term romantic relationships. They find it very difficult to bond on a deeper level with someone. 

Perfect Date: She is so much in touch with her body and mind that they do not require much warming up before indulging in sex. She is so sensual and erotic that she straightaway heads to the bedroom at times, which makes the date perfect. Handcuffs, blindfolds, and feathers make the experience more intimate.

Famous Personalities: Sofia Vergara, Angelina Jolie, Christina Hendricks

2. The Venus

the venus
Five Romantic Archetypes: Which One Are You?

They are the epitome of beauty and sensuality. At times they become attached to their own pleasures and desires. 

Love language: They love giving and receiving gifts. They always use their feminine side to show love and compassion.

Struggles: Validation plays a very significant role as they always look for appreciation from the outside world. They always hide their pain from the world and always put on a smile on their faces in front of the world. They are always at risk of becoming the object of pleasure.

Perfect Date: For a Venus, a perfect date is all about the relaxation and rejuvenation of her mind and body. They have an eye for luxury and beauty. International cuisine or expensive champagne are ideal date ideas.

Famous Personalities: Scarlett Johannson, Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox

3. The Madonna

the madonna
Five Romantic Archetypes: Which One Are You?

Madonna is the most motherly archetype amongst all. They have an inbuilt caring nature. They show love and compassion by taking care of their partners in every possible way. 

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