30 Funny Math Jokes For Every Math-Geek

Math Jokes

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that mathematics is not, at all, funny. While math can make some cry more than their partners can, for math lovers the pleasure of solving a challenge is beyond satisfactory. However you see math, you will surely enjoy these funny math jokes.

Although maths is a whole different world inside addition and subtraction, it’s also a hard nut to crack for many people. Scratch that, it’s a nightmare for many.

That is why every teacher is on the lookout for a way to make the subject of maths more engaging. Here comes in maths jokes for the rescue. Math jokes are perfect to make math lessons more entertaining also help understanding concepts from math lessons. Math jokes are a clever way to understand math principles better.

Jokes apart…. Jokes and riddles are amazing at helping develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Jokes and riddles have a way of improving comprehension skills and also have a lot of other importance to the intellectual growth of kids and how they socialize.

Now, we are not the only one; Mathematician and author John Allen Paulos in his book Mathematics and Humor described the relationship between humor and mathematics, how mathematical theory and jokes can go hand in hand.

Here we have accumulated some of the best math jokes that are entertaining and can also make math fun (Well Almost). These jokes can be used as a strategy to get students to engage with maths or to kid around with their your best buddy, or to simply revise the memory lane of the real, rational, irrational, and complex (numbers, what did you think?).

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Now, what can be better than having fun while learning at the same time? And, who would have thought calculus, integers could be so funny?

30 best funny math jokes that will make you crack up laughing

Funny Math Jokes
30 Funny Math Jokes For Every Math-Geek

1. Do you know why the quarter doesn’t roll down the hill with the nickel?
Yes! Because it had more cents!

2. Why does nobody talk to circles?
Because there is no point!

3. How algebra can help you to be a better dancer?
Because you can use the algo-rhythm!

4. What’s the best way to serve pi?
A la mode. Anything else is mean.

Serve Meaning
30 Funny Math Jokes For Every Math-Geek

5. Why did ⅕ go to the masseuse?
Because it was two-tenths!

6. What do you get if you divide the circumference of a jack-o-lantern by its diameter?
Pumpkin Pi.

PUmpkin PI
30 Funny Math Jokes For Every Math-Geek

7. Do you know why seven eight nine?
Because you’re supposed to eat three squared meals a day!

8. Why is it sad that parallel lines have so much in common?
Because they’ll never meet.

9. Why do math teachers love parks so much?
Because of all the natural logs.

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