Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing Crows: 6 Esoteric Crow Symbolism


Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing Crows

Do you consider seeing crows around you as a sign of impending doom? We won’t blame you if you do, however, the spiritual meaning of seeing crows goes much deeper than that!

Whenever a creature, especially a bird keeps appearing in your life repeatedly, it’s a divine sign that’s trying to call your attention to something in your life. There’s always a hidden message from the spiritual realm in such sightings. And in the case of crows and ravens, we often assume it’s a bad one.

So, what is the spiritual meaning of seeing crows? Are crows good or bad omens? We’ll get all the answers as we go along.

People in general associate crows with bad luck due to their portrayal as sinister dark creatures in the popular media. For a long time crows have been linked with witches, wizards, sorcery, spells, and dark magic.

Who can forget how Edgar Allen Poe and Alfred Hitchcock immortalized this bird of prey in their horror tales? Now, whenever we think of crows, we think about death and doom. But, it was not always the case. 

Since the dawn of civilization, crows have been an important part of spirituality, mythology, folklore, fables, and religion, all across the world. This ebony-colored creature was acknowledged and even revered due to its high intelligence and adaptability by several ancient cultures.

One of the reasons why crows get such a bad rap for being the harbinger of doom and destruction is they are carrion-eaters, meaning they eat the flesh of dead animals. But, our wise ancestors looked beyond this superficial reality and delved deep into the symbolic and spiritual meaning of crows.

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Crow Symbolism

Crows are often depicted as a spiritual entity in the storied history of many a civilization including Hindus, Native Americans, Greeks, Tibetan, and Japanese. Crows and ravens are seen as messengers from the otherworld who represent:

  • Transformation
  • Transition
  • Change
  • Endings and new beginnings
  • Guidance
  • Problem-solving
  • Mystery
  • Trickster energy

In spirituality, death is a highly significant concept. In Shamanic or Pagan traditions, death is not an event to mourn the loss of a person, but the transition of a soul to another dimension or life. Also, death in occultism doesn’t necessarily mean physical death. It can signify Ego Death or shadow work which one needs to undergo for the following objectives:

  • Remember their spiritual potential/power
  • Past Life Regression
  • Gain psychic tools and intuitive insights
  • Attain a higher level of consciousness and spiritual existence

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Now, such a change or transition is a highly uncomfortable process, to say the least. A spiritual experience like this comes with doubts, loss, grief, and emotional upheavals. But as we all know growth begins where our comfort zone ends, we need to go through these challenging situations to achieve a significant spiritual shift.

In other words, you have to experience spiritual death in order to be reborn again! You have to let go of your old self to embrace your spiritual awakening. And this is where the symbolism of a crow comes into play. Just because we associate change with loss and grief, we believe crows are bearers of bad news and consider seeing them as bad omens.

Meaning Of Seeing Crows: Transformation
Meaning Of Seeing Crows: Transformation

The Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing Crows

The meaning of seeing crows may vary depending on where you are in your life’s journey. But here are the most common interpretations of frequent crow sightings.

1. Transformation

Crows appear in your life to make you aware of an upcoming change or transition. The meaning of seeing crows can be a change related to any realm of your life, such as spiritual, physical, financial, or emotional. But the spiritual meaning of seeing crows repetitively or in a synchronized manner is simple; they’re appearing in your life to guide you through this uncomfortable journey.

These mysterious and intelligent creatures show up to tell you that you need to rely on both your intelligence and intuition to make the most of this challenging phase and derive spiritual lessons.

2. Death

When talking about actual or physical death, the meaning of seeing crows is equally important. According to Tibetan and Hindu beliefs, crows help souls to crossover into the other world.

In Tibetan practices, dead bodies are placed on the top of Temples, so that crows can carry the soul of the departed to a new life. Hindus offer a feast to crows after the last rites of the deceased are done and they believe that the crows accepting the food symbolizes the peaceful transition of the satiated spirit.

Meaning Of Seeing Crows: Death
Meaning Of Seeing Crows: Death

3. Spiritual Messenger

Crows are mediators between the world of the living and the world of the dead. Moreover, these opportunistic eaters are highly adaptive and intelligent. This is why they are a preferred choice of spirit guides and departed souls to convey a message to a human being on earth.

An important meaning of seeing crows unexpectedly can be that someone from the Spirit realm wants to reach out to you. They can be your guardian angel or a deceased loved one, but they’re trying to send across a message.

If someone close to you has recently died or you’re going through a difficult phase where you’re not sure what to do, the appearance of crows signifies that you’re being watched over and that you can solve your problems with determination.

