Guardian Angel Signs: 10 Signs You’re Being Watched By Your Guardian Angel

Watched By Your Guardian Angel Signs

Do you know you’re being watched? By your Guardian Angels silly! These 10 guardian angel signs tell you that there’s nothing to worry about, you’re in safe hands!

Earlier we discussed how archangels of the 12 zodiacs can help us to understand our astrological birth sign, our life path, and our soul purpose. This blog focuses on signs you’re being watched by your guardian angel.

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How blessed it feels to know that we are being watched by a guardian angel and that we have a reason to feel safe, inside and outside. For centuries now, guardian angels are said to be assigned to protect people from dangers they are unaware of. This concept is derived from ancient Judaism, hints of which are also found in Christianity.

According to Saint Thomas Aquinas, man is threatened by many dangers both from within and without, and therefore angels are appointed as guardians for men who have to pass through an unsafe road.

So, an angel is assigned to each man as long as he is a wayfarer on the path of life. Therefore, these angels are our guiding agents and help us to get back to the right path whenever we are lost in this world full of evil distractions. They have positive powers and can influence our lives heavily.

They are there to watch over us and save/ protect us from anything approaching us to cause harm.

It’s 2018 and even though science has come really far, it does not have an answer to every question. And most certainly, not everything can be a mere ‘coincidence’. Remember this one time you felt really lazy and decided on staying home and then you later out heard of a hurricane?

I’m sure if you think about it, you might find such situations where you escaped something that could have caused you some major harm. These are signs of the presence of a guardian angel, who’s trying to protect you.

Though each one of us has angels constantly watching us, there might be times when they are paying us special attention to either warn us of a major problem heading our way or to guide us on our rough days.

To successfully notice and interpret their divine messages, you have to know about the guardian angel signs.

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Guardian Angel Signs: 10 Signs Your Angel Is Watching Over You

Here’re the 10 most common signs your guardian angel is watching you:

10 Guardian Angel Signs

1. Finding Feathers

Leaving feathers is one of the guardian angel signs. This way the guardian angels make people feel their presence. If you find feathers in the most unusual places, chances are that your guardian angel is around you and is watching over you, especially if it’s a white feather that you’ve found.

Guardian Angel Signs

2. Finding Coins With Heads

Finding coins that have heads on top is one of the signs your guardian angels are nearby. You can also expect good luck that week in matters like finances, promotions, or relationships. That week, things will be in your favor if you make proper choices and decisions. These are basically ways in which they show that they are blessing you.

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3. Rainbows

One of the miraculous guardian angel signs is seeing a rainbow without rain. Rainbows without rain are a special symbol of blessing sent to you by your guardian angel. It shows that you aren’t left alone to go through your hardships and that they are with you.

They are very spiritual and beautiful indeed. At first, you’ll be shocked and excited to see it and if you ask people to see it with you, they probably won’t believe it because not everyone sees a rainbow without rain.

4. Oddly Shaped Clouds

It is only understandable that Angels communicate through clouds since that is where they are watching you from. If you see figures of flora, fauna, or other disputed shapes of feathers, or even faces, then it’s your guardian angels’ way of saying that they are with you, always. You can also see hearts. These are all signs of your guardian angel looking over you!

5. Change In Temperature

You will only feel what you truly believe in. Have you ever just felt a sudden change in temperature while it’s normal for everyone else around you? Just as if the temperature in the room has suddenly dropped or risen high and you’ve started to shiver or sweat?

Yes, that means you’re being visited by your guardian angel. Angels travel through air molecules which is why temperature changes as they move about. Sudden and unexpected rises and falls in temperature are nothing but guardian angel signs.

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6. Feeling A Presence

This often happens when you have lost someone who is really close to you or when you are stuck in a helpless situation. When things get tough in life, your angels will be around you and you will feel it.

You will constantly feel someone walking with you and keeping a watch over every move you make. This is an indication that they are trying to reach out to you or trying to protect you from any danger that is waiting ahead. Feeling in your gut that you’re not on your own is definitely one of the most subtle guardian angel signs.

10 Guardian Angel Signs

7. Hearing Your Name

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like someone called out your name in public loudly and you turned to find nobody? That is your angel reaching out to you. Keep a track of these incidents and how frequently they happen. This is one of the guardian angel signs and might mean something significant.

8. Dreams, Vivid And Different

Dreams are basically things that we think of in our conscious mind and which get stuck in our subconscious mind. We see them and forget about them as soon as our eyes open the next morning. But not all dreams are the same.

There are dreams in which you see things that you haven’t done or thought of in your conscious mind and somehow you remember them very clearly for a long period of time. You don’t just remember it in bits and pieces but rather very vividly so much that you can explain it to someone else too.

These dreams might mean something important, something vital that your angel is trying to tell you. Think about it carefully and do not brush it off.

9. Enhanced Senses

Suddenly going down the stairs or walking on the road and you smell something beautiful whereas the person with you cannot! It felt like you were happy from within and as if it would end if you took a step further. Yes, it’s your guardian angel saying that they are happy for you and the choices you have been making.

10. Oddly Acting Electronics

Angels have frequencies that can clash with that of electronics. Hence such devices can start acting up. The sudden change of channels or a sudden shutdown of the device and restarting all by itself might mean that your guardian angel is trying to communicate.

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You Have Nothing To Worry About

If you have noticed any of these guardian angel signs, then chances are your guardian angel is watching over you, and looking out for you. Don’t dismiss these signs frivolously, and always remember that you are divinely protected!

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If you want to know more about the signs of an angel watching over you, then check out this video:

Guardian Angel Signs
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