50+ Funny Book Lovers Memes That Will Make You Chuckle

Hilarious Memes Every Book Lover Will Relate To

It’s National Book Lovers Day, set aside your smartphone, turn off the TV and read an actual book, or even better, read some book lovers memes!

The United States celebrates National Book Lovers Day on the 9th of August for all the book lovers in the world, it also serves as an inspiration for those who hardly read any books.

Books are important to the reader in various unexpected ways, they allow readers to travel without using their feet, it gives wings to our imagination. They’re full of knowledge, happiness, wisdom, adventure and so much more.

Wondering how to celebrate this day? We’ve got a solution for you, utilize this day by sharing your favorite books, thoughts about reading, and of course, funny book memes! Below is a roundup of some of the funny book lover memes shared so far! Leave your phone addiction for a day and focus on old school friends of ours!

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50+ Funny Book Lovers Memes That Will Make You Chuckle

1. When you’re a book addict, going to the bookstore is your favorite activity

book lovers meme
Book Reader Memes

2. What’s your all time favorite book that you keep reading again and again?

3. When they ask why you love reading books…

Who needs vacations when you have to read a new book, it’s like taking a journey.

Book Lovers Funny Book Memes

4. Living the pages of the book and exploring another universe

5. Books Make Me Happy 

Book Reading Memes

6. Things you’ll understand if you hate interruptions while reading

7. Is the bookstore your happy place?

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8. Interruptions: A major pet peeve for book lovers!

Do you also hate it when someone unexpectedly enters the room when you’re engrossed in a good book and interrupts you?

Funny Book Lover Memes For National Book Lovers Day

9. A library is proof that magic exists!

10. That moment when you finish a book and cannot explain your emotions…

11. Books are the best gifts to give to a book lover!

30+ Funny Book Lovers Memes That Will Make You Chuckle

12. Living with the horror of a bad ending to a good book

13. Books vs Movies – Which one is better?

14. Describe how you feel when you read a new book

15. Which book is currently is full of suspense and secrets, according to you?

16. Are you a book addict?

A bookworm is a person who reads books obsessively. A person who buys books obsessively is known as a book addict.

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17. Can you read an entire book in one sitting?

18. Which one do you prefer?

19. Every book lovers type of exercise!

20. Do you also hate it when someone says. “it’s just a book”?

21. Find someone who loves you as much as you love books!

22. It’s a national crime to come empty handed when you visit a library!

23. Books > everything else

24. Unexplainable burst of emotions – do you relate?

25. The age-old debate – Are movies better or books?

26. The struggle between going back to sleep or continuing to read

27. Fictional men > men in reality – do you relate?

28. The struggle is real, all book lovers can relate!

29. When the title finally makes sense

30. Book lovers live for shocking plot twists and turns

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31. Do you put bookmarks on your favorite page after reading?

32. Shhhhh! They can’t know…

Book Lover Memes Funny

33. I agree, I have a problem!

34. How many of you start imagining the characters in a book intensely?

35. How many unread books do you currently own?

36. Books > People

37. Do you ever have readgrets?

38. Are you a chain reader like me?

39. No disturbances when I read a book…

40. 6 ways to read more

41. Has this ever happened to you?

42. What’s your favorite reading position?

43. Daily reminder to all book lovers!

Book Lovers Memes

44. The Story of Life

45. Is your weekend plan to read?

46. Is that even a question to ask?

47. How rich would you be?

48. Are you guilty of making fake scenarios in your head?

49. A good book can keep us up all night…

50. Do you have self-control when it comes to book? Or are you a true book lover?

51. Are you a bookworm too?

52. Which book has left you slightly exhausted?

53. An activity to my fellow book lovers!

54. It’s not “just a book”, it changed my LIFE!

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Did these funny book lovers memes make you laugh? Share your favorite meme in the comment below! And don’t forget these book memes to a fellow book lover.

Memes Every Book Lover Will Relate To pin
Hilarious Memes Every Book Lover Will Relate To pin

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