11 Daily Zen Habits That Can Alter Your Life

Daily Zen Habits That Can Alter Your Life

It is a common tendency nowadays to look for an escape from the rush and rat-race of the city-life. Such is the hectic timeline of life, people of this generation are drained and exhausted from multiple facets, all at the same time. With time, people have thus started ways to rewind and let loose of all the negativity through an unique kind of acquired habits called Zen Habits. 

Zen Habits, in simple terms, are used to reorganize focus, bring calm and coolness and reduce the anxiety of the future to peacefully dwell in the present. It involves changing the basic entities of our lives – from how we start our day to how we wind it up, how we interact with people and how much we take in from it. All of it collectively falls under the umbrella of what is known as Zen Habits.

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What is Zen and, consequently, Zen Habits?

Zen originated as a part of Buddhism which aims at gaining refinement and meditation as a medium of attaining self-sanctity. The life and ways of Zen monks can be a great pointer to what the message of Zen collectively is. 

In particular, these monks focus on being present in all things at all times, and on being generous to others. They adhere to a central value of compassion and aim to serve others. Hence, the very purpose of inculcating these habits is to attain those quaint attributes and become a better version of one’s self. 

Zen as a meaning is dissected to several interpretations by many. But the ultimate goal of a Zen lifestyle is to gain calm, clarity and self-awareness. By taking on Zen habits and practicing associated techniques, one can reach a state of tranquility and peace that makes you happier in all aspects of life.

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But what are Zen habits ? 

Basically, it’s a way of behaving or thinking or living that reflects and embodies the key values of the Zen lifestyle and philosophy.

Key values of the said Zen Lifestyle include that of tranquility, compassion, authenticity, calmness and mindfulness. Some of these habits are personal, others are interpersonal, and yet more concern our attitudes to material possessions. The collective bundle of all these form the Zen habits and lifestyle, which is in rave popularity, for all the right reasons.

11 Zen Habits That Can Alter Your Life

Acquiring a Zen Lifestyle can be an eventual process, to begin with. But with due patience, one can add on more of Zen Habits with time and achieve whichever personal goals they set for themselves. Regardless of which you choose, all of these Zen practices can be done without any specialist knowledge or equipment. All you need is curiosity, open-mindedness and a willingness to move toward positive change. They are :-

1. Practicing Positive Thinking

Zen teaches us to see obstacles and discomfort in life not in the negative way that they appear or feel. Instead, it changes how you view suffering. Consider how you grow from your difficulties and obstacles. Just as our muscles strengthen after hard workouts, our mind and character evolves as we go through challenges. Shifting our perspective this way can make us more positive. 

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2. Being One with Nature

In the modern world, living without really connecting to the natural world is just another day in our lives. Thanks to our phones and computers, our attention is being competed for by these gadgets. Little to no time is actually devoted to the real world outside. Zen teaches us to dissociate from the gadgets for a while, be out in the world, take in the smell, sunshine and breathe the fresh air. Just for the sake of it. It rebuilds the connection with the real, natural life all around us and grows gratitude for the life Earth has given us.

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