Spirit Messages From Feathers: What The Feathers You See Are Trying To Tell You

 September 08, 2018

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Spirit Messages From Feathers What The Feathers You See Are Trying To Tell You

Have you ever come across a feather out of nowhere and thought about what it could mean for you? Feathers are just one of the forms through which Spirits try to communicate with us.

To begin with, feathers along with a variety of things ranging from coins to birds and different kinds of insects could very well be messages from your guardian angel, the spirits you’ve prayed to for guidance, or those we’ve cared for and lost. This is their way of letting you know that they heed your call and are ready to offer assistance and support. They are acknowledging your call and reaching out to greet you.
Coming across a feather can be a surreal experience. You’ll find that they usually descend on to the children around you. Like tiny messengers, a child will always instinctively know whom the feather is meant for even if they cannot tell you much about the message itself.

There are many ways in which to interpret a feather. They could mean that you are free, that you’re ready to fly higher than you have before, that you need to change your perception of the world, and that you need to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Another layer of meaning is added when they come in a variety of shades depending on the colour of each feather and the combination they make.

1. Analyzing the Message

When something resembling a message comes your way, focus on what was going on in your mind at the time. Don’t worry yourself too much about what the sign could mean because it is okay if you can’t interpret it right away. The meaning might come to you later or it might already be embedded into your sub-conscious to be used when you need it. Simply accept that it is a message and do not question it. Allow the Spirits to work with you and be attentive so that you do not miss the guidance they have to offer.

2. Calling for Help

If you are in need, you may call for a feather or any other symbol to guide you. For example, if you can sense that you have a female guardian protecting you and you want to be sure, you can ask for a sign from them and ask that the sign come in the shape of a white feather. You can ask for any shade that you feel is appropriate at the moment. Confirmation will soon come to you usually when you’re least expecting it and it will a wonderful moment.

All you need to do is have faith, stay calm and pay attention. At times, a message will contain nothing more than a reminder to remain peaceful and allow yourself to follow the course that nature has set out for you. Some messages can be very complex and deep whereas some are fairly straightforward. Don’t stress yourself out trying to analyze these signs. Use the chance you’ve been given to reach out to the Spirits and express your gratitude for the gift you’ve been given. Messages that come in the form of objects like feathers should be kept in a safe place that is important or sacred to you. Alternatively, you can also allow your sign to go back into nature.

3. Understanding that your feather is a message

Feathers appearing before you in unexpected or magical ways usually signify something. They might just be there on the step before you or in more mysterious locations like the inside of your purse on in your bed.

4. Interpreting various shades

Indigenous Americans possessed great wisdom and knowledge about spiritual signs like feathers and their various interpretations. They revered the feathers they received as tokens that were sacred or could protect them during times of war.

The first thing to remember when you’re trying to understand your feather is that you need to start by asking yourself for its meaning. You might feel a connection to the colour of the feather. It might bring back memories or the generally accepted interpretation of that colour might mean something more to you. Consider whether the feather is merely a way of acknowledging your request or whether it is an answer in itself. Stay true to your instincts and write down whatever comes to your mind so that you’ll be able to see any patterns that might occur.

Here’s a quick explanation of what all the color could possibly mean:

White – Purity, spiritualism, faithfulness, white also means that you’re being watched over. It is also linked to the power of the moon.

Red – The color of the root chakra, it symbolizes energy and life and is a harbinger of good times.

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