Redefining Motherhood: 7 Mom Trends You Shouldn’t Feel Obligated To Follow


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Popular Mom Trends, That Need To This Mother's Day

Some popular parenting or mom trends can be both helpful and tricky. They can make you feel like you’re part of a group, sharing in each other’s ups and downs. But sometimes, they’re more about following trends than what’s best for our families.

This Mother’s Day 2024, make it a point to learn why some trends need to go everywhere in this day and age where social media reigns supreme – promising simplicity, efficiency and style.

But not all trends were created equal; some need to be retired immediately. And here are seven mom trends I think have over-stayed their welcome – and why you should bid them farewell too.

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1. Competitive Parenting

Parenting is not a competition, even though it can appear to be in today’s age of constant connectivity. This is one of the popular mom trends that need to go.

Parents frequently feel pressured to compare their children’s milestones and accomplishments, which leads to an unhealthy desire to outdo one another.

However, each child is unique, and these comparisons only fuel uneasiness and anger against others who appear to be doing better. Instead of encouraging support and understanding, they add additional stress and strain.

2. Over-Scheduling

Children today have schedules that can rival those of top professionals. Every minute appears to be meticulously scheduled, with extracurricular activities, playdates, and enrichment classes.

This is one of the popular mom trends that need to go, because in the middle of this scurry, there is a risk of missing out on the simple pleasures of childhood.

It is critical to provide them the flexibility to explore and pursue their own interests rather than continuously scheduling their lives. Let us give them the freedom to make their own treasured memories without being constrained by a tight schedule.

3. The Pressure to “Bounce Back” After Baby

It’s not just unrealistic but also dangerous how much importance society places on women’s bodies postpartum because this pressure takes its toll both physically and mentally resulting in feelings of worthlessness among many new mothers who cannot achieve said aesthetics no matter how hard they try!

Let us redirect our attention from achieving certain looks towards caring about ourselves first while embracing our flaws along the way.

4. Mom Guilt

Parenthood comes with a constant companion: mom guilt. It appears that every decision mom’s make, large or small, is accompanied by guilt.

Why does this constantly happen? It’s because women/mothers constantly compare themselves with other mothers who appear to have it all together.

And here’s why popular mom trends need to go, because no one understands or loves your children as much as you do. Instead of obsessing over previous failures, let us see motherhood’s imperfections as part of its beauty.

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5. “Supermom Syndrome”

Our society today has become obsessed with the idea of being super-women who can juggle work, family life and personal time without ever dropping any balls.

But here’s some newsflash for all those moms out there trying too hard to meet these unrealistic expectations; no one expects perfection from you except yourself! You are enough just as you are – imperfectly perfect! So embrace messiness because that’s what makes being a mom so fulfilling anyway!

6. Sharenting Overload

It is fine sharing cute pictures or funny stories about our kids on social media but only up to an extent. Our children also deserve their privacy rights respected by not posting everything concerning them online for all people including strangers to see.

We should therefore exercise caution when it comes to deciding what information should be made public while they grow up within this digital age.

7. Helicopter Parenting

It might seem like good parenting to hover over our children’s every move, but it is high time that we let our kids discover themselves and learn from their mistakes. It can be scary to loosen the grip, but this is what will help them be independent and strong.

With a swipe of a finger, popular mom trend come and go — but it’s important for you to decide which ones truly serve you and your family.

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Whether it’s the pressure to appear picture-perfect or struggling with motherhood, the health, happiness, and well-being of your children matters.

So let’s say goodbye to those that no longer serve us and approach motherhood with more authenticity and intention. Till then have a Happy Mother’s Day 2024!

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