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4. Mischief

The Native Americans associated crows with trickster energy. These birds are intuitive and smart and can be highly mischievous. In Greek mythology, crows, known as “Tengu” or heavenly dog, linked to Apollo, have been seen to bring misery and punishment to those who acted against the Gods.

This is why another meaning of seeing crows is a fair warning to you if you’re doing something you shouldn’t be doing. Also, the crows carry the message that it is high time you should come clean and own up to your mistake or wrongdoing.

In Bible, the raven was the first bird that Noah sent out to check whether the floodwater was subsiding. It didn’t return. If you’re pursuing a goal that is not aligned with your highest good, crows will come to you to warn you that the path you’re on is not right or that danger is lurking.

5. Crow Spirit Animal

The spiritual meaning of seeing crows frequently can also be that the crow is your spirit animal. You need to imbibe the smartness and mysterious nature of the crow and grow self-confidence.

If you’re someone who suffers from low self-esteem or self-doubts, the appearance of crows is a message for you to become more self-reliant and thrifty. You should take things in your stride and be more adaptable to your situations. Keep working toward your goal in silence and eventually, you’ll overcome great odds.

6. Closure

It’s mentioned in the Bible, when Cain murdered his brother Abel, Adam and Eve didn’t know what they should do with the dead body of their son, as it was the first time they had experienced death.

Then they saw a raven digging a hole in the ground to bury a dead fellow raven. This is how Adam and Eve learned to bury the dead. So, another meaning of seeing crows is closure.

When you spot crows repetitively, it can symbolize that a cycle is ending soon. You must not resist this, but let go of what no longer serves you. And as with every ending, a new beginning will soon follow.

Meaning Of Seeing Crows: Endings and Beginnings
Meaning Of Seeing Crows: Endings and Beginnings

Other Significance

The meaning of seeing crows greatly depends on a few factors such as the number of crows, time of appearance, and such. Take a look:

  • Spiritual meaning of seeing crows everywhere: A major change is about to occur or you’ll soon go through a spiritual evolution
  • Spiritual meaning of seeing crows in the morning: Something significant is going to happen during the day and you should be ready
  • Spiritual meaning of seeing crows at night: You must pay close attention to your dreams and be aware of any spiritual shift in your surroundings
  • Spiritual meaning of seeing black crows: You must welcome the dark time ahead and go through the uncomfortable, yet necessary changes for a spiritual metamorphosis
  • Spiritual meaning of seeing a flock of crows together: A group of crows is called a Murder and is generally observed above an area where a living creature is dying or a carcass is decaying. So seeing a group of crows is an indication of danger.
  • Spiritual meaning of seeing a single crow: Something is not right and you must brace yourself for a bad news
  • Spiritual meaning of seeing two crows: It is an indication of harmony, partnership, and good news
  • Spiritual meaning of seeing a crow with food in its mouth: It signifies that a big dream or wish of yours is going to come true very soon

Don’t Shoot The Messenger

Crows appear in our lives to draw our attention to a big change that is soon going to take place. They try to help us go through the difficult phase of transition and sometimes carry a message from the unseen realms. They also warn us before a calamity, danger, or failure befalls.

But, that doesn’t mean that the meaning of seeing crows is bad luck or that crows are bad omens. This beautiful bird shows up to guide you on your journey and must be treated with respect.

That’s all on the spiritual meaning of seeing crows. Please let us know your thoughts on this topic by commenting down below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it good luck or bad luck to see a crow?

Crows stand for change. So seeing a crow means a big shift is around the corner. You must prepare yourself for any uncomfortable growth pain.

What do crows symbolize?

Crows symbolize transition, evolution, change, mystery, adaptability, mischief, spiritual guidance, endings, and new beginnings.

What does it mean when you see black crows around you?

Black signifies a transition from darkness to light and hence when you see black crows around you, you must release any resistance to change and pay attention to the spiritual lessons.

Is it bad luck to see a dead crow?

Seeing a dead crow is often an indication that an end is near. It can be a project, a relationship, or a phase of life, however, a new beginning is also on its way.

What does it mean when you see a crow on a gravestone?

Crows are a common link between the physical world and the spiritual world, and thus they might appear on the gravestone of a loved one carrying a reassuring message that the deceased is at peace.

What does it mean when you see a crow eating a dead animal?

As carrion birds, crows eat the flesh of other dead animals. However, you can interpret this as the crow’s quality of being adaptive as well as its duty to clean up the environment.

What does it mean to see a black crow in your dream?

Depending on your situation, it can mean your path to success is clear, your Karma is going to catch up with you, you’re unlocking spiritual insights, a spiritual awakening, your pent-up anger, or a warning of an unfortunate incident.

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