7 Superfoods That Prevent The Growth Of Cancer

7 Superfoods That Prevent The Growth Of Cancer

The research on cancer continues and the medical researchers are trying hard to win the battle against it. The people who suffer from cancer besides medical treatment should pay attention to their diet.

Some of the foods do not boost the growth of cancer, likewise, they can help in preventing the further growth of it.

According to a recent research, there are top 7 superfoods that are able to prevent the growth of cancer. These foods (food items) are very common in every house and most of you will be really surprised when you find out what they are.

We are writing here about the red wine, blueberries, turmeric, black chocolate, tomatoes, coffee and green tea.

Of course, you also like them and consume them, but you probably haven’t heard of their property to kill cancer. Many of you start a day with green tea and turmeric is a prime ingredient in your delicious recipe, while many enjoy the red wine, black chocolate, and coffee during the day. Also, blueberries juice and tomato soup are quite popular among people.

These food items are delicious, but the most important for them when it comes to their health benefits is that they have the potential to prevent the spread of cancer, and we would like to explain how these foods are working on the prevention.

How Superfoods Prevent Cancer?

Thanks to many physiological processes that are going on in our body, including angiogenesis our body is prepared to protect itself from numerous diseases.

An angiogenesis is a process that begins at the early stage of fetal development which is a formation of the blood vessel. However, this process continues throughout over life, repairing the blood vessels whenever it gets any damage due to small injuries, burns or cuts.

People should be aware that during angiogenesis is caused much of the spread and growth of cancer. The process is planned by activators and inhibitors.

While activators are the one who initiates the creation of new blood vessels, the superfood plays the important role in inhibiting (preventing) angiogenesis.

They will cut off the blood supply to the cancerous cell preventing the development of cancer cells. These 7 foods have the ability to provide the anti-angiogenesis effect which is very important for cancer treatment.

Here are some details about each of these superfoods and their impact on cancer growth in the human body.

1 Red Wine

This drink is specific because of its potent antioxidant Resveratrol, which gives the wine with anti-cancer properties. It exists in the skin of the grape, which is used to prepare red wine.

Resveratrol is well known in preventing many diseases, including heart diseases and premature aging. It can improve the glucose tolerance and mental alertness, as well as to boost the energy level.

Additionally, it eliminates free radicals from the body, fights virus and bacteria and helps to repair DNA.

From 225ml of wine, you can get 640mcg of Resveratrol. Pinot Noir or Bordeaux wine even has Resveratrol in more concentration. Also, the supplements of Resveratrol can be of great help for the overall health of the people.

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2 Blueberries & Raspberries

Besides their delicious flavor, berries are packed with phytochemicals, which give them the capability of fighting cancer.

The best results berries have shown in fighting with ovarian cancer. The abundance of phytochemicals in berries give them the dark color. Also, blueberries and raspberries are great antioxidants and reduce oxidative stress and angiogenesis in the body.

3 Turmeric

Due to magical properties of turmeric, it has gained a lot of importance in the alternative medicine. It has properties which are very useful to cure chronic medical conditions, stimulates weight loss and prevents cancer.

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4 Dark Chocolate

For many people, the chocolate is the best gift to cheer up a person, but it can benefit in improving your heart health and effectively treat cancer. So, by eating a sweet dark chocolate can be the best starter for your working day!

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