7 Signs You’re In The Middle Of A Major Life Change


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the middle of a major life change

You are in the middle of a major life change and a massive breakthrough. It will be tough and challenging, but you need to be prepared to accept it and learn all the lessons.

As much as we want it to be, life is never easy. And it is definitely never the same. No two days or weeks or months are exactly alike, change keeps taking place yet we are almost always afraid of it.

You need to let go of the fear that if things are changing, something bad is going to happen. Things can and will fall apart. But in due time, they will also fall back in their place.

If recently you have been experiencing a lot many changes in life, or you might fear encountering an upheaval in the near future, do not be afraid.

Learn to go with the flow and let the natural order of things, take its course. You cannot do anything to alter the pace of life and you can definitely not stop it from happening.

The more you try to fight back against the current of time, the more you’ll find yourself miserable and beaten down. Instead of voluntarily opting for all this suffering, try to embrace everything that is happening for a change. You will find that the new things aren’t so bad anymore.

And once you stop resisting you will find that the universe has arranged things to fall in their proper place and you will stop feeling miserable about it.

Since you know that everything will get back to its proper place sooner or later, you can stop fearing the change. But at the same time, it is advisable that you prepare yourself for the change so that you are not completely shaken off the ground. There is going to be a huge impact and unless you brace yourself, you will be in for a nasty shock.

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Here Are 7 Signs You’re In The Middle Of A Major Life Change

1. See If You Notice Synchronicities.

Synchronicities are coincidences which have a deep, hidden meaning. It is possible that you have not noticed anything yet, because they are easy to miss.

But if you start paying attention, you will see them. It can be as simple as seeing one particular thing all the time, or finding something the moment you needed it and so on.

Synchronicities are signals through which the universe speaks to us. They can also be warnings. Repetitive numbers such as seeing the time 11:11 and so forth on the clock are known to carry deep and mystical secrets from the spiritual world within themselves.

2. Are You Nervous About Anything?

If you have recently taken a big decision or sort of chosen a new path you would find yourself being fidgety a lot.

This feeling of being on the edge is very common if you have decided on a new path and it is bound to make you both nervous and excited at the same time.

Since everything is new to you, it will take some time for you to settle into the new rhythm of things. Don’t hurry and don’t be too harsh on yourself for being nervous. Let things take their course and you will soon get used to the new experiences.

3. A Sense Of Being Lost.

This is actually very common. And happens to the best of us. Sooner or later there comes a time in our lives when we feel like being completely directionless and whatever purpose we had in life up to that point seems meaningless.

It seems that there is no way forward as all the directions are as confusing and uninviting as the rest. At such times it is also very common to feel detached from everyone else, even to people who are closest to you.

If it happens, don’t give in to the melancholy and keep in touch with your friends and family. Talking to them might also help you in finding yourself again, and a new purpose in life.

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4. Being Annoyed For No Reason.

When you go through a major life change, it is very common to feel annoyed with anything and everything in life. But you need to make efforts to pull yourself out of this state because it will only get worse from here. You will soon get frustrated and irritated at everything.

In such cases, try calming yourself instead of reacting on these impulses. If you act on them, it will only set on a chain reaction which will lead to more anger and frustration.

Major life change
Major life change

5. Sense Of Isolation.

As mentioned before, the feeling of being isolated from everyone will soon catch up to you. In this time, instead of feeling bad about yourself, you can focus your energies inwards and reflect on yourself and your life.

This is not a time to feel bad about yourself, rather assess your life up to this point. And anytime you need help, don’t hesitate in reaching out to your close ones. It is a good thing if you feel like taking advice from them and opening up to them.

6. Reminiscing About The Past A Lot.

As it happens when we are experiencing a major life change, we start to sugarcoat the past. We keep looking back in time and only see the good things even though the bad things still linger in the memory.

There is no use in wallowing in the past. The present might be overwhelming and you crave the security of the past, but it is an illusion. Rather focus your energies on making sure that your future is not unplanned and that your present is not as bad as it seems.

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7. Any Sort Of Haphazard Behavior.

If you find yourself to be swayed towards habits that are harmful in order to cope with the changes, stop right there.

If things are overwhelming, drinking or smoking will not help. Rather try to get in touch with friends who might help you in coping.

These are a few indicators of a huge shift taking place in your life. Such times are trying and overwhelming indeed, but instead of getting scared, you should ask for help from your trusted friends. Their support will make sure you survive through this difficult period.

So these are the seven signs that you are in the middle of a major life change. Have you encountered any of these yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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7 Signs You're In The Middle Of A Major Life Change
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