The 3 Buddhist Truths to Bring you Greater Peace

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Buddhism and Buddhist philosophies have never failed us to show the right path in life, whenever things might seem too tough to overcome or when life might seem like it’s out to get us.

“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” – Buddha

We’ve often spent ample amounts of time thinking about how life is unfair or how we just can’t catch a break. You desperately try to make amends, overthinking every aspect of what you do or what happens to you and trying to fix the situation. You feel like a total failure because you can’t seem to get any positive results, no matter how hard you work.

Thus when life seems unfair, we seek peace in other things. Books, movies, music…you seem to have it all cramped up in your living room just looking for the truth or a piece of advice that might set you free. The expectation that life can be better if only we learned why ‘life is so unfair to us’ grows stronger with each passing day.

So we overwhelm ourselves with finding how we can be better at life. Buddhists believe that suffering exists, there is a cause of suffering, it has an end and it has a cause to bring about its end. In Buddhism, Suffering is not conveyed in a negative manner but is seen as the practicality of life. So here are 3 Buddhist truths to bring your greater peace and which will set you free.

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The 3 Buddhist Truths To Bring You Greater Peace

Buddhist Truth 1: Dukkha (“Suffering, Sadness, Or Disappointment”)

The Buddhist doctrine dictates that “life is a suffering”. However, it is often perceived as a negative statement. The right way to explain this doctrine is that “life may present hurdles but it’s okay”.

The Buddhist explanation of why humans constantly experience difficult situations and suffering is because we refuse to understand the spiritual aspect of the event or situation. We often experience a repetition of the same events that involve feelings of loss, sadness, fatigue, boredom, and anxiety. The desire to overcome these feelings enables us to take medication or pursue unhealthy habits to eradicate the “Dukkha or suffering”.

We go to such great lengths to suppress our sufferings and sadness without realizing that suffering is also a part of growth. The greatest Buddhist trust to bring you greater peace is the acceptance of “Dukkha”. 

So the question is, how can we inculcate this Buddhist philosophy in our daily life?

  • Acceptance of what, where, and who you are will only bring you lesser disappointments.
  • Wanting more to live a fulfilling life only brings more suffering. The thought that “you don’t have enough” will only make you sad. So, avoid the thought of wanting more. Instead, be grateful for what life has already given you.
  • Striving for a perfect life will only bring disappointments. It will allow you to be less affected by daily stress.
  • Remember that your suffering also comes with life lessons necessary to grow as an individual.
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Buddhist Truth 2: Anitya  (“Life Is In constant movement”)

The only constant in life is “change”. Life is always moving in a constant movement. The Buddhist teaching suggests that we can never go back to the day that is already gone. They also believe that the future is an illusion and it is only a reflection of the things we do in the present moment. 

We change a little every day, biologically. Our nails and hair grow a little, our skin cells regenerate, we shed skin cells. There are so many changes that go on in our bodies daily. In the same way our conscience and thought also change every day whether we notice it or not.

We fail to realize that nothing in this life lasts forever. The moment you accept that things change every day, the lesser disappointed you will be. For instance, if you accept the fact that the situation you are currently in will change after a time, then it ultimately means that you will reach your goals no matter what. You may not see the changes that are happening but it continues to happen all the same.

So what if you accepted “Anitya or that life is in constant movement”? Does it liberate you from your suffering or does it hold you back?

When we are happy, we just don’t want it to end. But our ever-changing lives dictate that it has to end. It causes some distress to think that it will end. But what if you changed your perspective? What if you put maximum focus on the present moment because it’s going to end? If you are able to understand the immense power of changing your thoughts and how life changes every day, it will set you free. All you have to do is be aware of the present moment.

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How can we attain this state of consciousness?

  • Enjoy the little things in life. Learn to embrace the changes that occur every day. 
  • Don’t be afraid that what you have will disappear one day. Instead, engage in the infinite possibilities that life presents every day.
  • Understand that all the negative circumstances will also end because life is always moving forward.
  • Becoming aware of the present moment is the best thing you can do.

Buddhist Truth 3: Anatma (“You Change Every Day”)

Buddhists believe that a constant “self” doesn’t exist. It is important to understand that everything changes every day. So, accepting that you change every day is crucial. So how do we attain Anatma? How do we find peace in acceptance of what is?

We fail to realize the greatest truth to attain inner peace- our suffering is only temporary. Buddhists believe that craving pleasure, material goods, and immortality are the root of all suffering, all of which can never be satisfied. Suffering is inevitable and it happens in order to teach us the lesson we must learn. The lesson is important to attain our enlightened selves. The suffering can end if we accept the fact that we change every day and so does our situations.

How can we use this doctrine to our advantage?

  • Pay attention to how you can reinvent yourself every day, instead of only finding your “true self”.
  • Realize that there is no constant self but only the one that is here right now in the present moment.
  • Embrace and enjoy your life the way it comes. Know that everything will be different tomorrow. It is in your power to find your inner peace. Acceptance of the present moment is key to bring you greater peace in life. 

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Attaining these 3 Buddhist Truths is the only way to bring Greater Peace in your life – Dukkha, Anitya, and Anatma and can pave the way to living a more fulfilling life.

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