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45 Funny Science Jokes and Puns


Science is definitely a serious business, from research work, medicine & technology to climate change and a lot more. But what about relaxing once in a while?

No matter how busy our profession is, we all need to unwind and sometimes nothing feels better than laughing at funny science jokes and getting a rush of endorphins.

So what tickles a rational mind, except for Newton’s Laws? If you have friends and family who enjoy funny jokes and are also science lovers, tell them these funny science jokes from below to give you all a reason to laugh together and make you sound like a genius.

Funny Science Jokes and Puns

1. Q. What do you call the group of people before millennials that love water?

A. Hydro generation X

2. A photon checks into a hotel and is asked if he needs any help with his luggage.

A. He says, “No, I’m traveling light.”

3. Q: Why did the cloud date the fog?

A: He was so down to earth.

45 Funny Science Jokes and Puns

4. Q: Why are chemists so good at solving problems?

A: They’re always working with solutions.

45 Funny Science Jokes and Puns

5. Q: What did one tectonic plate say when he bumped into another?

A: Sorry! My Fault.

6. Q: What do protons and life coaches have in common?

A: They know how to stay positive

6. Q: Why did the chemist hang up periodic table posters everywhere?

A: It made him feel like he was in his element.

7. Q: What did the helpless T cell say when facing the infection?

A: Is there antibody out there?

8. Q: Why is combining a proton and an electron to make a neutron so popular?

A: It’s free of charge.

9. Q: What sound does a subatomic duck make?

A: Quark.

10. Q: Where does criminal light end up?

A: In prism.

45 Funny Science Jokes and Puns

11. Q: Where did the chemist have his lunch?

A: On a periodic table.

Periodic Table
45 Funny Science Jokes and Puns

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12. Q: What do you call a bunch of iron atoms at a carnival?

A: A ferrous wheel.

13. Q: What did the infectious disease say when the bartender refused him service?

A: Well, you’re not a very good host.

14. Q: How did the thermometer insult the graduated cylinder?

A: She said, “You may have graduated, but I have more degrees.”

15. Q: What will never go viral no matter how popular they get?

A: Antibiotics.

45 Funny Science Jokes and Puns

16. Q: Why is it so hard to wake up in the morning?

A: Newton’s First Law: A body at rest wants to stay at rest.

17. Q: Why is the dieting advice to “eat light” so dangerous?

A: That’s how you become a black hole.

18. Q: What did the science book say to the math book?

A: You’ve got problems.

45 Funny Science Jokes and Puns

19. Q: What are the primary elements of a sense of humor?

A: Sulfur, Argon, Calcium, and Samarium. Otherwise known as SArCaSm.

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20. Q: Why did the chemist read the book on helium so fast?

A: He couldn’t put it down.

21. Q: What did the chemist say when he heard oxygen and magnesium were dating?

A: OMg.

22. Q: What do you call acid that’s a bully?

A: A-mean-ol’ acid.

23. Q: Did you hear about the two red blood cells that fell in love?

A: It was all in-vein.

23. Q: How do you throw a party in space?

A: You planet.

45 Funny Science Jokes and Puns

24. Q: Why do plants hate algebra?

A: It gives them square roots.

25. Q: Why did the physicist break up with the biologist?

A: There was no chemistry.

26. Q: What did the proton say to the electron to start a fight?

A: I’m sick of your negativity.

27. Q: What’s a pirate’s favorite element?

A: Aaaargon

28. Q: How do geologists ask each other out?

A: They say, “Are you a carbon sample? Because I’d love to date you.”

29. Q: Why couldn’t the geologist think of the joke?

A: It was on the tip of her tungsten!

30. Q: Why were oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon wearing suits and ties?

A: They were a formyl group.

31. Q: What did the scientist say to the chemist whose lab smelled like eggs?

A: Sorry for your sulfering.

32. Q: What do you call it when a biologist takes a photo of herself?

A: A cell-fie.

45 Funny Science Jokes and Puns

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33. Q: If the Silver Surfer and Iron Man teamed up, what would that make them?

A: Alloys.

34. Q: Did you hear about the chemist who was arrested after throwing sodium chloride?

A: It was a salt.

35. Q: Why can you never trust atoms?

A: They make up everything.

36. Q: What did the cell say when it bumped its foot during the night?

A: Mitosis!

37. Q: Why don’t geologists like scary movies?

A: Because they’re petrified.

38. Q: Why did no one buy the arborist’s book?

A: It was a hard cell.

39. Q: What do phlebotomists say before they take your blood?

A: B Positive!

40. Q: Why did the woman break up with the zoologist?

A: He was too cell-fish.

41. Q: Why didn’t we have a bad cold season last year?

A: All the viruses flu away.

42. Q: What do you call it when your science teacher lowers your grade?

A: Bio-degraded.

43. Q: Why do researchers look forward to Fridays?

A: They can wear genes to work.

45 Funny Science Jokes and Puns

44. Q: Why do bovine veterinarians like to travel?

A: They’re very cultured.

45. Q: What is a physicist’s favorite food?

A: Fission Chips.

Among the list of funny science jokes, did you find the most hilarious one? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

45 Funny Science Jokes and Puns

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