Guiding Lights: 15 Signs Your Spirit Guide Is Trying to Contact You


Your Spirit Guide Is Trying to Contact You: 15 Clear Signs

Open your heart and mind to the possibilities that lie beyond the tangible, identify the signs your spirit guide is trying to contact you this Halloween 2023!

There are whispers from the unseen—a gentle call from a spiritual guide. Have you often had a suspicion that something strange was happening to you or that something unexplainable kept repeating itself in a synchronized manner?

Chances are those were the signs from your spirit guides. They were making their presence known to you. They might have seen you struggling and needing some sort of support, validation, or direction. So, they decided to step in and comfort you and offer you some reassurance.

Before getting into the signs of your spirit guides, it will be a good idea to clear your base regarding what are spirit guides in the first place.

Spirit Guides

Some spirit guides have been associated with you even before you were born, while some came in as and when you required their divine intervention. Your personal spiritual squad might include any combination of the following types of spirit guides:

  • Archangels, who are the leaders of the angel realm
  • Guardian angels, who are your personal angelic helpers, assigned to assist only you
  • Animal Spirit Guides, who are your spirit animal totems or a beloved pet that has died
  • Deceased loved ones, who choose to supervise and lend support to you from heaven
  • Ascended masters, like Mother Mary or Buddha, who had lived as humans once and influenced and uplifted mankind spiritually

What you need to remember while trying to identify the signs of your spirit guides is that all Spirit Guides, including the angels, archangels, and ascended masters are non-denominational and no one particular religion or community owns them.

These spiritual guides work with people of all faiths. This means no matter which religious or spiritual belief you subscribe to, you can anytime call in the help of any spirit guide you feel connected to and they will be more than willing to help you out!

We will get into how to connect with spirit guides in a short while. But when your spirit guides are trying to contact you from their end, they will give you subtle signs in the form of weird occurrences and synchronicities to get your attention. You have to be attuned and open enough to notice and identify the signs of your spirit guides.

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15 Signs Your Spirit Guide Is Trying To Contact You

Here’re the signs that confirm your spirit guides are trying to communicate with you:

1. Random Electrical Issues

Spirits are a pure form of energy and that’s why they can manipulate energy like electricity. Electrical anomalies like the flickering of lights, blowing out of newly installed bulbs, and televisions, stereos, computers, or printers running on their own, are all signs a spirit guide may be reaching you.

2. Sudden Chills

One of the most common signs of your spirit guides is a spiritual chill that you’ll experience often. The temperature of the room you are in might drop suddenly, even when all the doors and windows are locked. You will get sudden goosebumps or random chills in your body.

3. Voices In Your Head

No, you’re not going crazy! Hearing voices in your head is just one of the signs of your spirit guides trying to reach out. A telepathic message might just flash through your mind or you can hear your name being called out. You can also hear a whisper in your ears in the familiar voice of a departed loved one. All these are signs your spirit guides are communicating with you.

4. Erie Feeling Of Being Touched

If you experience a sensation of being touched when there’s no one around you, these are signs your spirit guides are with you. These phantom touches might feel like:

  • A tingling sensation in your palms or on the soles of your feet
  • Stroking of hair
  • Someone brushing past you
  • A brief caressing of your face
  • A tap on your shoulder

5. Unexplained Scents

If you repeatedly smell fragrances in odd situations and places, and could never find out the source of the scent, it could be one of the signs of your spirit guides revealing themselves to you. The smell will be heavenly and it will instantly uplift your battered spirit and mood.

6. Time Stops

If you frequently see your clock or watch stopping at a particular time, again and again, this indicates a spiritual entity is trying to draw your attention to a specific number, time, or even date.

This can be related to the date or time of a loved one’s death. Nevertheless, consider such occurrences as signs of your spirit guides. As far as the significance of the number is concerned, you have to be perceptive and open-minded about it.

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7. Number Sequences

Along the same line, synchronized number sequences might be some other mystical signs of your spirit guides. You can frequently see Angel Numbers like 11 11, 222, 333, 444, 555, 111, etc., or you can spot the same sequence of numbers in multiple places.

Signs Of Your Spirit Guides
Spirit Guide Signs

For instance, you can see the numbers present on your lost loved one’s license plate turn up everywhere you go. In all cases, these are confirmations from the spirit realm that you are not on your own!

