6 Ways to Use Your Sensitivity as a Superpower

Ways Use Sensitivity as Superpower

Have you ever considered your sensitive nature as a weakness? Well, it’s not at all, and there are ways through which you can use your sensitivity as a superpower!

I am extremely sensitive, from my emotions to my mind, to my body – right down to my teeth! Is it a gift or a curse? Keep reading… 

The Curse

My sensitivity was my vulnerability. The people in my life used it as a means to their end. I gave my power away a lot. I was your stereotypical giver and placed other people’s needs before my own. Others abused me emotionally and I didn’t know how to show up for myself.

In a past relationship, I endured the most horrific emotional and mental torture. Friendships and relationships weren’t a place of nourishment, support, safety, or equity. I gave and never received, I cared ‘too much’, and people with ill intentions who sensed my weak boundaries and innate kindness would gravitate towards me in what felt like a never-ending cycle.

Life was draining to say the least!

Does this sound like you? Or a past version of you?

Thankfully, I am no longer in these situations as I have owned my sensitivity as my greatest treasure!

The Gift

Sensitivity is an expression of the divine feminine. Contrary to vulnerability it is a source of immense power. It is potent energy worth cherishing and protecting.

Once I learned to ‘channel’ this power, outer circumstances began to shift. The right kind of relationship appeared in my life. I was able to say ‘No’ or show it through my actions. I’ve even learned how to use my emotional body to manifest certain experiences I wish to have.

I am awakening more and more to the power of the feminine, as are many women and men around the world.

The feeling level is where the magic happens, where transformation, change, and healing occurs. Life is change and movement; therefore a conscious connection to our sensitivity paves the way for the cultivation of more life force energy – Shakti.

Sensitivity is only a curse when we’re unconscious of our internal material. The monsters and demons of the world project towards us when we are in shadow, as here, they are at their strongest!

Sensitivity as a superpower
Sensitivity as a superpower

I believe the new feminine that is rising, is the archetypal warrior. She is here to shift the balance of power, to heal the disconnection with ourselves, with others, and with Earth itself. For this to take place we need to walk bravely through our darkness and meet our shadow selves both in our inner and outer worlds.

I now know that sensitivity, when wielded consciously, is a superpower!

​Here are 6 ways to see this emotional energy in a new light:

1) Use it as self-protection.

In martial arts practice, we train our senses in concentration so that we can be alert to the slightest of dangers.

In a similar way, you too can train your mind, body, and emotions to pick up on ‘bad vibes‘ – as a sensitive person, you already know when people mean harm towards you, your feeling body or intuition senses the negative intent.

Trust what feel, you are always right the first time. Keep sattvic or pure company at all times, surround yourself with those who hold pure intentions.

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2) Become a conscious creator of your life.

We can manifest the reality we want. It takes practice and it takes the consistency of effort.

Imagine what you want. See it in your mind and then shift your attention to your emotional body. How does it feel to accomplish this goal? Where does it feel good in your body?

In my daily writing practice, I usually set an intention for how I wish to feel by the end of the day. There are so many ways to bring your vision and dreams closer to you. Make it a consistent practice to visualize and write down what you desire.

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