25 Fun Thanksgiving Traditions To Try With Your Family

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Thanksgiving is associated with warm feelings of family and traditions. However, thanksgiving traditions are more than just a way of celebrating a holiday. It’s a great way to connect with friends and family, celebrate your culture, and have something you can look forward to each year.

Thanksgiving traditions around the world require a few essential elements like a roast turkey, plenty of good food, and dessert. But leaving that aside families and groups of friends have developed their own special Thanksgiving traditions.

Read below if you’re looking to add fun and meaning to your holiday and try out some of the following creative activities!

25 Thanksgiving Traditions To Try in 2021

1. Record favorite family stories

Family is an important part that makes Thanksgiving so special and this holiday is ideal for passing along family-favorite stories to the next generation. Whether it was the story of how your grandparents fell in love or how they celebrated this holiday as kids. Keep a record of the stories to preserve family values and memories.

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2. Host a pie party

One of the most important Thanksgiving traditions in America is the baking of homemade pies. Host a pie party on Thanksgiving to spend more time with loved ones. Invite some friends or family members over and bake pies. Each of you will get to take home a couple of freshly baked treats. It’s one of the most enjoyable activities you can do to strengthen your bonds with your family.

3. Ask children to set the table

A good way of keeping the children entertained and involved in family activities is by asking them to set the table or helping the elders in cleaning up. If you give each one a task, they’ll be proud that they could contribute to the festivities, moreover, they will learn the value of helping.

4. Make DIY crafts

Making Thanksgiving DIY crafts is just as much fun for youngsters as it is for adults. Trying to make Christmas decorations, pinatas, cards, or bracelets not only will keep the kids occupied while the adults finish the meal or clean up ‘s also a solid team activity.

5. Host a potluck dinner

The purpose of a potluck is to share a meal with everyone. If you’re hosting a thanksgiving dinner or lunch with friends and family from various backgrounds, you can suggest that everyone prepares a dish to serve at the dinner table in order to create a more diversified and intriguing spread. It will cultivate a sense of community among all members.

6. Make gratitude cards

Thanksgiving is all about expressing gratitude, and chances are you’ll need to write and send a few thank-you notes during the holiday season. Set up a notecard table to be ready and start a nice tradition. After dinner, distribute thank you cards and invite your guests to write a note to someone who has made a difference in their life in the last year. It’s a nice opportunity to focus on what truly matters, and it’ll be a touching reminder for the guests as well.

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7. Take a thanksgiving vacation 

If you’re someone who avoids family dinners and celebrations, you can skip all of that and celebrate Thanksgiving by taking a trip to a lovely location. You might even start new and unique Thanksgiving traditions by travelling to a picturesque and aesthetically pleasing holiday place with your friends or family.

8. Donate a thanksgiving dinner

When you help someone in need, you are not only making that person happy, but you are also counting your own blessings. Many shops, nonprofit groups, and other community centers provide the option to purchase a Thanksgiving meal box for a needy family. You may put together your own Thanksgiving dinner package with all of the traditional foods and donate it to someone. To add a personal touch, try including a handwritten message as a Thanksgiving blessing.

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