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The Delta Male Personality: 12 Traits Of The Average Joe

What Need To Know About Delta Male Personality

Do you prefer being ‘normal’ than being extraordinary? Would you rather do your work and be done with it instead of leading a project? Then you just might have a delta male personality.

According to the Socio Sexual Hierarchy created by Vox Day (Theodore Robert Beale), the delta male is a normal man who contributes to society and is proud of his contribution. He may not be an extraordinary leader like the alpha, but he gets the work done and makes sure that society functions smoothly. 

Let’s take a deep dive and understand what the delta male personality is and what characteristics he has so that you can identify if you are a Delta male or not.

What is a delta male personality?

Delta is the common man. The Average Joe. The John Doe who is forgettable and like every other man you know. However, the delta male personality is marked by hard work, aloofness, resentment and loneliness. They tend to be rather withdrawn and resigned and prefer living a quiet, peaceful life. They may have had an alpha, gamma or sigma personality earlier, but due to some painful or traumatic life experiences, their mindset and personality has changed drastically into a delta male. 

Delta male personality
The Delta Male Personality: 12 Traits Of The Average Joe

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Regardless, deltas are typically motivated men who work hard and put in the necessary effort to succeed. Although they want to socially ‘fit in’ at times, their tendency to be resentful, hateful and to hold grudges towards those who wronged them leads to consistent self-sabotage behavior that affects their probabilities to succeed.

They are usually ranked higher on the Socio Sexual Hierarchy and often build relationships with women belonging to their social ranking. However, the delta male personality can create strong boundaries and prevent others from getting close as they want to protect themselves from emotional pain and disappointment from others.

What is the delta male like?

The delta male can be highly introverted and that is why it can be really difficult to know a delta. They are exceptionally private and this is why others are often unable to get familiar with them. Deltas also avoid arguments and confrontation as they are very reserved. The delta male personality has the traits of both alpha and beta males, but they don’t tend to get enough attention. Often a delta male will steer clear of attention as it is likely that they used to be an alpha before, but have detached from the previous social hierarchy for a much quieter life. However, they may alternatively be rather social and accommodating but their social circle might not even notice their presence. 

Delta men are matured individuals who have understood that confidence does not come from success and being self-oriented all the time, confidence comes from being true to who you are and from connecting with the people you care about. But they may also suffer from self-esteem issues. 

Deltas don’t pretend to be something they are not. Due to their past struggles, they prefer to live a simple life and avoid emotional pain. But this often leaves them feeling empty and lonely. Although they prefer a quieter life, they don’t necessarily seek solitude. When they find the right person, a delta male can be loving and caring in a romantic relationship. They will give more value to the other person as long as they are loved.

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Traits of delta male personality

The delta male has a complicated personality. Here are some of the most common delta male traits that can help you identify if you are one –

Know About The Delta Male Personality info
The Delta Male Personality: 12 Traits Of The Average Joe

A. Positive delta male personality traits

Here’s what makes the delta male different from the other male personality types- 

1. Deltas are reserved and introverted

Deltas are introverts. One of the most basic traits of a delta male personality is that they keep to themselves. The delta man can be considered as a lone wolf, similar to the sigma man, as they prefer their own company and struggle in social situations. Typically, they avoid social gatherings or parties and prefer to stay home doing what makes them happy. They also tend to flex their creative muscles and pursue their interests. Although the delta male may socialize when they feel like it, they prefer to be distant and detached by choice. 

Being introverts, the delta male feels energized by spending time with themselves and may feel mentally and emotionally drained after interacting with others, especially strangers. However, they can be very charming and funny as well. 

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