8. Vivid Dreams

One of the most ambiguous yet clear Spirit Guide signs is a dream visitation. When a spirit guide pays you a visit in your dreams, it can be comforting and also confusing, and even unsettling.

The message and the interpretation might get twisted and you might be left feeling scared. But, you shouldn’t be, someone from the other world took great pain to come and reach out to you. Try to decode the spiritual message that you downloaded in your dream.

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9. Visions

Just like dreams, visions can be disturbing as well as reassuring. You might suddenly spot someone resembling a dead relative or a family member. You can also see a cloud of darkness arising from the corner of your eye. 

10. Frequent Spotting Of Certain Creatures

If you keep spotting butterflies, crows, ladybugs, bluejays, or cardinals, everywhere you go, then this means someone from across the spirit world is trying to send you a message. These creatures are the preferred messengers of the spirits and they tend to show up when they carry a spiritual note from the beyond!

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11. A Message Through Words Or Music

When a specific page of a book flips open in front of you or a song that is significant to you in some way starts playing on its own, these are signs of your spirit guides, who are trying to get your attention to something important. There is some hidden message in the lyrics of the song or the words laid out in front of you. 

12. Orbs

Orbs are images of round-shaped lights that appear in photographs quite unexplainably. It is believed that when there are no technical issues involved, these orbs are nothing but spirits manifesting themselves.

Spirit guides are often around us and when someone takes a picture of us, these spirits show up in the images as orbs of light. These orbs come in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

13. Money

If you keep finding coins, dimes, pennies, or even notes on your way, these are signs of your spirit guides reminding you of your worth or trying to make you feel appreciated and valued. 

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14. Feathers

Feathers, especially the white ones are widely accepted as signs of spirit guides. So if you chance upon feathers on your path, be mindful of the thought that you had in your mind at that time and you might find the confirmation you were looking for!

Signs Of Your Spirit Guides
Signs Your Spirit Guides Are Communicating With You

15. Lucky Breaks

One of the most prized signs of your spirit guides can be found in random lucky breaks. If you keep bumping into helpful strangers or opportunities just land on your lap, thank your stars because you are being watched over and protected by your spirit guides.

How to connect with spirit guides?

Your communication with your spirit guides doesn’t have to be one-sided only. As we have mentioned earlier, you can initiate communication and ask for their help anytime! Just remember the following pointers:

  • Pray for your spirit guide’s help
  • Be mindful of your environment and live in the present moment
  • Be on the lookout for signs and synchronicities sent by your spirit guides
  • Maintain a dream journal or spirit journal to document your experiences
  • Familiarize yourself with the well-known names of spirit guides like archangel Michael or Raphael
  • Surrender your overwhelming problems to your spirit guides
  • Learn to trust your intuition
  • Develop spiritual habits and practices like meditation, chanting, etc.
  • Try out various divination tools, such as tarot cards, pendulums, or runes, and see if you feel called to any

Don’t Be Scared

The paranormal experiences popularized by our media are often a far cry from the truth. The spiritual experiences described above are subtle and non-threatening in nature. Spirit guides are benevolent beings and any signs of your spirit guides communicating with you should be welcomed and not feared.

This Halloween 2023, embrace your spirit guide!

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If you want to know more about the signs your spirit guide is trying to contact you, then check out this video below:

Signs Your Spirit Guides Are Communicating With You

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Spirit Guides?

Spirit guides are heavenly beings who might or might not have lived as humans. They are pure and benevolent energies who serve as our spiritual guides, protectors, and helpers on earth.

How to communicate with Spirit Guides?

You can pray and ask for their divine guidance anytime. You have to remain mindful of the signs and synchronicities that they might start sending your way afterward.

What are the types of Spirit Guides?

Spirit guides are often archangels, guardian angels, souls of deceased loved ones, spirit animals, and various ascended masters.

Signs Your Spirit Guide Is Trying to Contact You
Signs Your Spirit Guide Is Trying to Contact You
Signs Of Your Spirit Guides
15 Signs Your Spirit Guides Are Communicating With You
Signs Of Spirit Guides Trying to Contact You pin
15 Signs Your Spirit Guide Is Trying to Contact You
Signs Spirit Guides Trying to Contact You
15 Signs Your Spirit Guide Is Trying to Contact You
how to connect with spirit guide

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    I had butterflies land on me when my uncle died. I have people calling my name at night. I also have seen orbs in pictures that were taken years ago. And black shadows are in my room at night. My room is always very noisy at night.

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