12 Types Of Body Pain That Are Linked To Emotions and Mental State


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Types Body Pain Linked To Emotions Mental State

Mind, body and soul are interconnected. So, it is not necessary that physical pain is occurring because something is wrong at the physical level. There are different types of body pain linked to emotions and mental state. Read on to know how deep-seated emotional problems are causing you physical discomfort.

body pain linked to Emotions

1. Pain In Your Head.

Types Body Pain Linked To Emotions Mental State head

Pain in your head, like headaches, can be caused by stresses of the day. According to Louise Hay, author of the book, ‘You Can Heal Your Life, headaches indicate invalidating the Self out of Fear. Take some time to relax and ease the stress every day. You can do meditation, take a hot bath, or simply lying down for a while. Then you can work on the most overwhelming issue in your life.

2. Pain In Your Neck.

Types Body Pain Linked To Emotions Mental State neck

If you feel pain in your neck, you may have trouble forgiving others or yourself. If you’re feeling neck pain, consider the things you love about people. Focus on positive things and practise letting go what is harmful to your mind and body. When you are focused on the present, you can make most of the law of attraction.

3. Pain In Your Shoulders.

Types Body Pain Linked To Emotions Mental State shoulder

Shoulder pain may indicate that you’re carrying a heavy emotional burden. That’s where the saying “shouldering a problem” comes from. Focus in on some proactive problem solving and distributing some of that burden to other people in your life.

4. Pain In Your Upper Back.

Types Body Pain Linked To Emotions Mental State up back

Upper back pain means you don’t have enough emotional support. You may feel unloved and unwanted. If you’re single, this may mean it’s time to go out on a date or two. Also, look for new ways to be in touch with people. You can join an NGO or restart your music classes and so on.

5. Pain In Your Lower Back.

Types Body Pain Linked To Emotions Mental State low back

Lower back pain might mean you’re too worried about money. It may be a good time to ask for that overdue raise or consider a financial planner. Try spending money judiciously! Isn’t it surprising to know how body pain is linked to emotions and worries that you have?

6. Pain In Your Elbows.

Types Body Pain Linked To Emotions Mental State elbow

Elbow pain speaks to your resistance to change in your life. If you have stiff arms, you may have a stiff life as well. Make compromises and shake things up a little bit. Adaptation to the new change is a sign of intelligence. Be more versatile, grab new opportunities and keep growing in life.

7. Pain In Your Hands.

Types Body Pain Linked To Emotions Mental State hands

Hand pain means you may not be reaching out to others in the way you should be. You are feeling isolated and lonely. Consider making new friends, having lunch with a co-worker, and making a new connection. Fix it what is bothering you and that will ease the pain.

8. Pain In Your Hips.

Types Body Pain Linked To Emotions Mental State hips

Hip pain means you’re too scared of moving and unable to decide which path is good for your life. Sore hips could indicate that you’re resistant to moving on and changing. You might be too cautious when making decisions. Listen to your intuition and you will know the right way to go.

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9. Pain In The Knees.

Types Body Pain Linked To Emotions Mental State knees

Knee pain can be a sign that your ego is a little too big and that you’re thinking of yourself a little pricey. Humble yourself. Spend some time volunteering. Remember, you’re mortal. So, stop being stubborn about the wrong things in life.

10. Pain In Calf Muscle.

Types Body Pain Linked To Emotions Mental State calf

Resentment is the root cause of calf muscle pain. Do you spend too much time thinking about loss, betrayal, and other wrongdoings of people? Then you will have a tough time attracting abundance. Start making a gratitude list and you will know how blessed you actually are.

11. Pain In Feet.

Types Body Pain Linked To Emotions Mental State feet

When you are depressed or feeling negative about your life, it is manifested as sore feet. Try to spend more time with positive people and indulge in activities that make you happy. Make an appointment with a mental health professional for support and guidance.

12. Pain In Ankle.

Types Body Pain Linked To Emotions Mental State ankle

Are you too hard on yourself? Do you beat up yourself for even tiniest mistake that you make? Then it’s time to indulge in self-love and do things that you enjoy it. Never compromise on your favourite hobbies, healthy lifestyle and any self-care activities. Soon, you will find that your ankle pain is vanished.

So, these are different body pain linked to emotions and mental state. I hope, now you understood why your lower back pain isn’t going away.


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9 Types Of Pain That Are Directly Linked To Emotional States
9 Types Of Pain That Are Directly Linked To Emotional States
Types Body Pain Linked To Emotions Mental State pin

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