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10 Clear Signs A Deceased Loved One Is Near You

10 Signs A Deceased Loved One is Nearby

Have you lost a loved one? If you identify with the following scenarios, understand that these are clear signs a deceased loved one is near you.

There cannot be a more soul-crushing and devastating experience than losing a loved one to death. Eventually, everyone comes to terms with their loss in their own way.

But those of us who’re more spiritually attuned and believe in the afterlife can find comfort in the knowledge that death is not the end and after-death communications do happen!

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How To Tell When A Deceased Loved One Is Near You

10 Clear Signs A Deceased Loved One Is Near You
Clear Signs A Deceased Loved One Is Near You

Time and space mean nothing in the spirit world. Departed souls have the power to travel from the 5D to our 3D realm, and make their presence felt if they wish to do so!

Just as our guardian angels or spirit guides watch over us and make contact at the time when we are in need of guidance, it makes perfect sense that those who loved us on this earthly plane will not forget us and will reach out to us when we are in distress or need comforting.

When departed loved ones are near you, they manifest their presence in certain ways and try to attract your attention. And in some specific situations, they also try to send you a message or make you aware of something important.

If you pay enough attention, you will be able to pick up on the subtle signs that indicate a deceased loved one is with you, and also successfully infer the message they are trying to communicate to you.

Below given are the most commonly recognized phenomena of spirit contact. These are clear signs a deceased loved one is near you.

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10 Clear Signs A Deceased Loved One Is Near You

Here’re the signs a deceased loved one is nearby:

1. Dream Visits

When we are asleep, our subconscious mind is free of all the cluttered thoughts and negative energies that cling to us during our waking hours. As a result, our vibration goes up and our soul is much more capable of receiving spiritual messages from the other world.

This is why most of the time our passed loved ones chose to pay us a visit in our dreams. They find it easy to communicate, warn, or plant an idea in our subconscious mind when the resistance and inhibitions of the conscious mind are not there.

But how would you know that these dreams are signs a deceased loved one is reaching out to you, and not just your mind playing a trick?

Signs A Deceased Loved One Is Trying To Contact You In Your Dreams:

  • These dreams would feel real and not dreamlike as other garden-variety dreams
  • These dreams would be vivid and logical, and not nonlinear, nonsensical, or fragmented
  • These dreams would be relevant and important to you
  • You might receive information that you couldn’t have obtained anywhere else
  • Even if you normally tend to forget your dreams, you’ll remember every detail of these dream visitations

Also, you can alter your consciousness and raise your vibrations through deep trance and meditation, if you want to contact a departed loved one in a dreamlike state. 

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2. Familiar Scents

The whiff of perfume that a friend used to use, the smell of baking bread that came from your granny’s kitchen, or the pungent smell of tobacco wafting from your deceased father’s room, are all signs from loved ones who have died.

Our sense of smell has the power to recall a memory, more than any of the other senses. This is why our departed loved ones often chose scents that were associated with them when they were alive to reveal their presence after death.

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3. Lost and Found Items

Do objects often turn up in odd places? You might have kept your phone on the nightstand and upon entering your kitchen discover it lying on the floor. Don’t freak out! This is just a loved one being playful and mischievous to you.

Also if you keep losing and finding special items like jewelry or a diary that belonged to a loved one, in most unusual places, be open to the possibility that these are signs a deceased loved one is present around you.

Those items are still carrying the residual energy of their former owners and can be used by them to grab your attention. 

4. Songs With Special Meaning

Music is all about vibrational frequencies and when passed loved ones are around you, they often chose to communicate through songs that have special meanings.

If they want to convey a particular message, you might keep hearing a specific song wherever you go. Or, if you’re missing them dearly, suddenly your stereo might play the song that reminds you of them. 

10 Clear Signs A Deceased Loved One Is Near You
Clear Signs A Deceased Loved One Is Near You

5. Phantom Presence

10 Clear Signs A Deceased Loved One Is Near You
Clear Signs A Deceased Loved One Is Near You

One of the clear signs a deceased loved one is near you would be a palpable sense of someone’s presence around you.

