Birthmark Meanings: What Does Your Birthmark Say About You?


Birthmark Meanings

Every birthmark found on the human body has different meanings, depending on where it’s located. The birthmark you have on your forearm will always hold a different meaning compared to the one which might be under your eye. Let’s find out the birthmark meanings of all!

Scientifically speaking, a birthmark is a congenital, benign irregularity on the skin which is present at birth or appears shortly after birth, usually in the first month. They can occur anywhere on the skin. (1) Birthmarks are caused by an overgrowth of blood vessels, melanocytes, smooth muscle, fat, fibroblasts, or keratinocytes. 

Birthmarks, in certain cultures, have specific meanings and associations with superstitions, teachings, and experiences of particular communities. These teachings range from myths, superstitions, rituals, traditions, and even religions. 

There are many different assumptions made about the appearance of birthmarks in people. Each cultural background has a different meaning of birthmarks. People from some communities believe that birthmarks are scars of wounds inflicted on our past lives.

Other people believe it is either lucky or as omens. A few others believe birthmarks are just the result of what the mother had during her pregnancy. 

Let me help clear the curiosity around birthmarks by talking about the types of birthmarks, and how they are formed. 

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Types Of Birthmarks And How They Are Formed

There are many different types of birthmarks but dermatologists classify birthmarks into two broad categories. They are as follows:

Pigmented types

These types of birthmarks are formed by an excess amount of skin pigment cells.

These include: 

1. Mole
2. Café au lait spot
3. Mongolian spot

Vascular types

Vascular birthmarks, also called red birthmarks, are caused by an increased number of blood vessels.

These include:

1. Macular stains are also known as salmon patches, “stork bite”, “angel’s kiss”
2. Strawberry mark. 
3. Port-wine stains. 

Much of the actual cause of birthmarks is not known but some of the interpretations of birthmark meanings are based on their location – where they are found on the person’s body. Most of these meanings carry a superstitious, mythological, or spiritual connotation.

The meanings ascribed to the birthmark are mostly based on their location, shape, color, size, appearance, and form. 

Now, let’s find out the meaning of birthmarks and your birthmark personality!

Birthmark Meanings Based On Their Locations

Note that the location might be the same but their meanings will change based on the gender of the person who possesses it. The attributed meanings to each birthmark are gender-specific and are different for different genders. Let us find out the meaning of each birthmark based on where they are placed on the body. 

For Women

On face

A birthmark on the face of a woman can say a lot about her personality, potential, and talents.

1. Birthmark above the bridge of the nose. 

If a woman has a birthmark above the bridge of the nose, it means that the woman has acquired wisdom throughout her life and is wise beyond her age. She has the power of intuition which she uses correctly to gain knowledge about the world. Such women can gradually acquire the power of clairvoyance.

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2. Birthmark on the forehead. 

Birthmark Meaning
Meaning of birthmarks on face

A woman who possesses a birthmark on the forehead can predict the future and has excellent foresight.

3. Birthmark on the right corner of the eye. 

A woman with a birthmark on the right corner of the eye is scandalous, jealous, controlling, and suspicious. 

4. Birthmark in the left corner of the eye.

Women with a birthmark in the left corner of the eye are self-critical. These women always put themselves down. They often enter into conflict with others because of their own internal chaos and conflicts.

5. Birthmark on the right eyelid.

Women who have a birthmark on their right eyelids have to go through a lot of stressful situations in life. They are easily triggered to be stressed. These women, at the same time, are smart, outgoing, and talented.

6. Birthmark on the left eyelid.

Birthmark Meaning
Birthmark meaning

Women who have a birthmark on the left eyelid have a very sharp memory and can memorize information quicker than most others.

7. Birthmark under the right eye.

A woman who has a birthmark under the right eye is an intense woman and someone who feels everything passionately. If such a woman falls in love, her feelings will last for a long span of time. She is kind, gentle, caring, loving, and is driven by the wish to serve humanity.

8. Birthmark under the right eye near the nose.

Women with birthmarks under the right eye near the nose are very indecisive in nature. They change their minds several times a day. Moreover, such women are very quick-tempered and are easily emotionally overwhelmed. Such women usually have a very intense, mind-blowing but short-term romantic relationship.

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9. Birthmark under the left eye near the nose.

Women who have a birthmark under the left eye near the nose are extremely jealous and insecure.

10. Birthmark in the middle of the nose.

Women who have birthmarks in the middle of the nose is easy- going, impulsive, humorous, sociable, and have good communication skills. They also love to travel.

