Burnout: 6 Signs You’re Ready To Hit The Wall

 Burnout is when long-term exhaustion meets diminished interest” ~ Unknown

Burnout has become a major problem as the pace of life continues to speed up, and the glorification of busyness has raised the bar yet again.

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Burnout feels like a slow death.  It steals your enjoyment for life, wrecks your health on every level, and turns your once highly functioning brain into scrambled eggs, leaving you with mental fog and confusion.  You feel as if you have nothing left to give until you eventually hit the wall that is your limits.

Sound familiar?  

Here are six signs that you are ready to hit the wall:

1. Chronic Fatigue

Burnout goes far beyond feeling tired, cured by a few early nights and, voilà, you are back to your most brilliant self. You feel tired to your very bones, in every cell of your body. You wake up in the morning  feeling more tired than the night before.  Chronic fatigue becomes your constant companion.

2.  Physical Illness

Your immune system will be weak from prolonged exposure to stress.  You feel bombarded with aches, pains, headaches and a feeling of being under the weather, for no obvious reason.  Your energy levels are at an all-time low. If left unattended, you may go on to develop high blood pressure, heart problems or other serious illnesses. Stress is the number one silent killer.

3. Insomnia

You feel that you could drop with tiredness at any point and long for your bed, all day long.  Yet, when you go to bed, your brain goes into overdrive as repetitive thoughts swirl round and round in one long loop.  Once you manage to drop off, you wake throughout the night with your mind ready to begin again.

4. Loss of Interest In Life

A person on the verge of burnout may also suffer from apathy and symptoms/go on to develop depression.  Everything feels like hard work. Your hobbies and leisure time no longer give you any satisfaction.  You feel like a Zombie, having lost your zest for life, yet you feel that must keep going to stay in control.

5. Lack of Tolerance

The stress and tension that you have carried for too long turns you into an elastic band stretched to the greatest limit. You have low to zero tolerance for the people around you and ready to snap at any trigger.

6. Mental Fog

Your once active and sharp mind starts to turn to mush.  The tasks you once performed with your eyes closed take longer and longer. Your judgement becomes clouded and snap-decisions become impossible.  You just can’t think straight.  Productively hits an all time low.

If you are experiencing burnout symptoms, your body is ringing the alarm bells, trying to get your attention. Ignoring the signs of burnout by trying to carry on will only make your symptoms worse.

Take it as a call to action for the health of your mind, body and soul.

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Samantha is a free thinker on a personal quest for an authentic and heart-based life. After a 15 year career as a Lawyer in the UK, she took a leap of faith to change her life.  She lived in Andalucia in Spain and now spends her time in Porto, Portugal.  She works as Life Coach and helps women to overcome their fears, reconnect to their passions and purpose to start living the life they have always imagined.  In 2019, Samantha will be leading her tribe on adventure journeys on the Camino de Santiago.
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