16 Signs Your Spirit Guides Are Trying to Contact You

After death communication or ADC is a known fact today. Some people have profited by playing sham mediums while there are true stories that these things are a regular occurrence and play an integral part in the life of many. Psychics have often claimed that this particular ADC is subtle and not harmful. In fact, popular depictions are a far cry from the reality and such occurrences can be really tricky.

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The spiritual world may just be saying hello to you and experienced psychics play the medium for the living and feel a supernatural connection with those who have passed away!
Scientifically proven or not, psychics have been working to believe what they may when it comes to the supernatural.

Here are the 16 signs that tell you what spirit guides are trying to contact you:

1) Flickering and blowing out of light bulbs:

Psychics believe that the spirits can manipulate electricity and flickering light bulbs indicate that the spirit is in their room. Light bulbs can blow out after being installed new.

2) Changes in the room temperature:

There could be sudden drop in temperature with the doors and windows being closed. This signifies the presence of a supernatural being. This happens when a particular spirit tries to make contact with everyone. You may receive a cold chill in the body and also get goose bumps when spiritual beings come close by. This in effect stimulates the brain and the surroundings get a strange aura.

3) You hear sounds :

You can hear your name being called out in your head and simply hear noises that claim to be the voice of other loved ones in the afterlife that are trying to make contact with you. Random songs and television programs play on and it is a way in which a spirit says hello to you in this world.

4) Clocks stopping:

When a clock stops and have been showing the same time again and again, it would mean that the time reminds you of the deceased person- the time he or she died!

5) Butterflies:

The ancient Chinese always believed that butterflies were a symbol of people and had left the abode of men for heaven. Sight of butterflies or even a motif depicting the same is a sign of the person having moved to the spirit world.

6) Faces of people who have lived:

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A lot of people have sighted people who have looked like their relatives that have passed away long back.
Sighting shadows from the corner of the eye: The rising of a black object from the corner of the eye is a thing a lot of psychics spot and has a reasoning of its own.

7) Touching:

If you feel ticklish and tingling sensations in the face and body or even the stroking of hair, jabs in the side of the face or even an unexplained niggling pain in the foot, psychics call it a touch of the loved one that has left you.

8) Computers:

If you have a computer acting on its own, or even downloading documents on its own with mails from deceased relatives and friends are a signal that the spirit world is reaching out to you.

9) Visions and dreams:

Dreams may be quite comforting and at the same time disturbing. They can carry twisted messages that are often ambiguous and distinct at the same time. Psychics often tell us how visions are different from dreams and area felt when we are awake. Our deepest thoughts can take shape of figures and reflections.

10) Telepathic thoughts:

If you hear voices in your head and have recurring thoughts, you are probably hearing a spirit make connection with you.

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