40+ Sweet And Silly Valentine’s Day Jokes For Kids And Adults


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Sweet And Silly Valentine's Day Jokes For Kids And Adults

Laughing is the best way to spread love on Valentine’s Day! Have fun with these corny, light-hearted but cute Valentine jokes for kids and adults.

This special occasion is celebrated annually on February 14th dedicated to love and affection.

Couples celebrate their love for each other and make special memories. Those who are single celebrate self-love and spend time with friends.

But what about those at a long distance from their loved ones? One thing they have is the technology that has made it easier for them to connect and stay close.

So, whether you are single or in a relationship, a kid, or an adult, and are looking for fun ways to celebrate this holiday, we have the perfect way to show your love and appreciation for those closest to you.

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Below are some of the funny Valentine jokes for kids and adults!

Best Valentine Jokes For Kids

1. What did one bee say to the other on Valentines Day?
“Bee mine, honey!”

2. What did the doorknob write to his love on their Valentines Day card?
“I a-door you!”

3. Why did the heart go to the doctor on Valentine’s Day?
“Because it had a bad case of the lovesick-ness!”

4. Why did the cookie give the milk a hug on Valentines Day?
“Because they were a perfect match!”

5. What did the cook say to his girlfriend?
“You’re bacon me crazy!”

6. Why did the dog send a love letter to the cat on Valentines Day?
“Because he was paw-somely in love!”

7. What did the flower say to the bee on Valentines Day?
“Will you bee my Valentine?”

8. What did the scientist say to his sweetheart?
“We’ve got good chemistry.”

9. What did one lightbulb say to the other on Valentines Day?
“I love you watts and watts.”

10. Why did the bird give a gift to its sweetheart on Valentines Day?
“Because it was tweet-heart!”

11. Why did the pencil send a love letter to the eraser on Valentines Day?
“Because it was madly in love and couldn’t bear to be apart!”

12. What did the painter say to her sweetheart?
“I love you with all my art.”

13. Why did the jellybean give a kiss to the candy on Valentines week?
“Because they were sweet on each other!”

14. Why did the teddy bear send a love letter to the stuffed animal on Valentine’s Day?
“Because it was bear-y in love!”

15. What did one raindrop say to the other on Valentines Day?
“I’m falling for you!”

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Short Valentine Jokes For Kids And Adults

16. Why did the worm give a hug to the soil on Valentines Day?
“Because they were dirt-y in love!”

17. What did the tree say to the leaves on Valentine’s Day?
“I’m branch-ing out for you!”

18. Why did the snail send a love letter to the snail on Valentine’s Day?
“Because it was slow-ly falling in love!”

19. What did one puzzle piece say to the other on Valentines Day?
“You complete me!”

20. Why did the balloon give a hug to the air on Valentine’s Day?
“Because they were a perfect match!”

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21. Why did the moon send a love letter to the stars on Valentine’s Day?
“Because it was over the moon in love!”

22. Why did the sheriff lock up her boyfriend?
“He stole her heart.”

23. Do you have a date for Valentine’s Day?
“Yes! It’s Feb. 14.”

24. What did one toothbrush say to the other on Valentine’s Day?
“You’re the brush of my life!”

25. Why did the book give a rose to the library on Valentine’s Day?
“Because it was reading for love!”

26. What did the cucumber say to his friend?
“You mean a great dill to me.”

27. What did one light bulb say to the other on Valentines Day?
“You light up my life!”

28. Why did the snowflake send a love letter to Winter on Valentines Day?
“Because it was frozen in love!”

29. What did the needle say to the thread?
“You’re sew special to me.”

30. What did one pencil say to the other on Valentine’s Day?
“You make my writing come alive!”

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31. Why did the hat give a kiss to the scarf on Valentine’s Day?
“Because they were warm and cozy together!”

32. What did the bubble say to the soap on Valentine’s Day?
“You make my heart pop!”

33. Why did the sunflower give a gift to the sun on Valentine’s Day?
“Because it was sunny side up in love!”

34. What do you call a ghost’s true love?
“Their ghoul-friend.”

35. What did the volcano say to his mother?
“I lava you.”

36. What do you call two birds in love?

37. What did the tree say to the houseplant?
Do you beleaf in love?

38. How did the phone propose?
He gave her a ring.

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Knock Knock Valentine Jokes For Kids

Knock-knock jokes never go out of style and are perfect for this time of year. We’ve gathered some of our favorite fun valentine jokes for kids and adults for you to share this year!

39. Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Atlas who?
Atlas, it’s Valentine’s Day!

40. Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Emma who?
Emma hoping I get lots of cards on Valentine’s Day!

41. Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Al who?
Al be your Valentine if you’ll be mine.

42. Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Bea who?
Bea my Valentine.

43. Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Frank who?
Frank you for being my friend.

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44. Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Egg who?
Egg-cited to be your Valentine.

45. Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Heywood who?
Heywood, you be my Valentine?

46. Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Olive who?
Olive you!

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We hope this Valentine special week, you send a heartfelt message or some Valentine’s day jokes for adults and kids to your friends, family, partner, coworker, or anyone you connect with. Till then Happy Valentine’s day!

40+ Sweet And Silly Valentine's Day Jokes For Kids And Adults

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