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What Does The Length Of Your Pinky Finger Say About Your Personality

Length Pinky Finger Say About Personality

We’ve learnt all about tarot cards and palm reading but have you ever wondered what your pinky finger says about you? Discover your secrets about your personality types as well.

Did you know that the Little Finger or Pinky is associated with Mercury – Hermes, Communication, Travelling, and finances? Continue to read what does your little finger say about you!

Can our little finger reveal secrets about us? Well, we’ve already seen many interesting articles on palmistry and frankly, we’ve just begun to tell you our secrets. You see, magical knowledge is vast and we actually need many lifetimes in order to acquire all this kind of wisdom.

Palmistry, the art of fortune-telling just by examining the palm of our hands, is also very complex. Yet, here in Magical Recipes Online we try everything that is possible to give you the best quality – the REAL deal – articles, which do not require years of practice but still are pretty revealing.

What your pinky finger says about you?

Why the Little Finger – Pinky?

Each finger is associated with a planet – thus a distinctive type of energy. The palm is considered to be a map of our past, present, and future along with our pros and cons. The Little Finger – Pinky is associated with Mercury – Hermes, the planet / God of Communication, Travelling and finances. In this small test, we are going to compare it with the Ring finger which is associated with the Sun – Apollo.

The Length and shape of the little finger – pinky shows how do you we express ourselves if we face difficulties in showing our emotions and how easily do we travel. It can actually show us much more to examine it. But now is time to compare it.

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How Long Is Your Pinky Finger? Find Your Personality Type

1. Lower Height

What Does The Length Of Your Pinky Finger Say About Your Personality
What does your pinky finger say about you?

The tip of your little finger is lower than the top joint of your ring finger.

Your vast ocean of emotions creates difficulties when it comes to expressing yourself. You’ve wished many times to be able to have reacted properly in romantic or other stimuli. “I know s/he was flirting with me… why didn’t I say anything??…”

Of course, as the years go by, you find ways to show your true colors. It’s amazing how much you can give to someone but unfortunately only a few do understand, how wonderful and resourceful you can actually be. As you grow up you can find more ways to become more extroverted and balance your shyness. Many empaths have a sign like this. Are you an Empath? See here. 

TIP: You should begin to write a novel or a story as you indeed have so many thoughts and feelings to describe. Even if you feel restrained to do so, by writing you will learn to think more objectively.

2. Even Height

What Does The Length Of Your Pinky Finger Say About Your Personality
What Your Pinky Finger Says About You: Personality Test

The tip of your little finger is the same height as the top joint of your ring finger.

You are a personality who has mastered a balance between your introvert and your extrovert qualities and intentions. It is not that you don’t get irritated or angry but you somehow find a way to express your feelings in a non-catastrophic way. There may be a fire burning inside of you ready to devour anyone and anything but you know how to control it and not burst into flames. Well… Most of the time!

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