8 Must Have Crystals and Stones for Empaths

Crystals Stones for Empaths

What are the must have crystals and stones for empaths?
Empathy is defined as a person’s ability to experience emotion at a higher level. This doesn’t mean just your own emotions but emotions of other’s as well.

As an empath you feel connected to others, you feel their pain or happiness or any emotions as your very own.

Empathy comes with the ability to sense energy, empaths are generally very sensitive to energy. This ability has its own con. The energy you pick up is not always positive and can often be very draining.

Over the years many have learnt to protect themselves from the bad energies but the thing about empaths is they cannot just give up on anyone, no, not even on the bad guys.

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Crystal and stones consist of energy within them and it can be of great help to an empath when present in their environment.

Must have crystals and stones for empaths:

Crystals Stones for Empaths infographic

1. Turquoise.

Crystals Stones for Empaths turquise

Turquoise is believed to be the ultimate anti-negativity stone. Its presence alone is believed to keep negative energies away and the same time allowing your body and your energy field to form a stronger positive bond. Just a small piece in your home can keep the negativity at bay.

2. Jade.

Crystals Stones for Empaths jade

Also popular as the lover’s stone, Jade is known for often helping to balance the opposing energies of the partner. Quarrels and spats are inevitable even in the healthiest of relationships, jade helps to keep balance in such difficult situations thereby preventing from much personal harm.

3. Amethyst.

Crystals Stones for Empaths amythyst

Amethyst is also known as the protection stone. This is a good stone to have inside your vehicle. It keeps negative energies both spiritual and ethereal away meanwhile enhancing your spiritual awareness and raising the positive energy.

4. Fossils.

Crystals Stones for Empaths fossils

Apparently fossils cannot be qualified as stones or crystals but still, fossils are important in an empath space. Fossils hold the signature energy of the animals that once roamed the face of this planet. This helps to keep the empaths grounded and strong, it also acts as a reminder that everything is but the energy and is bound to change.

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5. Blue Topaz.

Crystals Stones for Empaths topaz

This beautiful stone carries the message of clarity. The presence of this in your space ensures your thinking is clear and that your desires are communicated to the universe. It gives you a universal viewpoint and lets you realize how small you’re in this never-ending the universe, it also helps you relieve tension and stress from work.

6. Zoisite.

Crystals Stones for Empaths zoisite

Zoisite is one of the rare stones and also important for artistic empaths. It promotes creativity, individuality and also connectedness among humans. Artistic empaths often tend towards introverted-ness, this stone in space reminds them that the human touch in life is important and also fun for that matter.

7. Lapis Lazuli.

Crystals Stones for Empaths lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is also a protection stone, it focuses on more on spiritual growth. This helps you stay focused and objective. We often end up taking other’s action way too personally; this helps empaths from doing that. This helps you stay clear and keeps your energy unbound thus making it suitable for your office space.

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8. Unakite.

Crystals Stones for Empaths unakite

Unakite is another lesser-known rare stone which is just enough of a reason to have it in your crystal arsenal. Unakite helps you keep the balance of your emotions and it also keeps your spirit connected to the other side.

Must Have Crystals and Stones
Crystal and Stones for Empaths
Crystals Stones for Empaths pin

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