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Are You Emotionally Intelligent? Find Out With This Visual Test

Emotionally Intelligent Find Out Visual Test

Are you emotionally intelligent? This self-test quiz analyzes your choices based on what you see first and reveals your best qualities.

Intelligence doesn’t have to come from doing fast maths or being street smart. There are all kinds of intelligence and now psychologists are thinking of a new kind – emotional intelligence.

It’s a really complicated issue but it has already aroused the curiosity of the scientific community. The emotional intelligence quiz will accurately show just how emotionally intelligent you actually are.

Emotions are a part of all of us and it has significant control over who we are. But in the past, we have not really paid much attention to it. Now, emotions are revealing a whole new world and so scientists have come up with a new type of intelligence.

As the name suggests – it’s not something that can easily be measured. It’s highly subjective and not quantifiable. But it’s quite a surprising term that will shock you:

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Emotional Intelligence Test – A Fun Quiz Measure Your EQ

Since it’s really hard to have objectivity when there is the question of emotional intelligence – there are personality tests that can come to our rescue. There’s an easy emotional intelligence quiz that can tell how emotionally intelligent are you or not.

The rules are simple – there’s an image below which is an optical illusion – you have to look at it and see which image catches your eye the first time. Once you know what you spotted first, read what each of the glimpses indicates about your emotional intelligence. Be ready to be amazed: what did you see first?

Are You Emotionally Intelligent? Find Out With This Visual Test
Are You Emotionally Intelligent? Find Out With This Visual Test

What did you see first in the image – emotional intelligence quiz? Find out the meaning below to this self-test quiz

Results – Are You Emotionally Intelligent?

1. If You See The Grass

How Emotionally Intelligent You If You See The Grass

If you spotted the grass first when you saw the picture then you are a person who admires and care for the people who are present in your life.

You care for them quite a lot and some of them know while others may not really perceive it that way. But that’s all right. What matters is that they are fine and that is all you want – you don’t really need any affirmation or credit for anything.

However, there’s a problem – you keep concentrating on the grass for far too long that you fail to spot the forest that is growing behind it. You lack complete objectivity. As a person, you will not score really high on emotional intelligence but you do have your strong points.

Unlike many people, you are not afraid of asking for help when you need assistance. You also know when you want help when you are lost or have hurt someone – these are places most people will need help with but they are not willing to ask explicitly. That’s where you do it wrong – you ask and show that you are lost. People are more willing to help you because of that.

2. If You See The Girl…

How Emotionally Intelligent You If You See The Girl

While looking at the picture, if you spot the girl first then you are the type of person who puts the thoughts and feelings of others before your own.

Your emotional intelligence is really sharp and you are more capable of empathizing with others. You know about your sharp emotional intelligence and you don’t mind relying on it whenever you are in an emotionally tough spot. However, if you continue to put others’ needs and wants ahead of you and don’t really care about what you need, it could turn out to be an exhausting affair for you.

You will lose out on yourself and this could be quite frustrating. After all, we need ourselves too, sometimes. You really have to be careful when you are depleting your energy for someone else – keep a check on your emotions and make sure you don’t invest more than necessary. The more you bring your emotional skills on the field, into action, the more you will feel tired by all of it. But you are emotionally valuable – don’t let the exhaustion get to you.

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3. If You See The Mirror

How Emotionally Intelligent You If You See The Mirror

If the mirror came to your sight the first time you looked at the picture, then you should pat you back – you score tremendous marks on emotional intelligence. You have high emotional intelligence and that’s such a great trait to have.

However, the mirror represents something that is not quite good – at least in the real world. The mirror reflects your own image as you look at it. That means you might be reflecting the emotions of others more than you should. What does that imply? It means that you might be making everything about yourself.

If someone is sad, you will start searching within yourself to find out how YOU might be the reason for their sadness. If someone is furious, you might try to rationalize in some weird way and try to find out how you had made them angry. But you are not even a part of it – the great thing about you is your ability to read emotions but that is clearly backfiring.

Take a step back and stop making everything about you. Yes, you have a great ability to read emotions – but it’s not that easy to track emotions back to its actual source. It’s rarely successful, so don’t try to do it. You’ll wind up making yourself a part of it.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is the ability of one person to understand the feelings of another person.

It’s almost implicit, it comes to them naturally and the better they are able to understand it, the more intelligent they are. And this emotional intelligence is really special. An emotionally intelligent person knows when you are craving for a tight little hug, even if you are keeping up a stern front.

So, it’s clear that emotional intelligence is really a complicated issue and it’s not really that easy to understand. No wonder that scientists are scratching their heads to find a solution to it, trying to quantify it in some way.

A huge and difficult formula would be great to be able to know a person’s emotional intelligence just like IQ tests work. But it doesn’t work that way – some say that you can either have the emotional intelligence or you don’t – there’s no middle ground.

So, how emotionally intelligent are you?

Irrespective of how well you do in this test, try to be more connected with your emotions and with the emotions of other people. It’s worth it and helps to build stronger relationships. And in this world, we need more people who are emotionally intelligent to bring more peace into it. We would all love to have that someday!

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Emotional Intelligence QUIZ
Emotional Intelligence QUIZ: Find Out With This Visual Test
First Thing You Notice In Image Will Reveal How Emotionally Intelligent You Are Pin
Are You Emotionally Intelligent? Fun Quiz Reveals Based On What You See First
Emotionally Intelligent Find Out Visual Test pin


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