11. Birthmark on the tip of the nose

Birthmark Meaning
Birthmark Meanings based on their locations

Woman with a birthmark on the tip of their nose is humorous and loves to make fun of themselves and others. They also like to experiment a lot, especially with things that are forbidden.

In a romantic relationship, they are very light-minded, free-spirited people who mostly behave childish and funny in relationships. Such women are constantly looking for better opportunities in their personal and professional life.

12. Birthmark on the cheek under the eye.

Birthmark Meaning
Birthmark meaning

A woman with a birthmark on her cheek under her eye always lets her emotions guide her in all aspects of her life – decision-making regarding a job, romantic relationship, or familial life. This approach complicates her life as most of her life decisions are made on emotional grounds and not rational ones.

13. Birthmark under the nose.

Women who have a birthmark under their nose are attracted to everything dark, philosophical, and mystical. They have acquired knowledge through their life experiences and give good advice to people who need it. She is trustworthy and has a high emotional maturity to deal with obstacles.

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14. Birthmark on the left side of the nose.

Birthmark Meaning
Birthmark meaning

Women with a birthmark on the left side of the nose are likely to behave provocatively around men. They often baffle others with their flamboyant behavior.

15. Birthmark above the upper lip on the right.

Birthmark Meaning
Birthmark meaning

A woman with a birthmark on the upper lip on the right side is mysterious, enigmatic, no-nonsense, dominating, and hardworking. She is not among the ones who forgive and forget. Sometimes vengeful in nature, she is considered to be hard-hearted and determined on her professional fronts. She almost always reaches success.

16. Birthmark under the lower lip (on both the left or right side of the lip). 

Women such as these, are eternally looking for true, meaningful, and intimate connections. The only flipside of this woman is her jealousy and envy.

These women suffer from a lot of physiological illnesses. Usually, other people feel the need for protecting and caring for these women.

17. Birthmark on the lips.

Women with birthmarks on their lips are very docile, soft-hearted, and sensitive. Such people are lazy enough to not be able to take on their own responsibilities which is a drawback to her personality.

18. Birthmark on the corner of the lips.

A woman with birthmarks in the corner of her lips is extremely attractive, alluring, sexy, and desired by many men. But they are prone to being promiscuous and loyalty is not one of their traits.

19. Birthmark on the cheekbones.

Birthmark Meaning
Birthmark meaning

Women with such birthmarks are great leaders, achievers, and very good guides. They have a “never-give-up attitude” which helps them achieve success in varied fields.

20. Birthmarks on the ears.

Such women are very logical, rational beings. Even though they are driven by reason, they often hold a victim mentality and that’s their only way to defend themselves. They constantly deal with conflicts among their inner insecurities but eventually emerge out triumphant.

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21. Birthmark on the chin.

Such women have an indomitable spirit and they are both sweet and strong. A woman who has a birthmark on the chin on the right side is cheerful, resourceful and tactful, and wise. 

On the contrary, if a woman has a birthmark on the chin on the left side, she is capricious, jealous, and has many bad habits.

A woman with a birthmark on the middle of her chin is very stubborn. It is absolutely useless to argue with such a woman as they always stick to their opinions, even if they are illogical. These people can easily destroy the team spirit in a group setting.

On the different parts of the body

22. Birthmark on the arms.

A woman with a birthmark on her arms means she will have a happy married life.

23. Birthmark on the right forearm.

If a woman has a birthmark on her right forearm she has a chance of becoming successful in life and also excelling in her own business.

24. Birthmark on the left forearm.

A woman with a birthmark on the left forearm is resilient, hard-working, and has a never give up attitude. They struggle a lot in life but never give up.

25. Birthmark on the elbow.

A woman with a birthmark on her elbow is going to make huge money with the help of her hobbies.

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26. Birthmark on the left arm below the elbow.

Women with such birthmarks tend to lie a lot.

27. Birthmark on a woman’s ring finger.

Birthmark Meaning
Birthmark meaning

A woman with a mole or birthmark on the ring finger is thought to have a very unhappy marriage or never get married at all. Such women are advised to hide the birthmark in some possible ways.

28. Birthmark on a woman’s neck.

Birthmark Meaning
Birthmark meaning

A woman with birthmarks on her neck is very alluring, charming, and cheerful in nature. They get along well with others and can easily adapt to new environments.

