Things Your Hand Shape Could Say About Your Personality

Hand shape and personality

Your hands can predict your destiny! There’s nothing new about it. But, do you know that your hand shape and size can reveal whether you are stubborn, practical or an independent thinker?

Hand analysis can reveal a lot about your personality. Richard Unger made a significant contribution to this field. He created the system of Scientific Hand Analysis based on 40 years of research and analysis on more than 15,000 pairs of hands.

Other experts in this field are: William Benham, author of the book –The Laws of Scientific Hand Reading and Kay Packard, the Director and Founder of the American Academy of Hand Analysis.

Here’re the results from the latest studies of the hand shape and personality 

Hands shape determines personality

Determine your strong and weak fingers

According to Kay Packard, the Director and Founder of the American Academy of Hand Analysis, your strong hand and fingers reveal your personality traits.

Handedness is the tendency to be right-handed or left-handed. So if your right hand has greater grip strength than the left hand, then your right hand is dominant, according to the study published in The British Journal of Hand Therapy. Because you will mostly use this hand for all your skilled activities. Then, your other hand is a non-dominant hand

According to Kay Packard’s research, palms and fingers of your dominant or lead hand say a lot about your personal qualities and business. Whereas, the fingers of your non-dominant hand reflect your attitude towards your near and dear ones.

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How to determine your strong and weak fingers?

Strong and weak fingers

Strong fingers are straight and tall, while weak fingers are bent or leaning towards another finger. Unlike strong fingers, weak ones don’t let you perform certain activities.

How does each finger exemplify personality traits?

People with strong-

  • Thumb on dominant hand strive for success in professional life
  • Index finger are shrewd and exhibit authority and strength of character
  • Middle finger express confidence, wisdom, efficiency and take responsibility
  • Ring finger are creative and exhibit self-expression
  • Little finger possess communicative skills.

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Does hand and finger shape carry its own meaning?

Meaning of Hand and finger shapes


The shapes of the hand and fingertips indicate individual developmental characteristics in the fetal and postnatal period, according to a study published in the International Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences. Based on a series of hand analysis, Kay Packard is sure that finger and hand shape indicates personality traits.

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Shape of fingertips

So, if you have –

  • Elementary hand with shapeless fingertips- You are violent and passionate in life but hesitate to take risks
  • Hand with round fingertips: You seek peace and harmony, avoid disapproval.
  • Square hand with square-like fingertips: You strive for precision and accuracy
  • Spatulate hand with spatula-like fingertips: (broad and flared): You are active, independent, innovative, value authenticity and dislike taking heavily traveled path
  • Conical hand with pointed or sharp fingertips: Artistic and yearns to pursue things that are unusual and mystical instead of practical activities
  • Psychic hand with almond-shaped nails – You  are idealistic and visionary, but easily influenced
  • Intellectual hand with bony fingers or long nails – You are silent and secretive, yearning for an austere lifestyle.
  • Mixed hand (People with fingers of different shapes) –  You are adaptable, versatile and jack of all trades.

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What do spaces between fingers say about you?

Hold your hands in front of you and look at the gaps between your fingers. If your –

  • Fingers are wide apart – you’re independent and love to explore new things in life
  • Fingers are closely set – you’re restrained, self-sufficient and avoid dangers
  • Middle and ring fingers are wide apart – you’re hard to influence
  • Middle and ring fingers are close together – you cannot ignore societal expectations and tend to follow the rules
  • Ring and little finger are wide apart – you dislike serious conversations that can hamper our personal and professional relationships
  • Ring and little finger are not extremely wide – you’re an independent thinker and seek pleasure in adventures

What does your hand size say about your personality?

People with large hands are perfectionists, while those with small hands are practical.

Large-handed people are impulsive and sensitive to criticism.

But, small-handed folks are adventurous with problem-solving abilities.

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So, what does your hand shape reveal about you? Comment and let us know.

Personality based on shape of hand
Things Your Hand Shape Could Say About Your Personality

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