Change your Mind to Change your Life

Change Mind to Change Life

We often talk about changing others and rarely about changing ourselves. But, you can change your environment and the world only when you change your MIND. The truth is our life is shaped by what we think and what we choose and do. It’s like the law of cause and effect – right thoughts and actions lead to the right outcomes and vice versa. So, if you want to change your life, you must first change your attitude and thoughts in your mind.

Are you ready?

Here’re 15 tips to change your mind to change your life:

1. Visit your past sometimes, but always come back alone

One of the life changing moves to make is talking to your past, facing it with all its scars and marks. Get in peace with your history and accept it. Visit your past every now and then to remind yourself that you’ve been through all this and still survived, but always return to your present moment ALONE.

Greet your past saying “I cannot change you and I accept you, you had your turn and you cannot feed on my time again. With your good and bad, I thank you for making me what I have become”.

Doing this, you will keep remembering the lesson and you will kill your fear of past ghosts.

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2. Take the wake-up call

There are moments in your journey when you’ve done all you could do, yet will be lost and confused, sinking yourself in pain and tragedy deliberately, as you are hesitated to take certain decisions, afraid that you might be wrong.

At this exact moment, signs interfere to save you, telling you what to do, and which way to go. Cutting through your doubts, watch the signs. Never reject that wake-up call, as the caller might be your dream, instinct, or intuition. Maybe the universe would kindly put that one sign in your way as a person, a piece of information, or an incident. Do not snooze it.

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3. Embrace the blue drop by

It is ok to live the blue mood sometimes; you have tried the other colors so give the blue the chance and go with it until it fades. Come on, even rainbows got blue embedded, and as rainbow never lasts, no single color lasts forever. Humans got eyes that clearly define all colors, and so you have to define the blue times, live them, honor them, and wave them goodbye when they are over.

Thank the blue for it makes you cherish the other colors of the rainbow.

Remember, you are human.

4. NO; you are not allowed

That’s the one thing you are never allowed to do at any point of your journey; you are not allowed to compromise your dignity, you are not allowed to adjust your values, you are not allowed to adapt to things you can change, you are not allowed to miss any person who won’t miss you back.

The value of something/someone to you should move in equal and direct proportion to your value to that something/someone. This applies to people, work, habits, memories, places and anything you might get attached to, whether you have to let it go or will have it staying. Always keep the balanced value equation. No one and nothing should have an upper hand over you.


“We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act, but a habit” — Aristotle

Observing water, you will find nothing adapts better, the one element that never crashes or collapses, unless frozen, it will break. Follow the water stream inside you, you will always successfully adapt and you will never crash. If you insist on freezing where you are, you will simply break as easily as ice. The body has limitations, while the mind never does. Control your mind and you will control your life. Be picky about your thoughts, create your adaptive mindset and nothing will beat you.

6. Omit Stupid & Mean off your circle

Imagine how your life would get better having your world free of stupid people and mean minds.

This will not happen overnight for sure, it will take you time and several experiences to be able to identify those damaging calibers and be able to cleverly eliminate their existence off your circle. Stupid people will never have thoughts that intersect with yours, will never help you advance in any way. It is very important to stay around people who are equally smart to you, if not smarter to learn from.

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You are not here for stupid people.

Mean minds are sick minds that will just drag you deeper into their world, and by the time they might manipulate your own way of thinking, making you believe that their way is the success road. Never melt into what is mean or what you might even feel is mean, no matter how exciting it might be sugarcoated.

Stupid & Mean = Life failure

7.   HUG those risks


Yes, hug them. Change your mind about risk-taking!

The saying goes (take the risk), yet I find it not giving the RISK the sufficient appreciation it deserves.

I believe that risks are gifts, you might like the gift and may not, but eventually, it is a gift life presents you.

Accept the gift anyways, and learn how to deal with it. Luckily if you like it, then you won some extra points, in case not, it was a lesson. Hugging the risk leaves no room for doubt. Brave enough to do your part, eventually your mind can confidently close that vague file hanging in your head.

You win both cases.

8. Without Corners, We Fall

Just like a picture in a frame, your corners are what keep you hanging.

Every person has 4 corners: body, brain, heart and soul, these are what form us.

With every experience, with every lesson, every phase in life, some new residents will book rooms in the corners, leaving an impact, mark, scar or memory.

Welcome all the residents and never try to remove any, for they fill your corners.

You cannot ONLY be physical, logical, emotional, or spiritual. You must combine all the corners and have them holding you in full harmony and balance, any missing corner means your picture falling off the wall.


9. Diversion is the GOOD SMART

A fine line differentiates diversion as a smart tactic, from being manipulative.

Use diversion to keep your plans at a low profile until you are fully sure of their success. Do not share so much information unless that sharing would help in building up your plan, otherwise, it would be just a damaging gossip. Manipulation, on the other hand, is a harmful attitude, claimed to be smart whereas it is mere deceit. Do not manipulate facts, feelings or actions. Be clear in your direction and convictions in life. Manipulation and diversion are bad and good sides of the same coin. Identify the good side.

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10. Think BIG

Change your mind and train yourself to think big. Just as in business, you have tactical planning and strategic planning.

The mistake we mostly do in our everyday life is getting squeezed in tactics and tasks, and forgetting about the bigger strategy of our life campaign. When you are consumed in your shortsighted tactics, you keep looking at the same spot you are standing in, or at most, the spot you will be at tomorrow morning.

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You get your brain cells burning over a temporary feeling you are having RIGHT NOW. It could be worry, sadness, happiness, fear, or frustration. Clean off the dust of the moment and think big, set yourself a life strategy, and evaluate the current moment using its exact weight, no more or less.

It will pass whether good or bad, and the strategy is what will remain.

11.  Regrets are STUPID

Crying over spilled milk will never get the milk back in the glass.

Regret is just a self-tormenting thought that will make you hate yourself and feel devalued.

Face your mistakes but never regret it. The only case you are allowed to regret is making the same mistake twice. Say (I was wrong) instead of just feeling bad about it. Admit your mistakes and be held responsible for your actions, learn to apologize instead of regretting.

Correct yourself for even God allows U-turns.

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12. Listen to the voice


We all have a reason we are here.

If we were all the same, we were not be needing each other and we were not be needed in this world.

Do not imitate, be the best copy of your own self, as you are the single copy.

There will always be that voice inside you (you are meant for more than that). Change your mind!

Follow the voice and obey it, it will tell you why you are here and what you should be doing to add value to this world. All other humans count on you, you are in charge of your purpose.

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13. Be Lion


They are kings, fierce, focused, feared and royal. They would die in honor, but never live if not kings.

Lions do not give up, no one is allowed to bypass them, or intrude into their territory. No one is allowed to acquire their possessions. Ever tried facing a lion? Try taking whatever the claws are holding, and the lion will have its claws engraved before letting go of its possession.

Give willingly, but never allow snatching from you. Lose grip only upon YOUR will.

14. Choose your battles

Life is not always sunshine and rainbows, sometimes you will have to fight. You will have mental fights, challenges, and enemies. Only start the fight when you are ready, well informed, prepared and in full control. If you are not in full power, then do not start. It is wise to walk away if you lack needed preparation and a solid case to win. Do not waste your resources on a losing battle.

15. Finally; keep looking

This journey is not about where we are going, as we all got the same destination eventually.

What makes the difference is the path we go through, the way we look at us, the way we digest our lessons, and the way we see things. Always keep looking for every single sign, clue, message, and lesson.

Never settle and never think you have learned enough… Keep looking.

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Change your Mind to Change your Life

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