Depression is the most common psychological disorder today and the most common cause of absence from work.

Antidepressants have the most sales worldwide and, according to statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO), the percentage of people is between 10% to 15%.

Why is this happening? Does the increasingly complex lifestyles make us more vulnerable? The truth is that there is no clear answer to this because we all know that humans are very different from each other and that the cases of depression are not the same.

For this reason it is very difficult to determine a set of strategies that will help all those suffering from depression, but there are a few simple things that worth to remember the days when you feel depressed.

In today’s article we invite you to learn what those are.

1. Your self-esteem plays a crucial role.

You might believe that you don’t deserve certain things or, even worse that you don’t have “what it takes” to get them. Low self-esteem creates internal imbalances and conflicts that will slowly affect the course of your life. It is often said that the most dangerous form of depression has its roots within the individual. In these cases there is never any specific cause that triggers the disorder. The problem lies within yourself and probably leads back to your childhood.
Make sure you pay attention to your self-esteem! Make sure that you are the protagonist in your life and not an extra!

2. Your pain won’t last forever.

Depression doesn’t last forever, and neither the pain you feel. If you approach each day with joy, exclude the negative thoughts and follow your dreams, depression will fade and perish in the shadows.

3. Focus on the present.

The past is behind you, it passed, it is no longer here. Allow yourself to live in the present with the utmost tension and happiness that you deserve. This is the only thing worth trying.

4. Always ask for help, but make sure that you ask the right people.

Perhaps you have heard people say, “first you must turn in your family, they will never leave you hanging.” We hope this is true, but keep in mind that there are some people who can do more harm than good. Some people also believe that, if someone is diagnosed with depressive disorder, this is due to the fact that you are a weak person and always sad.

Attention! Seek the help of someone professional and then rest at relatives and friends who really know how to listen to you, to your console and say words at the right time.

5. Your depression doesn’t want to get out of the House.

It is true. Depression loves darkness, silence and fills you with negative thoughts. Don’t be deceived!
Go out and walk for at least half an hour every day. Breathe the fresh air, let the sun touch your skin and talk with people you meet. Surround yourself with life, movement, light and joy-every day.

6. Depression loves junk food.

Sweets, snacks, frozen meals, fast food … all these foods soothe your concern and offer you a temporary pleasure, but in fact they enhance the chemical imbalance of depression, fueling negative neurotransmitters.

Start to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink water and tea. A healthy diet helps you feel better and your body will start to eliminate toxins.

7. Say ‘ no ‘ to depression.

Depression is not easy. Telling no to depression requires a lot of strength and great courage, but one thing is certain: you are not the depression. You are a human being who deserves to find happiness again, you will need to see life with enthusiasm and hope.

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