You might feel someone has brushed past you or gently tapped on your right shoulder. If your mother was particular about her books and you rearranged them after her death, you might find them back in their original position all of a sudden.

You will feel as if the presence of your loved one has been imprinted on the environment surrounding you and that you are not alone. The most important thing is that you will not feel scared. There will be a calming presence that will make you feel secure.

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6. The Voice In Your Head

Sometimes when you are not doing what you should be doing or vice versa, a voice might pop up in your head, nudging you to make the right choice. Don’t dismiss this as your inner voice. A loved one might just be sending you a message.

When you feel confused about whether the thoughts in your head are yours or not, pay attention to the words that flash in your mind. Are you addressing yourself in the first person or second person? Is this something that someone specific would normally say?

Many a time what we think to be our conscience or inner voice is a message from the grave.

7. Animal Messengers

10 Clear Signs A Deceased Loved One Is Near You
Clear Signs A Deceased Loved One Is Near You

If you see your pets acting weird around you or you keep sighting certain birds or animals repeatedly, these are clear signs a deceased loved one is near you. Pay close attention to the following:

  • Dogs waging its tail and staring at an empty space
  • Cats purring for no apparent reason
  • Butterflies and ladybugs showing up in your home or near you
  • Seeing birds like crows, ravens, cardinals, or bluejays repeatedly

Dogs and cats can hear and see what’s beyond the grip of our human senses. Also, the birds and insects mentioned above are the preferred messengers of the spirit world and they tend to show up when someone from the other side of death is trying to reach out to you.

Not to mention, your dead pets can also reach out to you! They will repeat the things they loved to do, such as pushing stuff off the counter or jumping on your sofa!

You might feel a thud or see stuff lying on the floor. These are too clear signs a deceased loved one is near you!

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8. Feathers

10 Clear Signs A Deceased Loved One Is Near You
Clear Signs A Deceased Loved One Is Near You

People often believe that feathers are a sign from heaven, and they are not wrong. Finding feathers on your way is a spiritually significant event. When your ancestors and departed loved ones try to reassure you of something, they send you feathers.

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This is also one of the clear signs a deceased loved one is near you and trying to confirm that the path you are on is the right one for you. Take this as a sign of validation.

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9. Money

Just like feathers, if you come across coins or money on your path, this is one of the clear signs a deceased loved one is near you. They might be trying to remind you of your worth and the value you bring to the table.

It can also be possible that they are trying to warn you about your financial situation and asking you to be more mindful of the way you manage your money and other resources.

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10. Other Unexplained Occurrences

Witnessing strange events around you, that cannot be explained by logic, are some clear signs a deceased loved one is near you. Such instances might include but are not limited to;

  • A sudden chill or a drastic drop in the temperature
  • A fleeting vision of your loved one
  • Seeing numbers associated with them everywhere, like their birth dates or jersey numbers
  • Weird incidents with water and electricity, such as flickering or dimming of lights, taps running on their own, etc.

These are signs your departed loved ones are watching you!

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Appreciate The Gift

Your loved ones might try to reach out because they want to offer you a perspective on life and death that is beyond our human experience. They might want to communicate with you if they feel you are in dire need of closure or guidance.

You might feel their energy very strongly right after their death or the time of their death anniversary or during any significant event like birthdays.

Sometimes, the clear signs a deceased loved one is near you can be very subtle and easy to miss if you’re not spiritually open and flexible. Other times, these signs can be very distinct and glaring.

What you must always remember is that it took a great deal of energy and strength for them to manipulate the physical world and make their presence evident. So, don’t get scared if they come in hot, and acknowledge these experiences as spiritual gifts!

If you have asked for a sign, be mindful of the shifts occurring in your environment, these could be clear signs a deceased loved one is near you!

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Want to add to the list of clear signs a deceased loved one is near you? Share your experience in the comments down below!

10 Clear Signs A Deceased Loved One Is Near You
Clear Signs A Deceased Loved One Is Near You
10 Clear Signs A Deceased Loved One Is Near You
Clear Signs A Deceased Loved One Is Near You

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