29. Birthmark on the left side of the breast.

These women are very passionate in all aspects of their life – personal and professional both. But they often have to overcome a number of hurdles before they reach their goals. They are most unhappy in life.

30. Birthmarks on the right side of the breast.

Such a woman has a wonderfully fulfilling life, surrounded by partners, grandchildren, and children. These women are always loyal, and loving, and have great abilities to raise a family well.

31. Birthmark on breasts.

A woman with birthmarks on their breasts tend to be hands-on and great mothers.

32. Birthmark on the upper part of the back.

A woman having many birthmarks on the upper part of her back might have a number of physical ailments or even some psychological problems.  

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33. Birthmark on the left side of the back.

A woman with a great sense of humor has birthmarks on the left side of her back.

34. Birthmark just above shoulder blades.

Birthmark Meaning
Meaning of birthmarks on body

A woman with birthmarks just above the shoulder blades has a difficult life but that doesn’t mean that they will fail to overcome their struggles.

Birthmark On Buttocks meaning

35. Birthmark on the right buttock.

A woman with a birthmark on the right buttock is very sociable, cheerful, and outgoing. These women have a very less number of friends as they make friends only to fulfill their own interests.

36. Birthmark on the left buttock.

A woman with a birthmark on the left of the buttocks is very charming, she attracts and fascinates a lot of men.

37. Birthmarks on the belly.

Birthmark Meaning
Birthmark meaning

Women with birthmarks on the belly are highly passionate and feel overwhelmed with emotions. These women are extremely big food lovers and love to eat. Losing weight is difficult for these women. These women are also very attractive.

38. Birthmark on the right foot.

This birthmark indicates that a woman is loyal and caring in nature.

39. Birthmark on the right shoulder.

Women with a birthmark on the right shoulder are very calm, composed, and intellectual.

40. Birthmark on the left shoulder. 

This indicates that the woman will be a very successful person. Success is usually related to the professional field and they have a bit of bad luck in romantic fields.

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For Men

1. Birthmark on the cheek.

A man with a birthmark on his cheek has strong willpower, and is determined, and dedicated. He has a very strong personality.

2. Birthmark under the nose

A birthmark under the nose gives a man some rare abilities to predict the future and to interpret dreams and these men are extremely intuitive in nature.

3. Birthmark under the corner of the lower lip.

If a man has a birthmark under the corner of his lower lip it indicates that he is jealous, attractive, charming, and down to earth. At the same time, these men have to struggle a lot to secure their future.

4. Birthmark on the chin.

A man with a birthmark on the chin is very aggressive, focused, and goal-directed. Such a man knows what he wants from his life and believes in constantly improving himself. Success often makes these men very arrogant, proud, and rude.

5. Birthmark on the forearm.

If a man has a birthmark on the man’s forearm he will be incredibly rich and successful. 

6. Birthmark on the right arm.

A man with a birthmark on his right arm has good leadership qualities. 

7. Birthmark on the left arm.

A man with a birthmark on the left arm is a sign of a hardworking person, who brings in external consequences.

8. Birthmark between fingers.

A mole between a man’s fingers indicates that he has to struggle a lot in life but will eventually overcome all of them to emerge successful in life. Such men have happy, contented, and peaceful elderly lives.

9. Birthmark on the neck.

Such men are deep thinkers and philosophers. They are full of wisdom and have great knowledge about life.

10. Birthmarks on the right side of the chest.

The birthmark meaning of having a birthmark on the right side of the chest might mean that such men end up being alcoholics.

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11. Birthmark on the left side of the chest.

A man with a birthmark on the right side of his chest indicates that he has good luck in business. Such men tend to be very passionate and good lovers too.

12. Birthmark under the left arm.

Men with birthmarks under the left arm are soft-hearted and are great husbands and fathers. They are good at managing money and always help their friends. But sometimes their openness and inability to say “no” can be used against them and turn their lives into trouble.

13. Birthmark under the right arm.

A man with a birthmark on the right arm is very stubborn, strong, brave, and fierce. These men are not too successful in their romantic relationships.

14. Birthmark under the right arm.

These men are soft-hearted, great partners, and loving fathers. They are very sensible and their soft nature can often be exploited by others. 

Though every birthmark holds different meanings, it does tell a lot about our destiny and fate, at the end of the day, we create our own path and build our own future. Take control over your life and work hard to enhance your positive qualities and embrace the ‘not-so-adorable’ qualities about yourself. 


Dorland's Medical Dictionary

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