Samantha Wilson

Samantha is a free thinker on a personal quest for an authentic and heart-based life. After a 15 year career as a Lawyer in the UK, she took a leap of faith to change her life.  She lived in Andalucia in Spain and now spends her time in Porto, Portugal.  She works as Life Coach and helps women to overcome their fears, reconnect to their passions and purpose to start living the life they have always imagined.  In 2019, Samantha will be leading her tribe on adventure journeys on the Camino de Santiago.

Are You Standing In The Way Of The Light?

When I tell myself to get out of my way, in simple terms I’m telling myself not to self-sabotage and project my shadow side in my thoughts and actions, which may lead me to react to any situation in life from a place of fear.  

Dear Empath. Do You Feel Guilty For Taking Care Of You?

Many Empaths experience high levels of “guilt”.  Not because they have wronged someone or acted in a terrible way.  They feel guilty for wanting to meet their own desires and needs

Love Yourself Through: Why Empathy Must Start With You

If you truly loved yourself, you could never hurt another ~ Buddha

Dear Empath, Why The World Needs You

I believe that empathy is the most essential quality of civilisation – Robert Edbert.

Burnout: 6 Signs You’re Ready To Hit The Wall

Here are six signs that you are ready to hit the wall: