Buddhism Reveals The Ultimate Mindset To Achieve Your Goals

Buddhism Reveals Ultimate Mindset Achieve Goals

Are you consistently failing to reach your goals? Do you keep setting new goals and then give up on them after a short span? Buddhism reveals the ultimate mindset to achieve your goals. 

What happens is the sudden outburst of enthusiasm and motivation, to set big fat goals,  and create a grand life for yourself. 

Slowly after a while, the motivation goes down and you tend to feel that your life can’t be better. Soon you get back to where you were before setting goals. 

If your life is like this, then it’s time to learn the teachings of Buddhism about setting goals and living the life you want. 

Buddhism is gaining popularity all over the world because it helps you bring together a focus on living the moment with making progress in achieving your goals.

Read on to know the  5 steps to free yourself from the destructive nature of goal mindset and actually make your dreams come true. The approach explained in the post will help you make progress in achieving your goals without stress and anxiety. 

1. Know why people struggle to achieve goals

It is too easy to set goals with deadlines and plan the necessary actions to take. But, we focus on the outcomes, set unrealistic goals, and underestimate completion time. Even when you set realistic goals, most of the time your focus is on the future.

You are neither living in the present nor enjoying the journey, which adds to stress and brings forth anxiety. 

Your deadlines give you tension, you are racing against time and keep reminding yourself that you are far from reaching goals. The more you worry, the more you lose your inner peace and fail to live in the moment. Eventually, you end up losing the motivation to take the required action to fulfil your goals. 

And then you think of starting afresh and come up with new goals and action plans. The cycle continues with no fruitful results. You are just doing the same thing again and again while expecting different results, which is nothing but insanity in words of Albert Einstein. 

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2. Know what are your core values

Core values are the fundamental beliefs you hold about your life, that guide your intentions, decisions and actions, and help you find purpose in life. Values are things like adventure, loyalty, respect, security, passion. Therefore, before setting goals you must know what your core values are. 

Ask yourself what is important to you? What do you want from life? 

This leads to clarity and self-awareness.

“when your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.” – Roy E. Disney

Not only decision-making, but core values ensure alignment to your path help you live authentically. 

That said, you and only you can identify your core values and no one can decide your values for you.  Every life on this earth is unique, each and every individual has his own struggles and experiences. So, Google can never answer you what to do in life. 

In Buddhism, you have to engage in self-inquiry if you want to figure out your life. 

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3. Adopt A Value Mindset

Once you have identified and established your core values, you need to shift your focus from goal mindset to value mindset. 

Be crystal clear about what you want to achieve and why. Think about your goals again and check if they are in alignment with your values. 

Are you sure about the outcomes? Will you be happy if you achieve your goals?

Practising this value mindset will motivate you to focus on the feeling that comes in the future when you achieve your goals instead of focusing on the future and your specific goals. 

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