18 Signs You Are An Emotionally Intelligent Person

Signs Emotionally Intelligent Person

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16. Get Enough Sleep

7 to 9 hours of sleep is a must to avoid chronic sleep deficits that are common among people with hectic work life. Adequate sleep (and on time) not only manages your stress levels but increases emotional intelligence. High-EQ individuals are aware that not sleeping enough will reduce their attention and memory and cause unnecessary psychological and emotional changes. So, they always prioritize sleep.

17.  Say No 

Say No To Bad Dates, Bad Friends, And Bad Ideas

Emotionally intelligent people never have a hard time saying no. They do so because they can’t let other people’s priorities take precedence over theirs. They say no so that they can say yes to really important things in life. On the other hand, people with low EQ fear that saying no may hurt their relationships. As a result, they fail to exert self-control and avoid impulsive action, which gives rise to stress and depression. Saying no gives you the strength to prioritize your work, relationships, and your margin.

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18. Embrace Change

Emotionally intelligent people don’t resist change because they are flexible and adaptable. They don’t look at change as a threat but consider it as an opportunity for better outcomes. So they are ready with a plan of action to make most of the change and gain success and happiness. Such quality helps them to stay ahead of the game and prevent major losses in personal and professional life.

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  1. Having a high EQ means you know your strengths and you know how to lean into them and use them to your full advantage while keeping your weaknesses from holding you back.

  2. Here is an example of extremely low EI ,people should stay away from such vermin: They”ve got only ego, and everyone must be their servant, and if you make a mistake or just not praise them enough, they turn ugly and will destroy you, your life, your dreams, and will brainwash you. The key is to connect with people with a normal range of emotions, and avoid the disordered kind!!!

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