5 Great Lessons A Highly Sensitive Person Needs To Learn


What are the Lessons A Highly Sensitive Person Needs To Learn?

In 1922, Dr Aron coined the word “Highly Sensitive Person” (HSP) and this concept has been studied for quite some time now. Jung also studied this group of people and referred them as “people of innate sensitiveness.”

People with high sensitivity might also be known as people with ‘Sensory Perception Sensitivity’. These people are not different than us, other than in one crucial way. These people perceive and interpret internal and external stimuli more intensely and thoroughly as compared to other people who lack this hypersensitivity due to the biological difference in their nervous system. When these people perceive information, it is processed through filters to gain insight and awareness into the environment around us.

Many highly sensitive people believe that this ability of theirs is a hindrance in a society that demands them to be strong and unfeeling. As a highly sensitive person, you have the ability to refine your abilities.

It is surprising yet true that a High Sensitivity is not a weakness, but a source of tremendous yet often unrecognized strengths. Sensitive people have the innate quality of empathy which makes it difficult for them to avoid pain and suffering around themselves, to turn a blind eye to the injustice in the world. More often than not, this quality of highly sensitive people often makes it difficult for them to function without being affected by the affliction of the world. These people are more in need of healing and detoxification as they absorb the outside negativity more directly than others.

Here are 5 important lessons that a sensitive person needs to learn in order to survive:

1. Regulate your emotional responses:

As a highly sensitive person, you might be prone to reacting with intense emotions under various circumstances. When you see someone is in need, your initial tendency is to react with heightened emotions which is both overwhelming and often debilitating for yourself.

You might also find it difficult to control your emotional response wherever it is necessary. Being able to process and handle your emotions maturely, is a skill that comes with age. It is often required for you to understand that every situation which evokes your need to make justice might seem helpful on the surface, but you must also consider a few situations in which it is necessary for you to contain your emotions. For example, at your workplace. Your emotional expression to sympathize with your co-workers might jeopardize your work health.

2. Listen to your chiming intuition: 

Sensitive people are great at being aware of their immediate surroundings. But they often, unfortunately, ignore their inner voice. Out guts are always telling us things we are not consciously aware of. Highly intuitive people filter out information from the surroundings more efficiently than others. Hence, if you are a highly sensitive person, you are extremely intuitive. You filter stimuli around you, even without your knowledge.

Because we are so perceptive of our environment and empathetic towards the suffering and misery of other people, we have a high chance of being unduly taken advantage of. People often betray you, backbite you, and lower your spiritual energy. To avoid all these, it is suggested to listen closely to your intuition.

It is this inner source of wisdom that protects us and warns us to tread carefully. we are so focused on helping other people around us that it is easy for us to lose your inner track. But to pour on to other people, it’s necessary for you to be focused on things that really matter to you. The lesson as you need to learn here is to rely on your intuitive wisdom and sort your priorities out before the responsibilities of others become burden on you.

4. Sensitivity is not synonymous to weakness:

Other people, who do not feel as deeply as the highly sensitive people do, believe that being sensitive in harsh times like this is sheer folly and is a weak trait. But in contrast to this notion, people who have the ability to connect spiritually beyond the surface with other people’s pain, anger and sadness have the superpower to experience the world from the other people’s mindset.

The key lesson to learn here is to use this fortitude for the greater service of others and ourselves. Being able to refocus one’s general knowledge about the human psyche to oneself, for the improvement of self will only help you in being the agent of change the world needs you to be.

5. Accept your authentic self:

The most important lesson a highly sensitive person needs to learn is to never change oneself, just because you’re different from most other people. Other people will try to convince you why giving up on healing others is a good idea. But if you fake your identity and try to be someone who you are not, you will have to live a lie throughout your entire life.

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You are born with a gift that you are to nurture for greater self-awareness. You are powerful just the way you are and you in no need to change your organic self and your innate abilities. The world needs your healing touch. Before everything, you need yourself.

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