Birthmark Meanings based on their locations

Woman with birthmark on the tip of the nose is humorous, loves to make fun of themselves and others. They also like to experiment a lot, especially with things which are forbidden. In a romantic relationship, they are very light-minded, free-spirited people who mostly behave childish and funny in relationships. Such women are constantly looking for a better opportunity in personal and professional life.

12. Birthmark on the cheek under the eye

A woman with a birthmark on her cheek under her eye always lets her emotions guide her in all aspects of her life – decision making regarding a job, romantic relationship or familial life. This approach complicates her life as most of her life decisions are made on emotional grounds and not rational ones.

13. Birthmark under the nose

Women who have a birthmark under her nose is attracted to everything dark, philosophical and mystical. They have acquired knowledge through her life experiences and give good advice to people who need it. She is trustworthy and has a high emotional maturity to deal with obstacles.

14. Birthmark on the left side of the nose


Women with birthmark on the left side of the nose are likely to behave provocatively around men. They often baffle others with their flamboyant behaviour.

15. Birthmark Above the Upper Lip on the Right

A woman with a birthmark on the upper lip on the right side is mysterious, enigmatic, no-nonsense, dominating and hardworking. She is not among the ones who forgive and forget. Sometimes vengeful in nature, she is considered to be a hard-hearted and determined in her professional fronts. She almost always reaches success.

16. Birthmark under the lower lip (on both left or right side of the lip) 

Women such as these, are eternally looking for true, meaningful and intimate connection. The only flipside of this woman is her jealousy and envy. These women suffer from a lot of physiological illnesses. Usually, other people feel the need for protecting and caring for these women.

17. Birthmarks on the lips

Women with birthmark on their lips are very docile, soft-hearted and sensitive. Such people are lazy enough to not be able to take her own responsibilities which is a drawback to her personality.

18. Birthmarks on the corner of the lips

A woman with birthmarks in the corner of her lips is extremely attractive, alluring, sexy, and desired by many men.  But they are prone to being promiscuous and loyalty is not one of their traits.

19. Birthmarks on the cheekbones


Women with such birthmarks are great leaders, achievers and very good guides. They have a “never-give-up attitude” which helps them in success in varied fields.

20. Birthmarks on the ears

Such women are very logical, rational beings. Even though they are driven by reason, they often hold a victim mentality and that’s their only way to defend themselves. They constantly deal with conflicts among their inner insecurities but eventually emerge out triumphant.

21. Birthmark on the chin

Such women have an indomitable spirit and they are both sweet and strong. 

A woman who has a birthmark on the chin on the right side is cheerful, resourceful and tactful and wise. 

On the contrary, if a woman has a birthmark on the chin on the left side, she is capricious, jealous and has many bad habits.

Woman with birthmark on the middle of the chin is very stubborn. It is absolutely useless to argue with such a woman as they always stick to their opinions, even if they are illogical. These people can easily destroy the team spirit in a group setting.


On the different parts of the body:

22. Birthmark on the arms.

Woman with birthmark on the arms means, she will have a happy married life.

23. Birthmark on the right forearm.

If a woman has a birthmark on her right forearm she has a chance of becoming successful in life and also excels in her own business.

24. Birthmark on the left forearm.

A woman with a birthmark on the left forearm is resilient, hard-working and has a never give up attitude. They struggle a lot in life but never give up.

25. Birthmark on the elbow

A woman with a birthmark on the elbow she is going to make huge money with the help of her hobbies.

26. Birthmarks on the left arm below the elbow

Women with such birthmark is a liar.

27. Birthmark on a woman’s ring finger

A woman with a mole or birthmark on the ring finger is thought to have a very unhappy marriage or never get married at all. Such women are advised to hide the birthmark in some possible ways.

28. Birthmark on a woman’s neck.

Such a woman with birthmarks on the neck is very alluring, charming and cheerful in nature. They get along well with others and can easily adapt to new environments.

29. Birthmarks on the left side of the breast

These women are very passionate in all aspects of her life – personal and professional both. But they often have to overcome a number of hurdles before they reach their goals. They are most unhappy in life.

30. Birthmarks on the right side of the breast

Such a woman has a wonderfully fulfilling life, surrounded by partner, grandchildren and children. These women are always loyal, loving and have great abilities to raise a family well.

31. Birthmarks on breasts

Woman with birthmarks on the breasts is a sign of a great mother.

32. Birthmarks on the upper part of the back

A woman having many birthmarks on the upper part of her back might have a number of physical ailments or even some psychological problems.  

33. Birthmarks on the left side of the back

Woman with a great sense of humour has birthmarks on the left side of a woman’s back.

34. Birthmarks just above blades


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