10 Powerful Movies About Motherhood That’ll Make You Laugh, Cry, And Hug Your Mom


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Movies About Motherhood To Watch This Happy Mother's Day

Being a mom is a journey full of happiness, trials, laughter and tears. So what better way to celebrate this incredible journey than by watching inspiring movies about motherhood that capture the essence!

Whether you’re a new mother trying to figure things out or an experienced parent needing some motivation, these films will definitely pull at your heartstrings and leave you feeling uplifted.

Mother’s Day allows everyone to express their love and gratitude for their mothers who often go unappreciated. It has always been a great source of inspiration for touching (and sometimes bittersweet) films about the relationship between motherhood and children.

These are 10 motherhood movies that remind us why moms matter most; they can be seen at any time throughout the year.

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10 Movies About Motherhood To Watch This Happy Mother’s Day 2024

1. The Lion (2016)

Lions are a film based on a true story about a young boy who loses his family and is adopted by an Australian couple. This movie beautifully illustrates the connection between mother and child, showing us that there is no such thing as unconditional love.

2. Lady Bird (2017)

This is one of the coming-age movies about motherhood on Netflix which you can watch as a teenage girl grows up and her relationship with her mom struggles through adolescence into adulthood. Throughout it all they love each other very much which reminds me how strong mothers can be for their daughters.

3. Bad Moms (2016)

Sometimes being a mom means embracing imperfection and not trying so hard to be perfect all the time. “Bad Moms” is a funny comedy that celebrates the messiness of motherhood while highlighting power of friendship!

4. This Is 40 (2012)

Trying to keep my marriage, children, job, and house all in balance is like trying to juggle twenty balls at once. It’s hard, especially while going through different phases of parenting and possibly even a midlife crisis simultaneously like they do in “This is 40.”

This is one of the movies about motherhood on Netflix and it illustrates the extremes – happiness and sadness; up and down; fear and laughter – or basically every emotion that makes up real life in families!

5. Room (2015)

A mother keeps herself and her young child captive inside tiny room for years but they still manage to find hope in each other even after being rescued from their abductor!

They also learn how connect with people outside once freed which most probably wasn’t easy given fact what had happened before hand.

6. Mamma Mia! (2008)

A mamma-mia set against beautiful Greek islands where romance music bond between mothers daughters are experienced throughout this musical comedy filled with catchy ABBA tunes; perfect for girls’ night in!

7. Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

While primarily being romantic comedy crazy rich Asians also takes look at complexities within families especially between moms sons .The film explores themes like tradition sacrifice duty etcetera; – everything that shows how much mothers will do anything just ensure their child’s happiness.

8. The Parent Trap (1998)

Identical twins separated at birth reunite summer camp decide bring back together parents who had divorced years earlier but still love each other deeply. This heartwarming story about family reconciliation is sure leave you feeling warm fuzzy inside!

9. Mother (2009)

South Korean thriller directed by Bong Joon-ho revolves around woman trying prove her son didn’t commit murder after he’s wrongfully accused. The movie’s fast paced nature keeps us on edge our seats throughout knowing what lengths mothers go through protect their own offspring.

10. Instant Family (2018)

movies about motherhood

After hearing story couple decides foster three siblings soon started facing parenting challenges they never imagined.

With blend funny touching moments “Instant Family” celebrates beauty adoption and love creating new families together because sometimes all it takes is little bit extra effort from everyone involved.

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It is more than entertainment to watch these touching motherhood movies on Netflix or any other streaming channels; it is also a chance to think about the happiness and troubles of being a mother as well as honor the undying connection between moms and their kids.

Therefore, why don’t you include them in your watchlist for tonight? Because these movies touch every mom’s life somehow or another! Till then Happy Mother’s Day 2024!

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