25 Interesting Thanksgiving Traditions To Try Out With Your Family & Friends

25 Fun Thanksgiving Traditions For Families Around The World

Thanksgiving is more than turkey and pumpkin pie—it’s about warmth, love, and fun family Thanksgiving traditions that go beyond the holiday table.

Dive into unique activities that bring you closer to friends and family, making every moment a celebration.Celebrate your culture, and have something you can look forward to each year with these.

Thanksgiving traditions around the world require a few essential elements like a roast turkey, plenty of good food, and dessert. But leaving that aside families and groups of friends have developed their own special Thanksgiving traditions.

Read below if you’re looking to add meaning to your holiday and try out some of the following creative activities with these family Thanksgiving traditions!

25 Fun Thanksgiving Traditions For Families Around The World

1. Record favorite family stories

Family is an important part that makes Thanksgiving so special and this holiday is ideal for passing along family-favorite stories to the next generation.

Whether it was the story of how your grandparents fell in love or how they celebrated this holiday as kids. Keep a record of the stories to preserve family values and memories.

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2. Host a pie party

One of the most important Thanksgiving traditions in America is the baking of homemade pies. Host a pie party on Thanksgiving to spend more time with loved ones. Invite some friends or family members over and bake pies.

Each of you will get to take home a couple of freshly baked treats. It’s one of the most enjoyable activities you can do to strengthen your bonds with your family.

3. Ask children to set the table

A good way of keeping the children entertained and involved in family activities is by asking them to set the table or helping the elders in cleaning up.

If you give each one a task, they’ll be proud that they could contribute to the festivities, moreover, they will learn the value of helping.

4. Make DIY crafts

Making Thanksgiving DIY crafts is just as much fun for youngsters as it is for adults. Trying to make Christmas decorations, pinatas, cards, or bracelets not only will keep the kids occupied while the adults finish the meal or clean up ‘s also a solid team activity.

5. Host a potluck dinner

The purpose of a potluck is to share a meal with everyone. If you’re hosting a thanksgiving dinner or lunch with friends and family from various backgrounds, you can suggest that everyone prepares a dish to serve at the dinner table.

This will create a more diversified and intriguing spread. It will cultivate a sense of community among all members.

6. Make gratitude cards

Thanksgiving is all about expressing gratitude, and chances are you’ll need to write and send a few thank-you notes during the holiday season. Set up a notecard table to be ready and start a nice tradition.

After dinner, distribute thank you cards and invite your guests to write a note to someone who has made a difference in their life in the last year. It’s a nice opportunity to focus on what truly matters, and it’ll be a touching reminder for the guests as well.

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7. Take a thanksgiving vacation 

If you’re someone who avoids family dinners and celebrations, you can skip all of that and celebrate Thanksgiving by taking a trip to a lovely location.

You might even start new and unique Thanksgiving traditions by traveling to a picturesque and aesthetically pleasing holiday place with your friends or family.

8. Donate a thanksgiving dinner

When you help someone in need, you are not only making that person happy, but you are also counting your own blessings. Many shops, nonprofit groups, and other community centers provide the option to purchase a Thanksgiving meal box for a needy family.

You may put together your own Thanksgiving dinner package with all of the traditional foods and donate it to someone. To add a personal touch, try including a handwritten message as a Thanksgiving blessing.

9. Light candles for gratitude

Use this as an important reminder to show how gratitude is best expressed when it is shared! Give each person at the table a little candle. Begin by expressing your gratitude while lighting your candle. The person next to you repeats the same and lights their candle from yours. Positive vibes will eventually fill the room.

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10. Have a movie marathon

After a Thanksgiving meal, the only thing you want to do is relax and sit on the couch. But what could you possibly do to make it a more pleasant experience?

Have a  movie night by selecting a family holiday favorite or venturing out with a new holiday flick. You can make it a ritual to see at least one similar movie each year.

11. Take a walk after dinner

Get your heart flowing after eating for a fun and healthy tradition. Go for a round or two around the block. Taking a walk also allows everyone more time to connect with one another. You might notice other families celebrating Thanksgiving or come across folks who are alone; this might be a great opportunity to strike up a conversation with them.

12. Play a fun game

What’s better than playing a fun game with your fam? Classic board games, online trivia competitions, or card games—there’s a game for everyone. After dinner is the perfect time to try a new game that might become the favorite thanksgiving tradition for families each year.

13. Have a “Friendsgiving

Who says you can’t have thanksgiving traditions with friends? Call it Friendsgiving, because friends are like family too. You can start your own tradition by throwing an annual “Friendsgiving” and inviting your best buddies who aren’t celebrating Thanksgiving with their families.

