17 Daily Choices You Can Make To Choose Happiness In Life

Daily Choices You Can Make To Choose Happiness In Life

“Happiness is a choice that requires effort at times.” – Aeschylus

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Have you ever wondered how many choices you make throughout your day? Every single day we make innumerable decisions. Think about it.

What do we wear?

What do we eat?

How do we get to work?

What to do tell your boss?

What emails do we send?

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How do we meet our deadlines?

Where do we go for lunch?

Do we go for happy hours with coworkers? 

Or should we go home?

What bills do we pay today?

What chores do we need to do?

Do we hang out with friends?

Or do we Netflix and chill?

What do we have for dinner?

Do we go to bed?

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Theo Harrison
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