15 Common Angel Numbers, Signs and Messages You Need To Know About

Angel Numbers Signs Messages Need Know

Angels are around us and we may not notice them. Yet the universe sends us messages, through angels, that we should notice or see. Depending on our situation, we may receive different angel numbers, signs, insights, messages, or thoughts that will guide us toward to right path or reveal something important.

We can further ask or pray for the universe to come and help. Whatever our motivation is, angels will manifest in our life, in multiple ways. But do we know what these signs are and what they mean?

Why angels are talking to us?

When you have developed spiritual awareness, it’s common to receive divine guidance. Angels are part of such guidance that come and say hello through unexpected ways. We need to stay open to getting messages from time to time and to accept whatever the message will be. In general, angels are protectors or guides, that arrives right on time to help us.

Angels arrive in our life when we need guidance. We may be facing uncertain times or feel unable to make a decision. Sometimes we may lose faith, or feel discouraged. We perhaps need some help from the universe. And we are not alone. This is exactly why angels come to send us messages, signs, or warnings about our life.

We shall embrace these messages and learn how to decipher them. We need to get and read these messages with an open heart and be grateful to receive the help of angels. And if we have a compassionate heart, angels will manifest in multiple ways, when we need them the most.

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Here are some common angelic messages we should be ready to understand.  

Angel numbers and their meanings.

Whenever we see these angel numbers, we can interpret the meaning accordingly. We should pay attention to repeating messages or insights sent by angels.

If we notice different sequences and messages through a series or repeated numbers, it means angels are trying to communicate with us. Specifically, we should pay attention to the following numbers:

1. Angel number 111: means we are at the right place at this moment. Positive things will slowly manifest to us. It’s a meaning of abundance and creative energy.

2. Angel number 222: relates to balance and finding harmony within ourselves. We may not be exactly where we should be but a new path is on the way where a better life awaits.

3. Angel number 333: symbolizes the “letting go” of old patterns, blockages, and emotions that sabotage us. We need to move on and set us free.

4. Angel number 444: says that help is coming to us. We need to embrace this new form of help no matter the form it takes. We need to see through the light and gain clarity within ourselves.

5. Angel number 555: tells us we are about to enter a new chapter in our life. It may be something we are not comfortable with but truly will bring more serenity and peace.

6. Angel number 666: provides a warning to us or simply lets us remove what may hinder our harmony, love, and peace inside us. We should let go and embrace change.

7. Angel number 777: gives us the truth about ourselves. We are blessed and our spiritual energy is high, has reached another level of awareness. We should stay patient until the light comes to our life.

8. Angel number 888: offers us new perspectives. It reveals that something new is coming to our life such as a new job or a relationship. Positive change will make us happier.

9. Angel number 999: alludes at the end of a cycle. We are closing an important part in our life or will move to something afresh soon and we should acknowledge what has worked for us and what we should change.

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Angel signs and messages

Not only angel numbers bring meanings but also signs, symbols, forms, or sounds. In general, let’s pay attention to the following messages sent by angels.

10. Animals: Birds and butterflies appear frequently on our way to send us messages. It means our angels are here for us and that they hear us. We need to wait for spiritual blessings. A white bird brings about new beginnings, luck, and faith.

11. Rainbows: powerful and magical, rainbows show us we are not alone and that the universe is protecting us. We are encouraged to look toward new horizons as something better expect us.

12. Meaningful messages: Angels can disguise themselves and show us important messages in books or in ads in the street, for instance. “Returning home”, “Trust you now”, “something else is coming” and so forth.

13. Dreams and visualizations: Opening your heart through meditation will unveil profound, deep messages sent by angels in our dreams. We need to follow the path and embrace whatever the message will be.

14. Enhanced intuition: we know we can trust ourselves. Our intuition drives us toward the right path and we know we are where we should be or where we should go. We should listen to the little voice that says to us “that’s right”.

15. Lights and shapes: the light is a great indicator that an angel is on the way to us, telling us “we are here for you. Listen to us”. We need to try to decipher the messages through the light and shapes in objects or in nature.

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We are not alone and angels guide us on the way. When we observe the universe and understand common angel signs, we are in a good place to shape the life we want. By focusing on these signs, we are communicating with angels and can make an impact, change, or bring harmony back to our life.

Common Angel Signs and Symbols and What they mean
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