14. Have a post-thanksgiving dinner

With dinner gatherings, family luncheons, and so on, all thanksgiving traditions around the world are relatively close. But how about a post-thanksgiving feast with leftovers? This way, you won’t be wasting food too. Set the food out on the counter; you won’t have to cook, and it’ll be a great post-Thanksgiving exercise.

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15. Trying a new thanks-giving recipe 

Just because you enjoy your traditional Thanksgiving menu doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with a new dish or two to shake things up. American thanksgiving traditions are all about food, food, and more food. We know you adore your traditional dishes, but every now and then, the thought of trying something new is exciting. So, if you want to make this Thanksgiving unforgettable, think outside the box and try a new recipe.

16. Host a game-night

There are a variety of Thanksgiving games that will keep the celebrations going all night long if you’re searching for a fun way to spend this holiday. From festive spins on classic games to soccer and bowling, these activities are sure to please the entire family. Even the children will be kept occupied for hours and can come back and play these games year after year, making a fun family tradition.

17. Look through photo-albums

The unique aspect of flipping through the pages of a photo album is discovering intimate memories of you and your family. Using Thanksgiving to reminisce old memories and create new ones is a great way to spend the holiday. You could even add photos to the photo album each year by having each member bring a photo of their fondest memory from the previous year.

18. Make a black-friday shopping plan

Spend your Thanksgiving prepping to attend the midnight Black Friday sale if you love shopping. Not only will you get good deals and discounts but it will be a fun time going shopping with the family.  For others who love to eat and relax you might as well work out while you’re at it.

19. Make hand-written menus

A handwritten Thanksgiving Day menu is a great way to get everyone excited for the meal. To add a vintage touch, write the food course on a chalkboard. You may even be more creative by printing up lovely menus for each guest. Make it a lovely family tradition to set you apart from the rest.

20. Take a family photo

Taking family photos on Thanksgiving Day is a wonderful way to bond with your family, no matter how big your family is. You can even have a dress code or matching outfits for a great group photo every year. Making it a tradition to take one every year is a great approach to capture memories. Keep it simple with a simple portrait, or get imaginative by designing a theme or a festive backdrop each year. You’ll treasure the memories for years to come.

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21. Have a pie-competition

Thanksgiving desserts might be quite typical – pumpkin pie, apple crumble here and there… So why not spice things up with some friendly competition? Choose one kind of pie and ask everyone to bring their choices (or have everyone choose their own type of pie). Vote for the best candidate or simply enjoy the many baked delights.

22. Do a wishbone scavenger hunt

A wish-bone scavenger hunt is a great way to keep kids of all ages entertained after dinner. Choose a spot for the turkey’s wishbone and send the kids out after dinner to find the wishbone or the indications leading to it. The first two individuals to arrive will divide the wishbone, the winner will get to make a wish, and second place will get the first pick of the desserts!

23. Serve signature cocktails

This is strictly for adults and we’re sure you will Have a good time with this one. Make it a seasonal habit to make a pitcher of wine, gin, and tonic or margaritas for everyone to enjoy, or experiment with a new cocktail recipe each year! This drinking concept is likely to meet everyone’s expectations.

24. Remember lost loved ones

Set aside some time on a day meant for spending time with the people you care about the most to remember loved ones who have passed away. Gather everyone and have them relate a memory or a particular moment they recall; by doing so, you can keep your loved ones alive in your hearts and pass on important family traditions to the next generation.

25. Watch the parade

Thanksgiving day wouldn’t be complete without a watching of the Macy’s Day Parade or the National Dog Show. With bright costumes and iconic balloons, it’s a fun activity that one can do with their family and friends.

No matter how you celebrate Thanksgiving traditions, all of these fresh ideas will surely make you count your blessings and feel more grateful than ever. Let us know which traditions you enjoy the most. Till then have a Happy Thanksgiving Day 2023!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some things to be thankful for on Thanksgiving?

Some of the things you should be grateful for this holiday season are; having good health, your family, a roof over your head, good friends and supporters, your pet, etc.

What are typical Thanksgiving traditions?

Thanksgiving traditions around the world require a few essential elements like a roast turkey, plenty of good food, and dessert.

How do people celebrate Thanksgiving at home?

Family and friends typically enjoy Thanksgiving by sharing a meal together. The festive meal frequently includes turkey, wine, and pumpkin pie. Families watch football games and parades.

25 Fun Family Thanksgiving Traditions For A Happy Thanksgiving Day 2023
25 Fun Family Thanksgiving Traditions For A Happy Thanksgiving Day 2023
Unique Thanksgiving Traditions pin
25 Unique Thanksgiving Traditions For Families Around The World
fun family thanksgiving traditions
family thanksgiving traditions, happy thanksgiving, thanksgiving day 2023

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